MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches (via Temple of Mut)

It has begun. Grease up your guns and your knives.

“Start the ball, Tector.”

MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches UPDATE: Kimberly Dvorak, reporter with the Examiner here in San Diego, has just gotten confirmation from LPD that Zetas are holding at least two ranches on U.S. territory NW of Laredo, TX. Its confirmed! Local law enforecement is waiting for Federal Forces to arrive before trying to take back the ranches. Dear Readers: This article was sent to me with a request to spread the word. It has all the makings of 1848 redux, with a side of narcotics. [c … Read More

via Temple of Mut

Bob Owens called Laredo PD & Webb Co. Sheriff’s Office, both denied any such goings on.

So who do you trust, LPD & WCSO, or Digger?

The whole thing may be a hoax.  Or not.



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4 responses to “MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches (via Temple of Mut)

  1. And the government is suing Arizona trying to protect it’s borders, what a freaking joke..

  2. I hope this “invasion” is not true but if it is then the government need to do something quick.

  3. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

  4. Gino Fashion

    Sheriffs of San Diego control the convicts that they have placed on my property

    Please repost and see my blog