The Arizona Border Operation, Summer 2010

RETRANS for maximum dissemination:

Mark Harvey of The Snooper Report and Pat Dollard are spearheading a summer border operation in Arizona. Much of the operation needs to remain confidential, but a component of it is the interdiction of narco-insurgents and illegal aliens, in tandem with other citizen’s groups and law enforcement. Another component of it will be the reporting and publicizing of our activities, and the activities of others, during the long, hot weeks ahead.

I’m going to be very straightforward and plain-spoken about this: what we’re doing is serious, dangerous, and expensive. We need your help. Whatever you can do, in whatever amount (and if not in money, then in services, material or prayers) is greatly appreciated, and greatly needed.

If you live in Arizona and would like to volunteer your services, or can get here to do the same, please send me an email via the contact button at the top of this and every page. If you would like to donate any ammo, weapons, or gear, please do the same, and specify.

Thank you.

Make a donation today to help finance Pat Dollard and Mark Harvey’s Summer 2010 Arizona Border Operation.

For larger donations, or if you simply prefer to use snail mail, make your check or money order payable to CMSU, LLC, and send it to:

6501 E. Greenway Parkway #103-448
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Dig deep. Times are tough all over. Few can pack up and take off for Arizona and be of much use. Many can send money which will be useful. Aren’t you tired of feeling powerless?


Posted this comment at Pat’s blog, but it’s not there anymore:

Unsolicted advice: don’t call your AZ Border Operatives militia.
How ’bout Autodefensas Unidas de Arizona? That ought to get you plenty of linkage in the lefty blogosphere.
I’m going to be very straightforward and plain-spoken about this: what we’re doing is serious, dangerous, and expensive.
Then the Sheriffs in your AO probably would just as soon you stayed home.
You’re a great Civilian Irregular Information Operator, Pat, so Strategic Communications has counterpropaganda product in the can to refute charges from those who don’t want the border secured, right?

Potential Public Affairs nightmare here for any Sheriff who overtly coordinates with and incorporates Civilian Irregular Border Operatives into their County law enforcement assist organizations. Sheriffs are politicians, and Irregulars who really want to be useful need to provide Sheriffs with some plausible deniability.

Ever wonder why the Coast Guard has an Auxiliary but the Border Patrol doesn’t?
Probably for the same reason COCHISE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE SHERIFF’S ASSIST TEAM Members DO NOT take enforcement action, carry weapons, or make arrests.
Probably for the same reason Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Community Service Volunteers will not be armed and will not carry any kind of weapon.
Probably for the same reason Gov. Brewer hasn’t tried to recruit an Arizona State Guard .

UPDATE: Care to contribute to a counter-Lawfare effort?
H/T: RiverRoads



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2 responses to “The Arizona Border Operation, Summer 2010

  1. suek

    Hmmm. Some of that area is indian Tribal area. Some of it appears to be unpatrolled by the usual civilian peace officers. Due to the “protected” 4 legged species in the area, the Border Patrol seems limited in their activities and functions.

    Sounds like no-man’s land to me.

  2. Cannoneer No. 4

    There’s no natural boundary west of El Paso. We’ll have to construct one.

    Check out the pics at this site. Click on the numbered circles at the bottom of that page.

    An obstacle not under observation and covered by fire is no obstacle at all.

    UPDATE: Just found The Arizona Smuggling Corridors

    The Tucson Sector has received more manpower and technology in the past ten years than any Sector, yet it has not achieved control of its border. The question must be asked, “Why”? The answer is access to the border. Prohibitions against accessing border wilderness areas, wildlife management areas, wilderness study areas, a large Indian reservation on the border and Department of Agriculture forest lands have dramatically hampered the Border Patrol’s ability to patrol and control that segment of the border. At the same time, illegal aliens and drug smugglers aren’t constrained by the prohibitions and are accessing and abusing those areas.