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Camerone 1863

How do you convince drunks, thieves, brawlers, romantics and escapists from failed love affairs, failed businesses and failed revolutions who may not speak your language to fight for your country to the death?



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Colonel Khan’s private warlord army or Interior Ministry Highway Patrol?

There seems to be some confusion on that point.

ADF plays down warlord’s role on crucial supply chain

“Defence is aware the Kandak Amniante Uruzgan commanded by Colonel Matiullah Khan works for the Afghan Ministry of Interior to provide security on key routes within Uruzgan,” an ADF spokeswoman told The Australian yesterday. “Colonel Matiullah Khan is commander of the KAU, an organisation officially recognised and funded by the MOI to provide security along the key routes in Uruzgan province.

“The KAU performs that function in co-operation with the Afghan National Police.”

Long road to Tarin Kowt

For Kandahar-Tarin Kowt, the convoy is secured not by bribing the Taliban but by paying a hefty toll to the policeman in charge of the road.

Matiullah Khan is ostensibly responsible for Oruzgan’s highways and he is paid at least $US1700 ($2385) a truck to ensure each convoy arrives at its destination safely. With about 200 trucks a month heading to Tarin Kowt, it’s a profitable sideline.

He’s not the police chief of Oruzgan but he may as well be. He commands about 300 uniformed police and has a militia of at least 1700 more, mainly protecting the road from Kandahar, the artery for the entire province. When you control the road, you control a lot. Since he took over the operation, no tankers have been lost and there have been only occasional Kalashnikov rounds to deal with.

From the front gate of Camp Holland, it’s only 200m or so to Matiullah’s compound. His brother agrees to drive us to his command post in the Tarin Kowt bazaar. There is a picture of Matiullah on the windscreen. His image, in a well-pressed police uniform, has been superimposed on a lush, Switzerland-like backdrop. Once we get through rigorous security checks – which includes demonstrating that our cameras work, to prove they contain no bombs – we meet Matiullah, who is dressed in the ubiquitous shalwar kameez, a black waistcoat and black turban.

At 36, he’s quite young for a commander, but his family ties are strong. He is the nephew of former Oruzgan governor Jan Mohammed Khan and a key leader of the Popalzai tribe, led by President Hamid Karzai and his brother Ahmed Wali Karzai. (The latter is accused by White House officials of being a leading player in the booming opium trade.) Matiullah, a father of 10, says he’s vehemently opposed to drugs, which threaten to “finish off” the country’s youth.

Matiullah is guarded on the profits he is reaping from securing the convoys. “Sometimes more, sometimes less,” he says, unwilling to give a figure. Right now, it’s easy money. The Taliban is on holiday. “For the moment they have gone to Pakistan because it is cold. But now they will start regrouping and will come again.”

He says 400 to 500 of his men have been killed or wounded on the road, but keeping it open is vital for the province. And as well as making him rich, the road is making him popular.

“If he was not in Oruzgan, the Taliban would have captured the province a long time ago,” says head of the provincial shura, or council, Maulvi Hamidullah. “I have no link with him but he is a very good person for Oruzgan. The people love him and he loves the people.”

The Dutch aren’t confused.

Answering questions from the members Peters, Van Bommel and Poppe on the number of Dutch soldiers in Uruzgan , translated from Dutch.

The Kandak Amniante Urugzan or Highway Police Uruzgan, Colonel Matiullah Khan is responsible for the security of the route between Kandahar and tarine Kowt. This unit is not covered by the Provincial Governor, but directly to the police chief of the entire southern region. In addition, Matti Ullah about troops who paid private security.

Question 7
Is it true that Matiullah Khan for the security of convoys for ISAF mainly militia from a tribe, the Popalzai tribe of President Karzai and Jan Mohammad Khan, commitment? Is it true that at the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) complained that the Popalzai strain this disproportionate advantage and that they have offered the lower amount for convoys to protect? If yes, what is this done?

The Kau of Matiullah Khan is indeed mainly Popolzai tribe members, but also a substantial part Popolzai non-members, as Barakzai, Achakzai and Tokhi. In a tribal society is that safety is regulated along tribal lines. The PRT is no complaints from other strains on the composition of the Kau.

Question 8
Are the militia Matiullah Khan legal? They fall under Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups (DIAG) program for disarming illegal militias?

The Kau is not a militia but part of the Afghan security structure and as such included in the payroll of the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

The Kau is therefore not covered by the DIAG program. The Kau However, from a unit of the Afghan Military Forces (AMF) that the Disarmament demobilization Reintegration (DDR) program has passed, and then is transformed into Afghan Higway Police.

The Highway Police is gradually integrated into the Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP). In most provinces that process is completed, in Uruzgan yet. As stated above, in the national review of the police occupation ambiguity about the status of Kau. Netherlands urges Afghan authorities to this uncertainty is cleared up soon.

Question 9
Do you share the view that commitment and (indirect) payment of the troop and Matiullah Khan a negative impact on good governance and stability in the South? If not, why not?

The Kau is currently more than any other police organization, to a considerable extent to ensure the security of the route to Kandahar and the physical security of convoys on the road traveling. The (safe) passage of persons and goods to and from Uruzgan is an essence le condition for reconstruction and economic development of the province of Uruzgan.

Kandahar dam contract comes with security clause

Canada has invested millions of dollars in programs to disarm and disband the militias that roam Afghanistan’s countryside. But most illegal armed groups had only a small fraction of their arsenals confiscated, according to a recent study by Antonio Giustozzi, a researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He cites the example of a militia commander in Uruzgan province named Matiullah, who handed in 264 weapons as part of the disbandment program but then continued to operate his band of armed men.

The Matiullah militia is believed to have renamed itself the KAU and now plays an important role enforcing security on the highway between Kandahar city and Tirin Kot, the capital of Uruzgan. The KAU’s pickup trucks full of armed men frequently patrol the road that passes near the planned dam project and a Canadian military base that overlooks the highway.

I thought I recognized Matiullah’s name. We’ve mentioned him before.

UPDATE: Ran up on this old comment by Tim from Panjwayi
July 12th, 2009 at 8:59 am

It was Afghan SF elements that killed Gen Matiullah. Based out of Gecko in Kandahar City. An Expat PSC eye-witness backs this up. Initially locals believed that it was US SF that were involved, then later on the truth came out the no ISAF elements were present when this occurred. Local opinion still believes the Afghan SF were acting on “orders from the Americans” however.

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Mass Media Motivated Murder

Two good entries at Strategy Page worth passing on:

Adolph Hitler Fan Club

Mass murder has long been a grisly feature of human history. But the speed and extent of such massacres accelerated in the 20th century, with the spread of electronic mass media. First radio, then television and now the Internet, made it possible to more quickly spread and intensify the hatred and dehumanization of the victims necessary to get mass killings started.

As I was reading this I thought of the push to shut down talk radio. The programs I listen to would have to be shut down before the Politically Incorrect could be successfully dehumanized, demonized, rounded up and purged.

Penetrating Palestinian Propaganda Ploys

Israel found that over two-thirds of the Palestinian dead were men of military age (18-35). They also found that most of the “children” were teenage males, and some have been found memorialized in Palestinian web sites as “martyred fighters.” That means they were armed and on the payroll. Moreover, Hamas openly uses younger kids as lookouts and messengers. Lots of these “fighters” got killed simply because they deliberately placed themselves in the combat zone, or were sent there by their adult commanders. Thus over 70 percent of the Palestinian dead were working for Hamas, and most of them were armed.

Much bogus BS was put out during the last Gaza War. I’ve been rooting for the Israelis since 1967, but there seems to be a whole lot of Americans who have been mindfu Continue reading

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Taliban 2, Nirkh Jezailchis 0

But the game is young.

If the AP is to be believed, the new Afghan Public Protection Force has suffered their first KIA’s. 

As the APPF is supposed to be a district force, either the Jalrez PPF was patrolling in Nirkh district or there is a Nirkh PPF that  trained, graduated and commenced operations beneath the media radar.


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We did love our guns.

Havis's Battery by Stan Strickland
Havis’s Battery by Stan Strickland

“We were ordered down to Greensboro, N. C. Soon after getting there, rumors that Gen. Johnston was going to surrender and consternation filled our hearts. We were surrendered on the 26th of April 1865 in Greensboro, N. C. Our Capt. one morning, I think it was the 27th of April, had the bugle to blow the assembly call as if we were to march. The cannoneers of each gun fell in just in front of the horses and the roll was called as usual. Then the Capt. stepped in front and read the order of surrender. Then he address(ed) us about like this “Men, at the sound of the bugle, I will give the usual order ‘By piece from the right forward march’ but first ‘Cannoneers to your post march’ you cannoneers will take your positions at your guns and at the command of march you will get to the wheels and as usual help the horses to start and then stand to your position and let the guns go on to town.” The command to your post march and we boys marched to our posts the last time. The command “By piece from the right forward march”. I saw the 1st piece go and the cannoneers stand in their places. It looked terrible. The 2nd piece went, then the 3rd piece, then the 4th, my gun. We pushed and away the gun went and we stood in our places. That was the first time in three years that our gun had gone and I was not to go with it and as I watched that gun roll away I felt a loneliness and grief down in my heart and the tears streamed from my eyes. I was sad and sorrowed as if I had lost a loved one. We did love our guns. They had been our companions for three years and we would have died in their defense. ‘ Twas a sad day in our camp that day.”William Ralston Talley, Pvt, Co. A, 14th Battn Ga. L. Arty

The Orphan, 3-inch Parrott

The Orphan, 3-inch Parrott

Rainmaker, 10-Pdr Parrott

Rainmaker, 10-Pdr Parrott

Old Thunder, 12-Pdr Napoleon

Old Thunder, 12-pdr Napoleon

The gun is the rallying point of the detachment, its point of honor, its flag, its banner. It is that to which the men look, by which they stand, with and for which they fight, by and for which they fall. As long as the gun is theirs, they are unconquered, victorious; when the gun is lost, all is lost. It is their religion to fight it until the enemy is out of range, or until the gun itself is withdrawn, or until both it and the detachment are in the hands of the foe. An infantryman in flight often flings away his musket. I do not recall ever having heard of a Confederate artillery detachment abandoning its gun without orders. 
Robert Stiles Major of Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia

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PSYOP Preparation of the Battlespace — Setting Up Scapegoats to be Blamed for the Next False Flag Human Caused Disaster

The Oklahoma City Bombing saved Bill Clinton’s Presidency.  He was a lame duck, having led his party to defeat in the mid-term elections.  OKC gave him the crisis he needed to turn his fortunes around.  Everybody who thought he sucked suddenly became practioners of the politics of personal destruction.  Everybody who thought the Assault Weapons Ban sucked became a member of the Militia of Montana.  Everybody who listened to conservative talk radio became partially responsible for Timothy McVeigh.

History is repeating itself.

Some kid shoots cops and Glenn Beck and all conservatives “own” that, so the Obamanoids tell us.

If you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, the Missouri State Highway Patrolman who stops you for speeding on a deserted road in the middle of the night has already been filled with propaganda about you guaranteed to fill him with adrenaline.  You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t stick his pistol in your ear when he asks for your license.

Now our federal Department of Homeland Security is identifying the usual suspects for future demonization should a crisis arise.  And we all know a crisis is too good to waste.

Read DHS, ‘Rightwing Extremism’ and Information Warfare

This is part of a more widespread ongoing information campaign to plant and reinforce critical themes into the American official, and broader public psyche, a continuation of the “clinging to guns and religion” message so frequently found in the rhetoric of President Obama and his acolytes.  Watch for reinforcing messages from other venues and other government organizations.  It will be used by talking heads, journalists and administration officials to make agenda-driven analysis sound rational as they work to delegitimize, marginalize and divide Americans, precisely when it is apparent that significant grass roots opposition movements are gaining steam.

The Tea Party Movement represents the same kind of resistance to Obama that the Militia Movement posed to Bill Clinton. Don’t be surprised if it is discredited in similar fashion.

In the information battle we live through, every media story and every government report is suspect. Experts, universities, think tanks, non-profits and interest groups are all tools for the spin masters and propagandists whose ethics are defined by “the ends justifies the means” of Saul Alinsky’s model. The DHS Rightwing Extremism paper is merely a recent example of how the American people and their law enforcement agrencies are manipulated . When those who excel at information manipulation and media control also sit in government the price of truth becomes eternal skepticism.

We who will be scapegoated need to start educating the public about the decade they slept through, lest they fall for it again. Preemptive counterpropaganda.

UPDATE 03272010:  TEA Partiers will be the designated scapegoats this time around, and just like last time, when all armed Patriots were successfully conflated in the public memory with the Covenant, Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, responsibility for every broken window must be laid at the feet of the most vocal opponents of The Regime. Rush Limbaugh was around to be scapegoated last time. Since then he has been joined by several effective pro-liberty/free enterprise/entreprenuerialism/capitalism/limited government/Constitutionalist anti-Statist advocates.


Lib Talker Malloy Calls for Deaths of Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly

Well, keep it up boys, just keep it up, um except for one thing: you rat bastards are going to cause another Murrah federal building explosion, you are. And then – what is Beck – maybe at that point Beck will do the honorable thing and blow his brains out.

What would such as he know about doing the honorable thing?

UPDATE 04182010:
How Clinton exploited Oklahoma City for political gain

It was a political strategy crafted while rescue and recovery efforts were still underway in Oklahoma City. And it worked better than Clinton or Morris could have predicted. In the months after the bombing, Clinton regained the upper hand over Republicans, eventually winning battles over issues far removed from the attack. The next year, 1996, he went on to re-election. None of that might have happened had Clinton, along with Morris, not found a way to wring as much political advantage as possible out of the deaths in Oklahoma City. And that is the story you’re not hearing in all the anniversary discussions


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