The Bright Lights of Cochise County

The Cochise County Militia’s founder and director Bill Davis is planning to form a “private military company” that would not work for money, according to Tim Steller of the Arizona Daily Star.

A volunteer, unpaid PMC is an oxymoron to me.  PMC’s don’t work for free.

Now Davis and his colleagues are planning to offer “commercial military services” to border-area property holders. The volunteer militia’s paramilitary squad would work at the landowner’s request “providing security & trespasser interdiction” and would not shy from a confrontation, he wrote in an e-mail.

“We comply with any law possible and then some. But we’re not about to step aside anymore and let them through. We’re going to turn them around and send them back scared,” Davis said.

The squad would consist largely of U.S. military combat veterans, already a significant contingent of the group Davis formed in 2001, he said.

“They all have confirmed kills, from Vietnam or later on. They’re not wannabes who go out and buy a set of camos and go out in the woods with a rifle,” Davis said.

Confirmed kills my ass. Are they all snipers?

Send them back scared? Intimidation. Lawsuit. Wonder how many land owners are up for that liability? Didn’t Ranch Rescue fail?

Cochise County has a Sheriff Assist Team, but the CCM wants to be armed. Something tells me that Sheriff Dever knows all about the CCM, and has pretty good reasons for not deputizing and pinning stars on every one of them.

My advice to CCM would be change your name, delete your website, and operate individually or in small teams on the property of whatever landowners will have you.

Rhodesian Farmers Defensive Arrangements

9) Some farmers also hired soldiers on leave to guard their premises at night. Usually these were men looking for extra “beer” money. They were called Bright Lights, and often ended up in fire fights with the terrorists, where they came as a nasty surprise to the terrs when the latter were expecting a nice soft hit and run. Like all farmers in an area, Bright Lights would participate in the support of other farmers when the situation required.

I hope 30 years from now we’re not reading about The Rancher At War.

UPDATE 04232010



By Darryl Tucker

Soldier of Fortune, August 1979






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13 responses to “The Bright Lights of Cochise County

  1. Finally, a sane blog post about the border. Thank you.

  2. Very cool post. Great find with the Rhodesian stuff. I always thought the Range Detective stuff was an interesting angle of that war, and it looks like this kind of thing could pop up again along the US Mexico border.

    As to a militia forming a PMC? That is a kind of odd way of going about it. I am not sure what the advantage would be for calling it a PMC over a militia?

    • Over in Afghanistan warlord militias morph into “Security Companies.” I find the concept of an unpaid, not for profit PMC hard to understand. With no profit, what is the motive for doing it? Maybe Bill Davis used the phrase to get attention in the press. The MSM hates PMC’s about as bad as they hate the militia.

      Steven Metz categorizes both PMC’s and militias as Third Forces, — armed
      elements other than the insurgents or counterinsurgents.
      Criminal Organizations are also considered Third Forces.

      I remember my misspent youth reading about Bright Lights in Soldier of Fortune Magazine. Many Bright Lights were Police Reserve on static security at isolated farms. Others were private security officers hired by farmers, either individually as a kind of Range Detective or contracted from Security firms like Armguard and Sectra. There were a bunch of people who got into the Rhodesian War without joining the Rhodesian Army.

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  4. Doug

    Hope you will post your thoughts on this:

    Elite U.S. Units Step Up Drive in Kandahar Before Attack

    Elite forces are picking off insurgents to weaken the Taliban as the looming battle for Kandahar is shaping up as the pivotal test of President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy.

    Gives me a Tummyache

    • Well, Doug, my thoughts on what the Snake Eaters are doing to prepare the battlefield probably aren’t any more profound than anybody else’s.

      I was a fobbit at KAF five years ago. I started out on that gig cleaning latrines in the Special Forces compound across Screaming Eagle Boulevard from the PX. Don’t even know if SF is still there. They may have all moved to Gecko. Met a lot of interesting people down there, saw things there about which to this day I am unsure of their OPSEC sensitivity.

      There is a lot of Direct Action going on, ANA Commandoes are busy, and yet they have ODA’s to spare for Local Defense Initiative militia mentoring.

      Yon says McChrystal doesn’t know what he is doing. Both were SF. I never was, so maybe I should stay in my own lane.

      UPDATE 2010/04/30
      Tim Lynch says it better than I could, anyway.

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