Rocco DiPippo — Remember That Name

When the Cold Civil War goes hot and you don’t understand how everything went to hell, it will be because you didn’t read Rocco DiPippo’s history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

Go read it.

After you read it, DO something.

I cleaned my guns. The aroma therapy of Hoppes #9 lowered my blood pressure.

UPDATE: The Time Has Come to Say, “Stop!”

What’s it going to take? How long is it going to be before you all have had enough of the encroachment of your freedom and your liberty? How long is it going to be before you stand up and tell the leftists in this country, “Stop, shut up. Go back home. We are not going to let you ruin this country.”

They have done their best to demoralize and destroy every institution for good that they can get their hands on, all for the purposes of weakening the resolve of the American people and destroying the confidence the American people in their own country, thereby setting up the 2006 elections and setting up Barak Obama as their standard-bearer.



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3 responses to “Rocco DiPippo — Remember That Name

  1. brian van

    where is rocco depippo writing now? i can’t find his old website anymore.

  2. Don’t know. He probably isn’t writing anymore. He may be in Afghanistan, Kuwait or Qatar and the people he is working for may have told him when they hired him he couldn’t blog and comment like he used to. Or maybe he is sleeping with the fishes after pissing off powerful people.

  3. brian van

    oh man i hope that guy is ok. i was a big fan of his writing.