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Wardak Jezailchis Didn’t Cover Themselves With Glory

Tribal guards add little

Nematullah Habib, representative for the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) in Wardak, told The Times that “my polling workers didn’t see any of the tribal or mahali police. They didn’t help us.”

Provincial police chief Gen. Muzafardeen disputed that claim, saying that 540 guards did, in fact, show up as promised to six high-risk districts across the province.

Who to believe?

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Would you put your faith in Barney Frank or Rock River Arms?

Comments from wretchard’s The mandate of heaven thread:

11. Subotai Bahadur:

. . . This fight for the future of the country is going on despite, not because of, any Republican resurgence. The Republican Party machinery dreams of being coopted and absorbed into the regime power structure, not fighting it.

As far as the decision to prosecute the former administration; it is expected. Be they Stalin’s show trials, the Nazi Volksgerichtshof, or the public confessions and “self-criticism” in front of Mao’s Red Guards; all totalitarians have some form of kangeroo court mechanism to lend a pseudo-legitimacy to their abuses of power. The outcome is pre-ordained and I am sure there have been meetings in the White House on what the sentences will be and how they will be announced.

In the first 7 months of the first Anno Obama we have seen the rule of law discarded, Congress become a rubber stamp eager to pass any bill put before them unread, and the Constitution ignored. We have a new Supreme Court Justice whose rulings will, by her own words, be based on race and gender. We have seen the President threaten those who oppose him with mobs on more than one occasion, and seen violations of the law by Obama’s supporters deliberately ignored by his Attorney General. The confidence in the validity and honesty of either the census or the coming election [if it happens] is not high. So such prosecutions are of a piece with life in the new America.

If we survive the evil times that are coming. IF. Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen will find that it will do them no good to appeal to the law and Constitution that they have rendered moot. For we will have to rebuild a civil society before they come back into effect. But first, we will have to deal with those who destroyed it. Lex Talonis

18. no mo uro:

. . . in this age good ideas aren’t enough, you need someone who is telegenic and an excellent, charismatic speaker, despite whatever risks are incurred in giving a person like that power.

. . . We live in an age when much of the American public has transformed from having its chief goal of being productive transformed into being entertained. Whiskey’s single urban sluts, their urban metrosexual sycophantic men, suburban/rural NPR listening soccer moms, public sector union guys, and the like, all fall into that category. They will not care if the conservative or libertarian in question is rumpled and a bad speaker while going up against a slick, sexy leftist in a TV debate. These are people who are more interested in image and being entertained than they are in literally anything else. You’ll never peel them off in any amount unless you have someone who appeals to the image machine.

29. Mongoose:

 We have to move the nation back to founding principles. We have to rollback all of the work of the Democrats since FDR. There is no other way. It is the false dichotomy of Democrat vs. Republicans that we must unseat. The real opposition is between internal enemies who wish to destroy us and those who wish to save us, and it is an objective choice. It is not merely matter of pragmatically weighing the subjective points of view of political sections.


30. 907ie:

. . . Capitalism has had it’s run, and “democracy” has committed suicide. What comes next is anybody’s guess, but would you put your faith in Barney Frank or Rock River Arms?

33. nullification now:

What August has wrought is a determination to end the madness. The tipping point has long been reached and there is no turning back. The ordinary citizen has made his stand and it is now up to the emissaries to establish once and for all this is a country based on the Constitution of the United States of America.
When congress returns in September the battle is joined, the Republicans know that the majority of citizens insist this administration must completely change course. If they are unable to articulate the mood and advocate the demands then other means must be necessary.
October is pivotal, either we fight for reestablishing a constitionualy mandated government or submit to the chaos of change that this current administration insist on. We are no longer a two party system but one of patriots vs internecine cult.

70. JFSanders031:

Friend of mine told me the other day in conversation.

I am gettin tired, really tired. I am past angry. I can see what is to come. I have been watching this drunk of a country stagger down the road weaving from right to left and back. Sometimes two steps forward then three steps back. Slowly, oh so slowly this drunk has “progressed” toward this coming day. I am slow to anger always have been. I am patient, even as a child my grandmother said it about me. “Natural born hunter” she said. My patience with this drunk is about gone. This drunk is about to meet his fate. And I will do all that is in my power to see that my children and grandchildren do not have to deal with this drunk anymore. 

I had never thought of him as being a radical. He is about as square as they come. I will be glad to have him with me on the line when the time comes.

So Mote It Be.

120. whiskey:

The Corner at NRO has a link to a post by Charles Murray. Which in turn points to every part of the White population becoming more conservative over time EXCEPT the “Liberal Gentry” which Kotkin coined, the entertainment/media/legal/marketing people, which is btw profoundly oriented towards single young women in urban areas with disposable income, what Kay Hymnowitz called “the New Girl Order.”

This is NOT a fight between Republicans and Obama. It IS a fight between Obama and the Gentry Liberals, the wealthy elites, and the White population of everyone else.

They will not back down, they cannot. Either the elites rule the White population like serfs and servants, or the Elites are destroyed. Bush (and the transparent attempt to charge Bush, Cheney, and the CIA) does not matter, what matters is the elites trying to enslave the people, with ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, everything else.

And there is no going back. No turning back time, no de-escalation. By its very nature, the people, leaderless and grassroots, cannot and will not de-escalate. The current Constitution, Congress, Media, Presidency, Legal System, Federal Bureaucracy, will be swept away one way or another.

Either Obama and his Gentry turn America into Cuba, with hereditary rule (which btw single women LOVE, it’s every princess fantasy come to life) that turns America into a gigantic copy of Castro’s Hereditary Hacienda system, or the people construct a new Jacksonian system based on rewarding THEM and punishing their enemies (the Gentry, and their political allies) explicitly.

But either way, the America as we knew it is gone. Gone: the legitimacy and trust of the media and entertainment. Gone: the Republican party as an institution. Gone: any trust in Dems or the Gentry Liberals. Gone: tolerance for leftism or leftism spoils politics like Affirmative Action, multiculturalism, pc, etc. Gone: legitimacy and trust of the legal system and bureaucracy.

The Belmont Club is for most intents and purposes a Resistance think tank. Richard Fernandez personally participated in anti-Marcos Resistance activities in the Philippines. Much of the best thought appears in the comments.


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When the leader of the free world is complaining about a posting on the former governor of Alaska’s Facebook page, he’s got problems

The thrill is gone for Obama and the media


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The Republican Party is busy thinking up new ways to seek carnal knowledge of the canine

Belmont Clubber Subotai Bahadur:

The Republicans and Conservatives are two different entities, not yet completely divorced but with irreconciliable differences. The Conservatives are resisting Buraq Hussein, the Republicans are trying to be eaten last. I’m pretty sure that the Republican party is busy thinking up new ways to seek carnal knowledge of the canine as we write.

Ain’t that the truth?

The Republican Party is only slightly less execrable than the Democrats.

Join the Politically Incorrect Party. Throw all the bums out. Radicalized ex-conservative Cultural Revolutionaries are gathering at Tea Parties and town hall meetings across this great land.   Disgusted ex-Republicans, disgruntled ex-Democrats and disputatious ex-conservatives united in defiance of whoever presumes to rule free citizens of this Constitutional Republic are making their displeasure apparent to the perpetual incumbency.

We already have term limits.  Think about it.  Would an honest man run for reelection and spend more on his campaign than the job pays?


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One Hell of a Guy


1SG Joe Crisostomo, 59 years old, grandfather of seven, Bronze Star, Vietnam, Desert Storm, retired in ’93, came back.

Army 1st Sgt. Jose S.N. Crisostomo, 59, of Inarajan, Guam, died Aug. 18 in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned to International Security Assistance Force Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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Political Computer Network Attack/Restrictive Measures

If participating in Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on the regime sounds like fun to you, read Spam offers to let people use their PC to attack Obama site and And Now Hackers are DDoSing Obama – Or are they Just Zombifying Your Machine?

Civilian Irregular Information Operators are on both sides of the Idea War.  The demographic stereotypically associated with hackers would generally trend towards supporting the regime.  How did Axelrod get your email address? 

Don’t be surprised some fine morning when you go to check out your favorite blogs and find a bunch of them down.  That would be the regime’s Supportive  Civilian Irregular Information Operators implementing Restrictive Measures against what they see as the propaganda of Opposition Civilian Irregular Information Operators.  Of course, Robert Gibbs will plausibly deny any Administration involvement.

H/T: Daily Uprising


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Millions of fact-checkers distributed throughout the world

Austin Bay: Strategic Twitter

Now that mobile phones are essentially small computers, instant Internet access is widely distributed. Men, women and children hold a global link with audio- and video-recording capability in their palm.

These small digital devices make everyone a potential reporter or a spy. Even the “accidental reporter” has near-instantaneous global reach.

Digital empowerment (the technology and the connective reach) also makes everyone a potential gadfly. American city councils and school boards are learning this lesson. The gadfly constituent who follows a special issue no longer needs column inches from the local newspaper to be heard. She can take on the mayor via her blog. In fact, as newspapers cut back on coverage or disappear, the gadflies become even more important as a means of challenging and investigating local government corruption, nepotism and other malfeasance.

Civilian Irregular Information Operators, Super-Empowered Individuals and Strategic Citizens are everywhere!

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The amateurization of cyberwarfare

Is CYXYMU the first “digital refugee”?

What was done to him by Russian Civilian Irregular Information Operators could be done to me by Obamerican Civilian Irregular Information Operators, or Russian, or Chinese, or any other virtual militia whose enmity I might incur.

The amateurization of cyberwarfare has been one permanent feature of virtually all recent cyber-attacks that somehow implicated Russia; it may be part of a broader Kremlin effort to “crowdsource” its defenses and offenses to groups of nationalistic vigilantes, not just in cyberspace. Thus, recent news reports suggest that Nashi, Kremlin’s youth arm, will soon be recruiting up to 100,000 problematic teenagers to form ARMED militia units that would patrol the streets. It would make some sense if they also invest into units of “cyber-vigilantes” who would be patrolling cyberspace, particularly given the rising importance of the Internet in Russia’s public life.

Does the youth arm of The New Black Panther Party have an IO Cell?

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Mark Steyn, Master Gunner

Weaponized ridicule.
TARGET! Repeat, Fire!

“Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help,” continued Commissar Phillips. “If you get an email or see something on the web about health-insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to”

Reporting dissent is the highest form of patriotism! Is your neighbor suspiciously “well-dressed”? Is he mouthing off about cancer-survival rates under socialized-medical systems while wearing a cravat? Give us his name, and we’ll give you his spats! Just go to, not to be confused with, which is the e-mail address for reporting President Obama’s latest approval rating. Go to if you’d like Speaker Pelosi to walk across your back as a whip-wielding SS dominatrix barking “Vee haff vays of making you tokk less casually, dummkopf!” Go to if you need parts for your new government car, or your new government hip replacement. Go to if you’d like a special preview of President Obama’s latest bare-chested pictorial for Vanity Fair. Go to if you’d like to report your neighbor’s cow for excessive CO2 emissions.

Ridicule is a powerful weapon.

It is the use of humor at someone else’s expense. It is a zero-sum game destructive to one of the parties involved. Like a gun, it is a dangerous weapon. Even in trained hands, it can misfire. Used carelessly or indiscriminately, ridicule can create enemies were there were none, and deepen hostilities among the very peoples whom the user seeks to win over.

In nearly every aspect of society and across cultures and time, ridicule works. Ridicule leverages the emotions and simplifies the complicated and takes on the powerful, in politics, business, law, entertainment, literature, culture, sports and romance. Ridicule can tear down faster than the other side can rebuild. One might counter an argument, an image, or even a kinetic force, but one can marshal few defenses against the well-aimed barbs that bleed humiliation and drip contempt. Politicians fear ridicule. Some take ridicule well and emerge stronger for it; others never recover from it. The perpetual circle of democracy absorbs and even breeds ridicule against individuals and ideas, while the system itself remains intact. While ridicule can be a healthy part of democracy, it can weaken the tyrant. — J. Michael Waller

More from Waller:

Dictators, tyrants, and those aspire to seize and keep power by intimidation and force can tolerate no public ridicule. They generally harbor grandiose self-images with little bearing on how people really think of them. They require a controlled political environment, reinforced by sycophants and toadies, to preserve an impenetrable image. Some are more tolerant of reasoned or principled opposition but few of satire or ridicule. The size of their egos may be seen as inversely proportional to the thickness of their skin. However, few are true madmen; most are rational and serious.[5]

And here is one to remember:

“No great movement designed to change the world can bear to be laughed at or belittled,”


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