Airframe Testing

Found this at Digger’s Realm

I think we probably need to hear from Dvorak and/or Digger on this about now, perhaps to man-up and admit they were snookered.
This is probably a case of air-frame testing. Bill Cooper used to talk about it and it’s in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. You send a little shock through a system and record the data. The shock was a (most likely) bogus news story and the system was the online patriot/militia community. Follow the contacts back to Dvorak and Digger and then their “sources” and you’ll solve your whodunnit.

Posted by: Everett Mann on July 24, 2010 10:32 PM

Remember William Cooper on WWCR shortwave radio in 1994? Was he a nut case, or just too far ahead of his time?


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