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Primetime Propaganda

They’re more interested in creating liberal propaganda than in creating profitable programming. That preference is literally killing television.

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Where is the strategic communication plan?

2011-05-04 09:04:17
This group would screw-up a wet dream (pun intended).

Where is the strategic communication plan?

No picture, no thorough read-through before the presser. This from the most brilliant man to ever hold the office, who assembled the most brilliant team of adults -that would reset our relationship with the world.

By the end of this week, bin Laden will be on the grassy knoll with Adolf, Elvis, and Michael Jackson in a UFO built by the Koch Bros financed by money from the Templars en route to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations after first stopping at the Cremation of Care ceremony run by the Bohemian Grove and doing the bidding of the Illuminati and Howard Hughes’ love child GWB.

I have the utmost respect for Naval Special Warfare and the personal integrity of their operators. If one of them tells me they got bin Laden, I’ll take his word for it. From most others, doveryai, no proveryai (Доверяй, но проверяй).


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Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Makes Its Way to Grocery Stores

Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Makes Its Way to Grocery Stores.

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Pajamas Media » (UPDATED) DOJ Source: Gov’t Muslim ‘Outreach’ Jeopardized Active Terror Investigations

Pajamas Media » (UPDATED) DOJ Source: Gov’t Muslim ‘Outreach’ Jeopardized Active Terror Investigations.

Look, I have to admit that these guys are evil, but they’re absolutely brilliant. They are so inside our decision-making process they will always be twenty steps ahead of us. I honestly think if we stopped doing counterterrorism altogether we would be better off. I really don’t mean that, but for us to return to some semblance of sanity we have got to stop relying on the bad guys to make our counterterrorism policy. And we damn well have to stop hiring these people and putting them in charge of outreach.

The enemy is not at the gates, he’s already inside.

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Support The Jester

Support «.

Many people have expressed and continue to express their wish to donate financially to me. This is something I have had to think long and hard about. While I would never demand or ask for cash, I recognize the need for people who support my actions wishing to show this by donating. So in order to satisfy this requirement,  I have come up with the following:

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CIIDG, on Afghanistan (via Jb’s Sanctuary)

CIIDG, on Afghanistan Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group a question was asked to my response on the war in Afghanistan. I felt the response should be shared here.  I hope they don’t mind. I visit there often.  This is not a simple and easy issue and deserves many minds thinking and putting ideas and thoughts out there.   Power Line – Is It Time to Get Out of Afghanistan? Wars can be won or lost. If we quit, we lose. It took from 1975 … Read More

via Jb's Sanctuary

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Power Line – Is It Time to Get Out of Afghanistan?

John Hinderaker

via Power Line – Is It Time to Get Out of Afghanistan?.

There are new crises in the Middle East, and a bigger crisis than all the rest in Washington, where the Democrats are spending our children’s inheritance like there is no tomorrow. Hanging on in Afghanistan is not helping us to meet these more important challenges, and, while the war there represents a very small part of the federal budget, it is critically important to save where we can. The defense budget inevitably must take a hit, and Afghanistan is the best place for that ax to fall.

Wars can be won or lost. If we quit, we lose. It took from 1975 to 1991 to get over losing the last war we lost. 

How do we unass Afghanistan without it looking like we were run out? 

How do we achieve Obama’s version of Peace With Honor without psychologically damaging the men and women America sent to Afghanistan and denigrating the heroism of those who did not come back?

Leave in good order, at our own pace, with enough wailing widows and smoking villages in our wake to preclude much Taliban triumphalism.


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The Tripoli Post – Al Qathafi Loyal Troops Starting to Crumble Under Pressure


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Rolling Stone’s Decapitation Campaign Takes Another Head

In the end, there can be only one.

Once is an accident.
Twice is coincidence.
Three times is enemy action.

McCrystal was no accident.
Caldwell is no coincidence.
LTC Holmes, enjoy your new career, sir, and may you live in interesting times.


The perpretrators of this mess were FA30 folks(who are coordinators and not trained practitioners of PSYOP) and not MOS 37 (who are PSYOP/MISO folks operating under the authority given by USC Title 10 Section 167j). This whole debacle just goes to show how broken, disjointed, and confusing our Strat Comm, PD, IO, influence, PSYOP, MISO, etc efforts are. Truly sad.

Posted by Anonymous | February 24, 2011 6:22 PM

Information Operations (IO) teams are often multi-disciplined, but they are certainly not endowed with mystical powers that give the ability to control people’s minds. LTC Holmes, the IO officer quoted in the article is either confused, misquoted, unaware of what PSYOP should or should not do, incapable of dealing with the media or all of the above.

Labeling all PSYOP personnel as “propaganda people” is not only unfair and untruthful but also borders on slander. This type of quote surely reveals how little the Rolling Stone really knows about PSYOP in the first place and that they are more interested in readership and web clicks (which of course lead to more advertising money – duh) than in reporting actual news. Posted by Lawrence Dietz at 12:43 PM


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Wasn’t Civil 150 Years Ago, Next One Won’t Be Either

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Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Operation Demoralize Is Working

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion: Operation Demoralize Is Working.

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Pic 'jacked from Journal of Applied Drink Studies International

KATUSA Snack Bar, Camp Casey, 1983. Hazy memories of ramen, rice, kimchee & Jinro.

Korea could be fun back in the day. The ville outside Casey was a regular Mos Eisley spaceport. The Black Rose usually topped the list of joints off limits for VD. Remember The Silver Star? Everybody knew my name in there.

January 5, 2011: The U.S. Air Force has banned their troops in South Korea from having a local liquor, Soju, in their living quarters, or anywhere on base. The reason is that Soju is cheap, popular and kind of sneaks up on you. Similar to vodka, but with a somewhat sweet taste, most Soju is 40 proof (20 percent alcohol). American troops find that they can drink a lot of it before they suddenly find themselves quite intoxicated. The air force considers this a problem because many airmen, while off-duty and on base, are “on call.” If they have been drinking Soju, and are suddenly called in to operate or repair complex equipment, disaster can ensue. Some Soju is 90 proof, but it’s the 40 proof stuff that causes the most problems.

Drinking and whoring used to be a big part of soldiering overseas. We’re so much healthier and politically correct, now.

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Cyber guerrillas can help US

Evgeny Morozov’s “cyber guerrillas” are referred to as Civilian Irregular Information Operators on this blog, but we are both talking about non-state actors. 

Morozov essentially wants somebody to persuade, change and influence the sophomoric Julian Assange to collaborate with traditional media, redact sensitive files, and offer those in a position to know about potential victims of releases the chance to vet the data and turn Wikileaks into a new Transparency International.

I want him dead.

Morozov thinks that would create a global movement of anti-American politicised geeks clamouring for revenge.


Are there enough pro-American politicised geeks to counter vengeful anti-American politicised geeks?

Are there any U. S. .mil /.gov Information Operators capable of  countering vengeful anti-American politicised geeks working by, with and through pro-American politicised geeks?  No real way of knowing.  Bound to be some who are capable of it, but of those, how many are willing to risk their careers associating with politically incorrect  pro-American politicised geeks?


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‘Rats Whining That Pubbies Have Finally Got In The Game

Click to access tds_SM_Kilgore_Vega_Green.pdf


[All caps was their idea.]

“Politics As Warfare” (Bumped)

“POLITICS AS WARFARE.” My, for a party that just took the White House two years ago, the Democrats are sounding kind of shrill, lately.

Those people are always at their shrillest when accusing their enemies of succeeding in doing what they think they’re supposed to have a monoply on doing.

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A Comment So Good It Deserves Its Own Post

Never heard of clive crook.  Don’t read The Atlantic.  But Richard Fernandez  has, and cfbleachers had this to say about that:

I’m afraid we will be handing down a shell of what we have been given. Once, the vast majority of citizens of this land would bust their vest buttons, swelling up with pride in the accomplishments of this land of ours, would stand shoulder to shoulder in building her, keeping her safe, and would defend her honor against all comers.

Today, the entirety of our mass communication empire is entrenched against her. They slander her at every turn. They tear at the flesh of her virtue. They espouse the propaganda of her sworn enemies. And, against our countrymen who try to stand shoulder to shoulder in her defense, they spout filthy lies, hurl invective and spray venom, call them racist, xenophobic, stupid, lacking in nuance, and dream of throwing them through a plate glass window.

Crook is a thief of our honor. How dare he call people he does not know…bigots? On what grounds?

These cretins have stolen our ability to obtain facts about virtually every key topic necessary to self-govern this land of ours. They say we cling bitterly to religion and the Constitution. They have created a distorted caricature of who we are as a people and what we are as a nation.

The fact that he is godless, does not mean that those whose lives are faith-based are somehow “less” than he…if so, in what way? He deigns to spew venom on folks who acted in a respectful manner, recited the pledge, sang the National Anthem…why? Because this is the “wrong” kind of patriotism?

Maybe, just maybe…the left has their panties in a bunch because we honored men and women in the military…and there is always that bubbling hatred and rage beneath the surface. Or was it the religious undertones, which also bubbles up the bile of any good venom spewing leftist? If you want to get them in full froth…COMBINE a little piety with a little thanks to the troops. Just don’t stand near any plate glass windows…or stained glass windows for that matter.

What they have infused instead, is a self-loathing element into our national conscience, replacing healthy self-reflection with kneejerk blame and vacuous apology for our very existence.

They have crushed the voice of faith based folks, essentially silencing them out of existence within their communication empire and from that lofty tower…they question morals from the perch of High Hedonism in the morning, in the afternoon they issue smug and pedantic homilies about tolerance of repressive 4th Century belief systems that are antithetical to all they claim to stand for and against, and by evening they spit on the flag and grind their heels on the notion of truth and the American way, all the while trumpeting how they have no use for God,…He being beneath their self-congratulatory perfection. They are the Messiah THEY have been waiting for, after all.

Who are these people and why do they have such influence over our daily lives? Who let them choose the narrative of our nation and why have we adopted their lexicon?

They are not “mainstream”, not representative of mainstream thought, morals, ethics, or of virtually anything American in nature or belief.

They are not “liberal”, far from it. They are intolerant, abusive, narrow-minded and closed off from divergent points of view. They call people “bigots” with impunity…people they don’t know. Does anyone else see the irony in that?

They are not “progressive”. They are stuck in a decade, four or five decades removed and incapable of recognizing, much less adapting to…the changes in modern society.

And worse, they not only do not believe in American exceptionalism, they don’t believe in American rugged individualism, they don’t believe in American liberty, American freedoms, American patriotism, American pride, or the basic goodness of the American people.

Not only have they stolen our mass communication system and soiled our information stream, they plot to keep facts from us. And, they “install” through distortion and deception the candidates who adhere to their treachery and treason. Our own government, currently in place…calls those who advocate for small government…”teabaggers”, a sexual slur befitting a delinquent adolescent mindset.

They call 70% of the nation “Islamophobes” because their instinct to stand shoulder to shoulder against a mosque that has all the earmarks of being a shrine to the mass murder of our countrymen, in a declared war against us. NOBODY is saying that any one religion may not worship in friendship and in peace in this land. Yet, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Christmas day bomber, the attempt at Times Square…these were not raging Presbyterians. The jihad is not being advanced by Methodists.

Is self-preservation bigotry? Since when? Is love of country, jingoism? Since when? Is belief in God, imbecility? Since when?

NO, they don’t get it. They don’t want to get it. They want you to lose it instead.

So many good people are finally waking up to what has been done to them, and their country, and by whom, and why. Now what are they going to DO about it?


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Don’t You Just Hate It . . .

. . . when you’re commenting on some one else’s blog and they close comments down before you can post it?

Here’s what Belmont Clubbers were deprived of, Wretchard:


Every day Assange remains unterminated with extreme prejudice is a propaganda defeat for us.

Regular .mil & .gov Computer Network Attack, Operational Security, Psychological Operations/Military Information Support Operations, Information Assurance, Public Affairs and Intelligence have all screwed the pooch on this. Not only is the Emperor naked, he’s fat, ugly and hung like a mouse.

Effective Restrictive Measures have not been applied to Wikileaks.

Civilian Irregular Information Operators, counterpropagandists, hoaxers, and white hat hackers are going to have to do what Regulars can’t or aren’t allowed to.

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Parlez-Vous la Fraternisation?

Medical technician MCpl Jean-Sebastien Morin of JTF-Afg Health Services Support Company vaccinates orderly room clerk MCpl Bianca Langlois against H1N1 influenza.

Canadian general charged with obstruction of justice

And for the first time, the military revealed the identity of the subordinate officer – Master Cpl. Bianka Langlois, a married mother of two and a resource management clerk with 5 Service Battalion, based at CFB Valcartier in Quebec. This is Ménard’s home base, as well as the base where his wife, also in the armed forces, is stationed.

Is Oprah on up in Quebec?

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NATIONAL System of Public Lands

The Federal Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management put up this sign somewhere south of Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America, to cover their ass because the Federal Department of Homeland Security’s largest and most complex component ain’t gettin’ ‘er done.

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;

See Signs of Border Trouble in Arizona and Nogales or Somalia?

UPDATE 06162010: Uptick in Violence Forces Closing of Parkland Along Mexico Border to Americans


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I’d sooner have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on the Pittsburgh

CA-4, not SSN-720.

No hard copy of The Sand Pebbles readily to hand at the moment. ADM Mullen ought to read what Richard McKenna had to say about The Beast on page 504.

Everybody who has served has probably served with homosexuals. If they weren’t “openly” homosexual and running off at the mouth about it and making a nuisance of themselves, and they did their job, the heterosexuals could wonder in mild curiosity and not care much one way or the other. There is no great advantage to unit cohesion and esprit d’corps to be had in removing all doubt.

UPDATE 0204101845:

They talked almost desperately about the girls they would have.  Their hands would curl with pleasure and their bearded lips roll back.   Girls were much more important to a crew’s health than beer or onions.  Girls helped to keep in its cage a certain Beast that was always trying to get loose in a ship.

The Beast was trying to get loose in the San Pablo.   There were many little signs.  The customary skylarking and horseplay began going a bit too far for comfort.  Harris began talking openly about the cruiser U.S.S. Pittsburgh.  The Beast was notoriously loose in Pittsburgh.

“I’d sooner have a sister in a whorehouse than a brother on the Pittsburgh,” Farren said one day at dinner.  That was the saying in the Fleet, about that ship.

“I wish you had a sister on the San Pablo,” Harris said.  “But I’d settle for your brother.”

Holman tensed himself to help Farren, if it came to a fight.  But Farren let it go.

The next morning when the lights came on there was a small square of  canvas, with a handful of damp sand heaped upon it, in Harris’ place at the mess table.   Harris had the watch in the engine room.  Everyone saw the sand and canvas and no one spoke about it.  It was an old, old seagoing warning.

When Harris came off watch he stood and looked down at the sand and canvas.  Everyone else looked at Harris.  His beard was spiky gray, like his hair.  Hair thrust out of his nostrils and ears.  It was like quills.  He grinned his wolf-trap grin around the compartment and he was wearing the very face of the Beast.

He did not see what he was looking for in any of the other faces.  Without a word, he picked up the sand and canvas and carried it outside and dropped it into the river.  After that there was no more talk about the Pittsburgh

UPDATE  2010/05/13 DADT Statement From Other Milbloggers


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It’s time to sue Google

Why, Google Without Terrorist Propaganda is Like Whip Cream Without the Cherry!

Google: helping make terrorist dreams come true

How many Jihadi videos did Hasan watch on YouTube?

Self-radicalization without Jihadi videos is like self-gratification without porn. Pictures get you there quicker.

UPDATE:  200911271035  The next time the Taliban kill an American, thank Google’s YouTube service for helping spread their vile propaganda.

Countering enemy propaganda is a mission self-mobilized Civilian Irregular Counter-Insurgent Supportive Information Operators can do.

Why does Google get away with it?

UPDATE: 200912311016 Dawn Patrol-alanche! Welcome, Dawn Patrollers.


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