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What I Saw Looking Out the Hole Where the Window Used To Be

I escaped my penal colony for awhile, on a business trip to the big city, and got to ride from BIAP to Balad on a Blackhawk, in the daylight, which is a new experience for me. I had been doing all my flying in the dark and rarely saw what was out there. It’s hot already, and even with the windows down (out altogether, actually) and 130 knots blowing, it’s still hot.

The door gunners searched for targets, but the guns weren’t needed that trip. Mookie Sadr had come back and VBC was on alert and we were ready for trouble, but the only trouble I had was keeping my lunch. Nap Of the Earth, they call it. I did alright until one window was full of blue sky and the other was full of brown dirt. Rotary wing aerobatics.

Parts of Iraq are nice and green. Date groves look like pleasant oasis compared to the desert in Anbar Province. Greenery, water, houses and trash. Some of the houses are tumbledown adobes, but some of them look like Italian Riviera beach houses that would be nice if they would clean up the yard and stucco the cracks. Junked cars, trucks, buses, tractors; if grass would grow they would probably lose transmissions in the yard. I have in-laws like that.

War can be boring. Uneventful flight over a peaceful countryside. No pillars of smoke on the horizon. No signs of a war except for the door guns and the M-4’s the sailors with me carried.

Don’t eat lunch before you fly Catfish Air. Trust me.


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Happy Mothers Day

.  I wrote this note to my Mother -in- law today, as I re-read it to check spelling errors and for well language a nice middle class woman should not use.  It dawned on me this letter is for everyone.  I’m so upset about how Congress is messing around with the money to fund our troops I could scream, and I have screamed but it does no good.  Why are there so many people in our country so hell bent on losing this war!  We are winning!  But the crazy lefties who blame Bush for everything from global warming to their broken finger nail  and the do nothing  Congress who are so afraid of not getting re-elected are losing it for us.  What do our troops have to do to get the American people to get of their butts, out of the mall and speak out for the troops.

I’m just one wife and mother of 4 Men (I call them my boys) who are or have gone to war for our country.   I can’t do this on my own.  We as Americans should say to Congress.  Stop fighting about your pork barrel treats and give the money to our troops NOW!

Happy Mothers day Mom!

Hope you are having a good  today. 

I just got back from DC on Tuesday.  I went to DC to talk to some people about getting Congress off its, Well lets just say Butt to get funds to our troops.  Our Boys are in Iraq, Cannoneer No3 only stays 3 months on and 3 month off.  My second son will be coming home soon and My oldest son is just back the last couple of weeks.  I don’t know how much longer our troops can go without the things they need.  Congress is just really pushing this way to far.  I’m sending you a video a 15 year old girl made, I cried for 2 hours.
 I wish I could send it to everyone but I just don’t have their email address.  What Our Boys are doing is so important to keeping our country free of crazies, who truly believe we the American people are the devils.  I hope you get a chance to look at the video.  My family is fighting this war to keep us from ever having to have another 9/11.  I can’t let their efforts go for nothing,  I’m sorry if this up set you.  I need the world to know that what My family is doing to keep American from turning into a waste land of fear and degradation.

I love you both and know you support Our Boys

Please forgive me for upsetting you. if I have.  I’m so upset that there are so many people who hate my boys for what they feel is the right thing to do.

Thanks for listening to me

Love you



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What Can YOU Do?

People who want to “support the troops” ask that question a lot.
What do you WANT to do? Why are you waiting to be told what to do? Why don’t you find something useful to do, and just do it?

What IS useful? Pretty much anything that helps the Good Guys is useful. Recognizing that claiming to support the “troops” while opposing their mission and hating on their C-in-C is NOT useful IS useful.

If you are reading this, you could be reading better stuff written by “troops”, and increasing their hits and thus their maximum effective range. You could be encouraging them to write more, praising them for their efforts so far and letting them know that you appreciate their efforts, not only as warriors, but as writers. Blogging from theater ain’t easy. What is easy is to say to hell with it and spend the down time (what they get of it) sleeping, watching a DVD, or playing a game, or emailing the Significant Other back in the rear.

Greyhawk says nobody actually reads blogs from deployed troops. He is a “deployed troop,” again, and he has a point. YOU could do something about that.

Rich Casebolt sees a need to change the paradigm of the milblogosphere at this moment in history. I know this because he said so in a comment on Mudville Gazette. YOU could comment on a warrior’s blog. YOU could add to their content, which might put more eyes on their blog, and make their site meter spin, and get them a book deal and face time on CNN get their views expressed beyond the blogosphere.

YOU could be a part of the team. The Good Guys need more Blue Dots.


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The lovely and talented Cannonette was there in person. I was in the chat room for about an hour. The audio feed I was trying to listen to kept crapping out on me. I finally gave up and went to bed. I had a better time last year, but, I was in a better place last year. It will be interesting to see if Grim posts another PAO Conversation. I get the impression that while Big Army is stepping on its organ, CENTCOM is slowly beginning to see the light. — Cannoneer No. 4


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