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Cyber Operations Planner 2

This is the kind of job .mil is seeking contractors to do for them. Not the point of contact, so don’t ask this disgruntled former employee of that particular component of the Military-Industrial Complex for help getting this gig. Blogged here because civilian contractors hired to be cyber operations planners for Regulars are Civilian Irregular Information Operators.

Works as an Operations Analyst at the Army’s Regional Computer Emergency Response Team located at Ft. Gordon, Ga. Responsible for functions pertaining to planning, coordinating, executing, tracking, and reporting of unit operations. Supports the deployment of teams on short-notice and preplanned missions in response to computer security events at Army posts, camps, and stations around the world. Supports the development and maintenance of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures. Coordinates vertically and horizontally across internal and external organizations. Responsible for matters that concern training, planning, coordination of missions, operations and plans.
Coordination based on customer needs and requirements. Evaluate and recommend uses of resources required by customer missions in order to complete successfully.

Essential Functions: Preparation, coordination, authentication and distribution of SOP, Operations Plans, Operations Orders, fragmentary orders (FRAGOs), warning orders, review of plans and orders of other departments. Reviews, disseminates and explains plans and orders of other departments to team members. Reviews customer OPLANs and OPORDs for completeness. Ensures necessary support requirements are provided when and where required for the customer. Will be responsible to complete various reports, status updates, and conduct briefings on a variety of subjects. Mission planning and data entry utilizing various mission planning and reporting software applications.

Basic Qualifications:

Exceptional communication skills, strong writing skills. Experience with Military Staff organization and operations policies and procedures is desired. Microsoft Office expertise, Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), and the Joint Operation Planning Process (JOPP), Strong customer interface skills required. Demonstrated ability to schedule and manage support requirements in a dynamic work environment. Secret Clearance required and must be clearable to TS/SCI. Bachelors Degree and 2 years experience, Masters degree and 0 years of experience, or 6 years of relevant experience in lieu of a degree.

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in performing duties as Battle Captain are highly desired. Functional experience in S3 Operations with experience in developing Operation Orders (OPORDs), Operation Plans (OPLANs), FragmentaryOrders (FRAGOs), and Warning Orders (WARNOs) is desired. Experience with Military Staff organization and operations policies and procedures is desired. Bachelors Degree and 2 years experience, or Masters degree and 0 years of experience preferred

A Department of the Army Civilian GS-13 doing this exact same job would be a Civilian Regular Information Operator, likely a member of Local 2017, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, and damn hard to be shed of once his services are no longer required.

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Commander-in-Chief’s Intent

. . . if I can find a way of reducing the costs to the American taxpayer, and more profoundly, to our young men and women in uniform, while making sure that we are not rendered much more vulnerable to a terrorist attack in the future, that’s going to be the option that I choose.

This is what passes for strategic leadership at the National Command Authority-level these days.

What he just said is that the war he complained of being under resourced by his predecessor is going to be nit-picked, Mickey Moused, audited and bureaucratically starved. Maintaining an army in Central Asia 700 miles from the sea in a country with no railroads was hard enough before The Surge.

What he also said was that Force Protection is second only to saving money.

Fobbits never won a war. Neither have road-bound Mine Resistant Ambush Protected motorized infantry. But then he’s not in it to win it, is he?

UPDATE 20100930:  Roger that, Operator Dan.  Good Copy.

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A Never-ending Strategic Communication Effort . . .

. . . with a worldwide network of sympathetic amateur prosumers who interpret, repurpose, and in some form or fashion proliferate the organization’s messages.”

Nine years after al Qaeda succeeded in projecting its message loud and clear to a global prime-time audience, the organization’s media operatives are still very much engaged in a never-ending strategic communication effort with a worldwide network of sympathetic amateur prosumers who interpret, repurpose, and in some form or fashion proliferate the organization’s messages.

Cunningham calls audiences exchanging messages in the new media sphere prosumers because they both produce and consume messages.

Sympathetic amateur prosumers of information sound a lot like Civilian Irregular Information Operators.

Read Strategic Communications in the New Media Sphere


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