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Airframe Testing

Found this at Digger’s Realm

I think we probably need to hear from Dvorak and/or Digger on this about now, perhaps to man-up and admit they were snookered.
This is probably a case of air-frame testing. Bill Cooper used to talk about it and it’s in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. You send a little shock through a system and record the data. The shock was a (most likely) bogus news story and the system was the online patriot/militia community. Follow the contacts back to Dvorak and Digger and then their “sources” and you’ll solve your whodunnit.

Posted by: Everett Mann on July 24, 2010 10:32 PM

Remember William Cooper on WWCR shortwave radio in 1994? Was he a nut case, or just too far ahead of his time?

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MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches (via Temple of Mut)

It has begun. Grease up your guns and your knives.

“Start the ball, Tector.”

MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches UPDATE: Kimberly Dvorak, reporter with the Examiner here in San Diego, has just gotten confirmation from LPD that Zetas are holding at least two ranches on U.S. territory NW of Laredo, TX. Its confirmed! Local law enforecement is waiting for Federal Forces to arrive before trying to take back the ranches. Dear Readers: This article was sent to me with a request to spread the word. It has all the makings of 1848 redux, with a side of narcotics. [c … Read More

via Temple of Mut

Bob Owens called Laredo PD & Webb Co. Sheriff’s Office, both denied any such goings on.

So who do you trust, LPD & WCSO, or Digger?

The whole thing may be a hoax.  Or not.


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Zachary Chesser, Anwar Al-Awlaki and YouTube: Ah! Symbiosis! (via StarCMC’s Enemedia Roundup)

I am proud of my blogdaughter.

I have been extremely busy with a bunch of personal stuff and haven't had time to write.  I was actually taking a break with a pal last night and missed an interesting – and oh! so sweet! – bit of  news which I would normally have seen at the Jawa Report, but I got on email from a friend late last night.  It seems that RevolutionMuslim's South Park threatener Zachie-boy Chesser,  using his infant son as camouflage (what a typical terrorist thing … Read More

via StarCMC's Enemedia Roundup


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‘jacked Header Pic

. . .from Sergeant of the Guard.
Those are Civilian Irregular Defense Group troops at Song Be, Republic of Vietnam, 1965.

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The Arizona Border Operation, Summer 2010

RETRANS for maximum dissemination:

Mark Harvey of The Snooper Report and Pat Dollard are spearheading a summer border operation in Arizona. Much of the operation needs to remain confidential, but a component of it is the interdiction of narco-insurgents and illegal aliens, in tandem with other citizen’s groups and law enforcement. Another component of it will be the reporting and publicizing of our activities, and the activities of others, during the long, hot weeks ahead.

I’m going to be very straightforward and plain-spoken about this: what we’re doing is serious, dangerous, and expensive. We need your help. Whatever you can do, in whatever amount (and if not in money, then in services, material or prayers) is greatly appreciated, and greatly needed.

If you live in Arizona and would like to volunteer your services, or can get here to do the same, please send me an email via the contact button at the top of this and every page. If you would like to donate any ammo, weapons, or gear, please do the same, and specify.

Thank you.

Make a donation today to help finance Pat Dollard and Mark Harvey’s Summer 2010 Arizona Border Operation.

For larger donations, or if you simply prefer to use snail mail, make your check or money order payable to CMSU, LLC, and send it to:

6501 E. Greenway Parkway #103-448
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Dig deep. Times are tough all over. Few can pack up and take off for Arizona and be of much use. Many can send money which will be useful. Aren’t you tired of feeling powerless?


Posted this comment at Pat’s blog, but it’s not there anymore:

Unsolicted advice: don’t call your AZ Border Operatives militia.
How ’bout Autodefensas Unidas de Arizona? That ought to get you plenty of linkage in the lefty blogosphere.
I’m going to be very straightforward and plain-spoken about this: what we’re doing is serious, dangerous, and expensive.
Then the Sheriffs in your AO probably would just as soon you stayed home.
You’re a great Civilian Irregular Information Operator, Pat, so Strategic Communications has counterpropaganda product in the can to refute charges from those who don’t want the border secured, right?

Potential Public Affairs nightmare here for any Sheriff who overtly coordinates with and incorporates Civilian Irregular Border Operatives into their County law enforcement assist organizations. Sheriffs are politicians, and Irregulars who really want to be useful need to provide Sheriffs with some plausible deniability.

Ever wonder why the Coast Guard has an Auxiliary but the Border Patrol doesn’t?
Probably for the same reason COCHISE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE SHERIFF’S ASSIST TEAM Members DO NOT take enforcement action, carry weapons, or make arrests.
Probably for the same reason Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Community Service Volunteers will not be armed and will not carry any kind of weapon.
Probably for the same reason Gov. Brewer hasn’t tried to recruit an Arizona State Guard .

UPDATE: Care to contribute to a counter-Lawfare effort?
H/T: RiverRoads


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140 Letters at a Time

Imagine “Obama is a Communist revolutionary” suddenly circulating, handwritten, on bill after bill of currency, all around the country.

Imagine “Obama is a racist” suddenly circulating, handwritten, on bill after bill of currency, all around the country.

Shabazz isn’t the least bit serious nor does he give a fuck. Intrinsically marginalized, he’s just interested in increasing membership dues

To him, he’s just slyly doing his part as the bad guy in a WWF bout. However, he’s miscalculating the seriousness of his opponent, who…

…is not ‘in” on what Shabazz’s presumes to be a universally acknowledged, tacit joke, lust like wrestling. He’s showing up to play, and..

…he’s gonna get fucking hurt. All this guy wants is the publicity necessary for a recruitment/funding surge. He’s about to find it’s…

gonna cost more than its worth, as the price of a real battle, not a fake one, always is. It’s war, homey, wake up and smell the napalm.

Buy front-and-centering all these soccer moms for a year now, the Tea Party has suckered the Black Panthers into a battle with its armed…

…combat-experienced, best-in-class-trained, elements, that he is neither numerically or tactically equipped to battle in a serious way.

Sirens, I hear ambulance sirens, and I see the loading of many black bodies than white ones.He’s a fucking lawyer by trade, for Christ sakes

This lawyer and his crew of Starbucks and Gold’s Gym Muslims are going to show up and face two divisions of combat vets. Can’t wait.

There is no way in hell that Barack Obama can any longer survive the attacking force of all of his mortal enemies: the Pentagon, Israel,…

…the anti-Iran Sunni Arab states, the entire American business community, the 40% Conservative American voting population, and, after..

…the November elections, the Democrat Party. The guy is fucking done for. For his own safety, he should head to Paraguay.

Now this is just one humble political analyst’s reading of another man’s situation, but, after careful consideration, I have to say, things

look rather grim for him. He last hope is to beat a substantial political retreat. Absent that, elements of the aforementioned forces are

likely to take grim action. That’s my objective analyst’s call.

Pat Dollard’s Twitter stream, Wed 14 Jul 0808-0813


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IDF Field Intelligence Corps Showcases Spot and Strike System, 3 Mar 2010 (via Israel Defense Force Spokesperson)

This is what REAL Border Security looks like.

My beloved Westphalian nation-state will rise again and when it does the territorial integrity of the Republic will be taken seriously.

IDF Field Intelligence Corps Showcases Spot and Strike System, 3 Mar 2010 The Field Intelligence Corps was founded roughly a decade ago, and since then has founded a field intelligence school, opened new units, tripled it's size, and  invented weapons known and used around the world. The corps, currently comprised of roughly 60% women,  has it's own pin, a new name, and is soon to receive a unique barrette. Yesterday the corps showcased several new weapons it developed, along with a demonstration of it's camouflage abi … Read More

via Israel Defense Force Spokesperson

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REAL Border Security

Machine gun-toting robots deployed on DMZ

IDF’s newest heroes: Women spotters on Gaza border

Lethal joysticks

IDF Field Intelligence Corps Showcases Spot and Strike System



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Parlez-Vous la Fraternisation?

Medical technician MCpl Jean-Sebastien Morin of JTF-Afg Health Services Support Company vaccinates orderly room clerk MCpl Bianca Langlois against H1N1 influenza.

Canadian general charged with obstruction of justice

And for the first time, the military revealed the identity of the subordinate officer – Master Cpl. Bianka Langlois, a married mother of two and a resource management clerk with 5 Service Battalion, based at CFB Valcartier in Quebec. This is Ménard’s home base, as well as the base where his wife, also in the armed forces, is stationed.

Is Oprah on up in Quebec?

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Reading Assignment

Excerpt of particular interest:

On a cold winter night in late February 2005, two bearded SF soldiers quietly packed several days worth of supplies on three donkeys. They set out under the cover of darkness from a small special forces A-camp in the remote mountainous border region of eastern Afghanistan, near the Taliban controlled Pakistani border town of Lwara. They spent the next four days, accompanied by four indigenous members of the irregular Afghan Security Force (ASF), walking across snow covered mountains in order to make contact with tribal leaders in Afghanistan’s isolated and historically enemy-controlled Gayan Valley.92

The SF detachment at A-Camp Tillman had been experimenting for several months with employing small four-to-six man “recce teams” to hunt Taliban insurgents moving freely through the mountains on their way to conduct attacks throughout Paktika Province. The recce teams consisted of a two-man SF sniper/observer element and two-to-four locally hired and specially selected (ASF) scouts to serve as guides and provide security. In February, these operations began to meet with success. The small teams, often employing pack animals, moved long distances through the mountains discretely, established hide sites along suspected infiltration routes, and achieved tactical surprise on Taliban patrols. Over the next six months, these small teams increasingly inflicted losses on squad and platoon-size Taliban elements. They effectively employed a combination of stealth, sniper engagements and artillery fire from the 105mm howitzers at the A-Camp to achieve relative superiority over numerically superior enemy forces, without endangering the population in the villages.93

The Taliban defeats were physical, but more importantly psychological. The insurgents had become very comfortable with being able to move freely through this difficult terrain to conduct rocket and mortar attacks on coalition bases and set up ambushes on coalition patrols that were largely tied to their vehicles along the narrow mountain trails and streams that sufficed as the Afghan equivalent of roads. The sudden and unexpected surprise of sniper and artillery fire shattered the confidence of the Taliban who could not visually detect the recce teams, anticipate the contact or effectively respond to the tactics. Each contact concluded with the insurgents retreating back across the Pakistani border after taking initial casualties. Radio intercepts clearly revealed their frustrations. The insurgent physical casualties resulting from these operations, though often minimal in nature, had a profound psychological impact. The insurgents were now unsure in an environment they previously felt confident in and reconsidered their movements along infiltration routes they once traveled with impunity. By late spring, insurgents largely abandoned border penetrations in the Lwara area and instead focused on long-range rocket attacks from the relative safety of Pakistani territory.94

Unfortunately, the acceptability of these highly successful small-team tactics largely came to an end following the loss of a four-man SEAL reconnaissance team in Operation Red Wings in June 2005.95 The operational environment became more restrictive in the months that followed and the appetite for the risk associated with these tactics rapidly evaporated. In the Lwara area, this would eventually result in the resumption of large-scale enemy penetrations and attacks in the fall of 2005.

Several days before their journey into Gayan, Sergeant First Class Christopher Roach and Sergeant First Class Victor Cervantes had approached their commander with an interesting idea.  After the first couple of daylight returns from their “recce patrols” they had abandoned theirposture of stealth and overtly approached a couple of small mountain villages. 96 The villagers first assumed that the small party of bearded men descending from the mountains in a motley mix of camouflage and afghan garb was Taliban. The Afghans cautiously came out to greet the party as it entered the small village, but somewhat shocked when the “Taliban” (the ASF scouts) introduced them to the Americans accompanying them. What followed surprised the two green berets. The tribe welcomed them into the village with a level of hospitality they had yet to witness in Afghanistan. In their first two of months in the Lwara area, their contact with villagers had normally come as they stepped from a Humvee bristling with machine guns. Now they were initially mistaken for a Taliban patrol. Moreover, even after their foreign identity was known, they were still treated noticeably different by the Pashtun tribesmen because of the way they looked and familiar Afghan manner they had approached the village. Their appearance and actions, especially the way they entered the village walking down out of the mountains leading donkey, reflected a warrior image that the Afghans identified with and embraced. After the second incident like this, they developed a theory that they could walk over a mountain range and enter the last “bad guy” valley in the district and potentially receive the same instant rapport.97

The Gayan Valley was a narrow opening between two mountain ranges that converged again at the upper end in the north. A single stream emptied out of the lower end of the valley in the south and served as the only vehicle route in and out. The rock canyon walls of the stream were thirty feet high in areas and were so narrow in some places that the mirrors on a humvee had to be folded in to squeeze through. This canyon essentially served as gate to the valley. It was
virtually impossible to fight into the valley on the ground if the local tribe chose to resist. Several gunfights with coalition forces had taken place near this southern gate between 2002-2004.98 This resulted in a few special operations helicopter raids near the southern end of the valley that further soured the valley’s reputation with the coalition, and the coalition’s reputation with the
valley. Nevertheless, it was unclear whether the tribe in Gayan had real ideological links to the Taliban or simply preferred their isolation and made that point by occasionally shooting at coalition members passing by the southern opening.99

SFC Roach and SFC Cervantes planned their mission for several days. They would cross a 10,000 ft. high snow covered mountain range and approach the valley from the north. They would observe the valley for a couple days from the mountains to ensure no large insurgent elements were present, and would then decide whether or not to approach. Once initial contact was made they had a three-fold agenda; build rapport, conduct an assessment of the tribal leadership’s political sentiments, and attempt to secure an agreement from the tribe to accept a medical civic action program (MEDCAP) visit. If successful, the MEDCAP would set the environment for eventually negotiating a mutual security pact with the tribe. The long-range goals of the SF team included a future safe-house and clinic in Gayan along with a 40-man security force to protect the valley.  However this mission would be a success even if it only opened a line of communication with the tribe in Gayan.100

During this reconnaissance and assessment, the small six-man party would be outside the range of the camp’s artillery To mitigate this short-coming in protective firepower, a Marine Corps Embedded Training Team (ETT) assisted by positioning an Afghan National Army reaction force approximately 20 kilometers from Gayan under the guise of a traffic control point along the main east-west route through Paktika province. Nevertheless, it was an inherently risky operation, even more so given the valley’s history and the A-Camp’s inability to range the valley with artillery fire. Nevertheless, the theory the two SF sergeants presented was strong, their argument compelling and the potential payoff worth the risk. 101

After two days of walking and two more watching the valley from a rocky peak, two bearded Americans, four Afghan scouts, three donkeys, and a dog walked down out of the snowcovered mountains and into the Gayan valley. The result exceeded expectations. As the two SF sergeants predicted, the appearance of the patrol both amazed and bemused the tribe, especially when the ASF scouts introduced them to the two Americans. They walked into the village like members of the tribe returning from one of their own patrols.  One of the tribal elders was so impressed by the event, that before dinner that evening, for the first time in years, he put on his old police uniform from the pre-Taliban era. After a couple of dinners and meetings over chai, the tribal elders agreed to the proposals in full.  Two weeks later the MEDCAP drew over 2,000 patients, the team hired a 40-man tribal security force, rented a safe-house and established a permanent presence in the valley.   Over the coming months based on the success of this operation, CJSOTF-A decided to relocate an SF detachment from Orgun, Afghanistan, to occupy the new safe-house, assume control of the security force, and begin the construction of a firebase.  Without a firing a shot, two SF sergeants had pacified the Gayan valley and changed the dynamics in the one of the most dangerous districts in Afghanistan.102

The Quiet Professionals have been way too quiet about adventures like this. Anyway, MAJ Litchfield’s whole monograph is worthy of your attention.

What Happened to the Afghan Security Forces?


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About the Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot Last May

Tapes Released Of Border Shoot-Out

Pinal County Arizona could use some help, but much of the “help” volunteering are more trouble than they’re worth, like the fat Nazis in ACU’s blundering about the desert last weekend. Truly helpful help cannot involve Pinal County or the State of Arizona in any lawsuits.

What they really need won’t be publicized. Low-profile, unobtrusive, plausibly deniable Listening Posts/Observation Posts on private property with night vision devices and effective communications. Who pays for the gear? Either the volunteer out of his own pocket or the land owner, perhaps with financial contributions from concerned citizens or the Arizona Stock Growers Association. Armed or unarmed in accordance with the land owner’s wishes. If armed, armed for personal defense only with weapons commonly in use among the legally armed citizens of Arizona. Observe and report. Exfil at BMNT. Leave no trash. TAKE NO CREDIT. Let the land owner and/or the Sheriff take the credit for any successes. That will get the volunteers invited back and appreciated for what they accomplish.

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Cough It Up, Patriots

This is your fight, too.

Currently Arizona faces many legal challenges to its recently passed laws dealing with border security and immigration. Arizona is proud to defend these laws which are aimed at protecting its citizens and the great State of Arizona and will be very aggressive in their defense.

If you would like to contribute to Arizona, please click here

Dig deep. Times are tough all over. Few can pack up and take off for Arizona and be of much use. Many can send money which will be useful. Aren’t you tired of feeling powerless?

Arizona thanks you for your support on its border security and immigration matters.

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Undocumented Civilian Irregular Border Patrol Auxiliaries

Christina Boomer:  I think the word militia scares people.

Cowboy Doug:  Well, what do you want to call them?  We could call it the Cochise County Social Club, OK?  I’m sure you could outrun any of us, you know, you look in better shape.  We’re just the eyes and ears, you know, that’s the big deal.  We’re just trying to help the Border Patrol.

Bill Davis: All we can do is be a glorified neighborhood watch.

Christina Boomer:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about your group and what you do?

Bill Davis:  Like I said before, being called names.  Mercenaries, wannabes, Rambos, vigilantes, whackos, storm troopers, neo-Nazis.   We’re not a racist group, we’re not a hate group.  How can you hate a 26-year old woman with a five month old baby in her arms that just walked twenty-six miles with no water?

I’ve blogged about CCM before. Their very existance is propaganda of the deed calling the attention of We The People to the failure of the Federal Government to perform its Constitutional duty. The CCM has powerful enemies who think the border is just fine thank you very much, and these enemies will do whatever they can to discredit, devalue and demonize CCM in the public mind.

I thought Bill Davis screwed the pooch talking about PMC’s and “confirmed kills.” I think this video proves evolution in CCM’s competence at Militia Information Support Operations.


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Worth Reading: Special Operations and Strategy: From World War II to the War on Terrorism (via The Committee of Public Safety)

Thanks to PurpleSlog for alerting me to this

Worth Reading: Special Operations and Strategy: From World War II to the War on Terrorism Politics trickles down and tactics trickles up. That seems to be the case with military factions if not other human communities. Douglas Macgregor, for example, spends an hour in this lecture exhibiting the mindset of a U.S. Army Armor officer. His worldview is tactical in that his politics have become "tacticized" and it's political in that his tactics have become politicized. Macgregor strongly implies that COIN is a conspiracy by U.S. Army Lig … Read More

via The Committee of Public Safety

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