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A Comment So Good It Deserves Its Own Post

Never heard of clive crook.  Don’t read The Atlantic.  But Richard Fernandez  has, and cfbleachers had this to say about that:

I’m afraid we will be handing down a shell of what we have been given. Once, the vast majority of citizens of this land would bust their vest buttons, swelling up with pride in the accomplishments of this land of ours, would stand shoulder to shoulder in building her, keeping her safe, and would defend her honor against all comers.

Today, the entirety of our mass communication empire is entrenched against her. They slander her at every turn. They tear at the flesh of her virtue. They espouse the propaganda of her sworn enemies. And, against our countrymen who try to stand shoulder to shoulder in her defense, they spout filthy lies, hurl invective and spray venom, call them racist, xenophobic, stupid, lacking in nuance, and dream of throwing them through a plate glass window.

Crook is a thief of our honor. How dare he call people he does not know…bigots? On what grounds?

These cretins have stolen our ability to obtain facts about virtually every key topic necessary to self-govern this land of ours. They say we cling bitterly to religion and the Constitution. They have created a distorted caricature of who we are as a people and what we are as a nation.

The fact that he is godless, does not mean that those whose lives are faith-based are somehow “less” than he…if so, in what way? He deigns to spew venom on folks who acted in a respectful manner, recited the pledge, sang the National Anthem…why? Because this is the “wrong” kind of patriotism?

Maybe, just maybe…the left has their panties in a bunch because we honored men and women in the military…and there is always that bubbling hatred and rage beneath the surface. Or was it the religious undertones, which also bubbles up the bile of any good venom spewing leftist? If you want to get them in full froth…COMBINE a little piety with a little thanks to the troops. Just don’t stand near any plate glass windows…or stained glass windows for that matter.

What they have infused instead, is a self-loathing element into our national conscience, replacing healthy self-reflection with kneejerk blame and vacuous apology for our very existence.

They have crushed the voice of faith based folks, essentially silencing them out of existence within their communication empire and from that lofty tower…they question morals from the perch of High Hedonism in the morning, in the afternoon they issue smug and pedantic homilies about tolerance of repressive 4th Century belief systems that are antithetical to all they claim to stand for and against, and by evening they spit on the flag and grind their heels on the notion of truth and the American way, all the while trumpeting how they have no use for God,…He being beneath their self-congratulatory perfection. They are the Messiah THEY have been waiting for, after all.

Who are these people and why do they have such influence over our daily lives? Who let them choose the narrative of our nation and why have we adopted their lexicon?

They are not “mainstream”, not representative of mainstream thought, morals, ethics, or of virtually anything American in nature or belief.

They are not “liberal”, far from it. They are intolerant, abusive, narrow-minded and closed off from divergent points of view. They call people “bigots” with impunity…people they don’t know. Does anyone else see the irony in that?

They are not “progressive”. They are stuck in a decade, four or five decades removed and incapable of recognizing, much less adapting to…the changes in modern society.

And worse, they not only do not believe in American exceptionalism, they don’t believe in American rugged individualism, they don’t believe in American liberty, American freedoms, American patriotism, American pride, or the basic goodness of the American people.

Not only have they stolen our mass communication system and soiled our information stream, they plot to keep facts from us. And, they “install” through distortion and deception the candidates who adhere to their treachery and treason. Our own government, currently in place…calls those who advocate for small government…”teabaggers”, a sexual slur befitting a delinquent adolescent mindset.

They call 70% of the nation “Islamophobes” because their instinct to stand shoulder to shoulder against a mosque that has all the earmarks of being a shrine to the mass murder of our countrymen, in a declared war against us. NOBODY is saying that any one religion may not worship in friendship and in peace in this land. Yet, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Christmas day bomber, the attempt at Times Square…these were not raging Presbyterians. The jihad is not being advanced by Methodists.

Is self-preservation bigotry? Since when? Is love of country, jingoism? Since when? Is belief in God, imbecility? Since when?

NO, they don’t get it. They don’t want to get it. They want you to lose it instead.

So many good people are finally waking up to what has been done to them, and their country, and by whom, and why. Now what are they going to DO about it?


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USN’s Civilian Auxiliary Is Sinking

The Emperor Has No Clothes by Joseph Keefe @ Maritime Professional

All the Chinese crap in Wal-Mart is not coming to us in US-flagged vessels.  Our shipyards can’t build ’em at a competitive price, and Seafarer’s International Union members won’t work for the same pay a  Filipino seaman accepts.

H/T:  infocyde


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Stay Ungovernable, My Friends!

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Bee Pox

Civilian irregular auxiliary paramilitary organizations are a favorite topic on this blog.
The Romans had auxiliaries.
The American Legion has an auxiliary.
The United States Air Force has an auxiliary.
The United States Coast Guard has an auxiliary.
Why doesn’t the Border Patrol have an auxiliary?
There is a Border Patrol Auxiliary, but the Border Patrol doesn’t want much to do with them. I suspect the National Border Patrol Council, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO thinks Dumbass Amateurs are not the solution to any problems they want solved.

John Fasano, writing in the September, 2010 Soldier of Fortune article “Amnesty on the Horizon,” describes BPAUX using much the same language as Jake Boot did at BigJournalism last April.

Fasano’s last two paragraphs:

Over 1,000 illegal immigrants a year cross into the United States in and around the area patrolled by BPAUX. They cross, but most don’t get far because the auxiliary stops them. This is real political action. These men and women (from 18 years old up to WWII vets in their late eighties) are trying to uphold the rule of law.

But they are just a volunteer force. Their members come from all walks of life, all economic strata, men and women coming down on days off from work, vacation days. One grandmother was a member of AARP — “Armed and really pissed” that her country is being annexed and her government is allowing it to happen.

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That sounds like 5GW to me (via PurpleSlog – Not the Future’s Bitch)

Fifth Generation Warfare makes this old Third Generation Warrior’s head hurt. Here is a reblog of PurpleSlog’s blog post based on a Twitter exchange.

Cannoneer No 4 spots it:@PurpleSlog In the real world the KGB is winning now. Look at us. Seeds planted by KGB generations ago now bear poisonous fruitLet's see…- Memetic Engineering? Check.- Long Time-lines? Check.- Small Actions, step by step? Check.- Institutional infiltration? Check.- N-Order Effects are goal? Check.- Done quietly? Check.- The target actor overall doesn't relaize it is ast war for the most part? Check.- Those in the target … Read More

via PurpleSlog – Not the Future's Bitch

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Don’t You Just Hate It . . .

. . . when you’re commenting on some one else’s blog and they close comments down before you can post it?

Here’s what Belmont Clubbers were deprived of, Wretchard:


Every day Assange remains unterminated with extreme prejudice is a propaganda defeat for us.

Regular .mil & .gov Computer Network Attack, Operational Security, Psychological Operations/Military Information Support Operations, Information Assurance, Public Affairs and Intelligence have all screwed the pooch on this. Not only is the Emperor naked, he’s fat, ugly and hung like a mouse.

Effective Restrictive Measures have not been applied to Wikileaks.

Civilian Irregular Information Operators, counterpropagandists, hoaxers, and white hat hackers are going to have to do what Regulars can’t or aren’t allowed to.

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