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Jalrez Jezailchis on AlJazeera

UPDATE 200904021209:   Afghan Security Graduates Receive Warm Homecoming 

Did ANSO Lie About the Vz58s?

Did ANSO Lie About the Vz58's?


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Saydabad Jezailchis



Vz58, NOT AK-47

Vz58, NOT AK-47



“The Jezailchis are so called from their jezails or long rifles. The Afghans are said to be among the best marksmen in the world. They are accustomed to arms from early boyhood, live in a chronic state of warfare with their neighbors, and are most skilful in taking advantage of cover. An Afghan will throw himself flat, behind a stone barely big enough to cover his head, and scoop a hollow in the ground with his left elbow as he loads. Men like these only require training to make first-rate irregular troops.” — General Colin Mackenzie 

Besides his Regular army, the Amir has always available the Jezailchis, which were formerly the only infantry in the country ; they are tiralleurs or light troops, armed with matchlock or jezail, and accustomed to hill warfare; and are perhaps as good skirmishers as are to be found
in Asia, being good judges of ground and distance; instinct teaches them almost to scent an ambush, and it is a current remark in the country that a good jezailchi on a hill side will conceal his body behind his own grass sandals. They are of two descriptions, those in Government pay on a nominal salary of five rupees per mensem (paid chiefly in grain) and armed by the State, and the jezailchis of the different chiefs who generally have a piece of rent-free land assigned them in lieu of pay. The Government jezailchis now muster some three thousand five hundred men, are chiefly employed in holding forts and thannahs all over the country, and are commanded by Sadbashia and Dahbashis, or captains of hundreds, and heads over tens, who receive a proportionate increase of pay and are divided as follows :

With Sirdar Muhammad Afzal Khan in Balkh, 400.

Sirdar Muhammad Azim Khan, 100.

The heir-apparent, 1,000 (scattered over
Kandahar, Gharisk and Farrah).

Sirdar Sher Ali Khan, 300.

Sirdar Muhammad Amin Khan, 200.

Sirdar Muhammad Aslam Khan, 200.

Sirdar Muhammad Sharif Khan, 100.

The Amir’s own, 200.

Distributed over different petty chiefs in bodies of thirty and forty, 1,000
Total 3,500.

The other jezailchis are the immediate followers of their respective chiefs, and may be considered as mere local militia, liable to be called upon to follow their lords whenever the Government require their services. Of the strength of the latter, it is difficult to form an estimate; but if we take the truest criterion, the numbers which have on former emergencies been collected, I consider that from a thousand to fifteen hundred is the utmost that could be got together at one place, for we must remember that although it is natural for people to talk of combinations to oppose common enemies, and the rising of a population en masse, yet an Affghan hates no one so sincerely as his nearest neighbour if he be more powerful than himself, and that his love of country or any other human tie will always give place to his self-interest or love of revenge; so that a collection of the whole male population for any length of time, for a given object, is simply impossible, although a considerable mob might be got together to make a simultaneous rush for the sake of plunder.   —  Major H. B. Lumsden

The military heritage of what is now the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stretches back into pre-history. The Jezailchis are a respectable part of that military heritage, and the new APPF would do well to establish a connection in the mind of the people between them and those old sharpshooters.   jezail_bIn America, the Reserve Components of the United States Army and Air Force “shares” with the States have successfully claimed a heritage stretching back further than the existance of the Republic, which is good for their esprit d’ corps and fosters acceptance and even local pride in the home town heroes.  An influence operation promulgating a narrative that the APPF are legitimate Sons of Jezailchis could improve their reputation among the people, fostering cooperation and dispelling fears that they’re just another version of the discredited  ANAP. 

The jezail is their Kentucky long rifle.  Americans have that in common with Afghans.  Our Over Mountain Men calculated Arithmetic on the Frontier in much the same way.  Our guys teaching Basic Rifle Marksmanship to the APPF need to talk that connection up. 

Left-handed Virginia rifle, .32 cal.

Left-handed Virginia rifle, .32 cal.

See also Afghan Public Protection Force 

Did ANSO Strategically Leak a Classified Email to HuffPo? 

Civil Defense Forces 

The United States, inevitably, will arm some militias. The question will be how many and where and how?


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50,000 Containers

The Caspian Connection To Afghanistan





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Virtual Pickets


1: a pointed or sharpened stake, post, or pale

2 a: a detached body of soldiers serving to guard an army from surprise

b: a detachment kept ready in camp for such duty

c. sentry
3: a person posted by a labor organization at a place of work affected by a strike ; also : a person posted for a demonstration or protest


“I think we all know the solution. Obama and his cronies must be dislodged from Office as quickly as possible.Now, as how to do it – I don’t have a clue. There must be some legal mechanism to dislodge Obama and his gang.”

I too ponder the peaceful path. At this stage of the battle, I think “pickets” are critical. Real pickets. Virtual pickets. Avatars with a message. The Web is part of the arsenal available, still.

I think we need to unleash our own corps, online and off (10 people/shifts), committed to incessantly intercepting each and every elected official at their local and WDC offices, during business hours. Ask to speak to the elected official, and/or a spokesperson, if officials aren’t available. Everyday. Different pointed questions. We’ll need an archive of their responses, for later.

Use questions like: About half of the electorate thinks what you are facilitating is financial rape, and that you are criminal in your support of it. How do you respond to that charge? Capture the response on your handicam or cell phone.

This activity will become the most important topic of conversation, whichever way it goes.

Web videos at eleven. Nationwide. Document and distribute hundreds of clips of peaceful civil unrest; overwhelming the coverage of the MSM (even if they decide to cover the incidents). Sign verbage needs to convey clearly how serious we believe the situation to be. A teabag may be too anachronistic a symbol, as we may have passed by a time when dumping tea expresses the extent of our anger.

The frequency of congress-critters and their staffs making themselves available to answer pointed questions from average angry and organized citizens will inform us. I type while reloading.


geoffgo, Mar 23, 2009 – 8:55 am


Social networking, flash mobs, cell phone videos posted to youtube and replayed at the end of Special Report w/Brett Baier, imaginative, entrepreneurial innovative use of new media, V for Vendetta meets An Army of Davids.  A real People’s Information War.




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The Battle for America will be decided in your county at your front door

County Sheriffs and County Emergency Management could plan, train, and practice with civilian volunteers, if the dominant culture in the community encouraged volunteerism. Counties have power, and I can’t think of many Homeland Defense and Emergency Management missions SG’s and SDF’s can do that similarly prepared posses couldn’t. Sponsorship by county law enforcement instead of state military departments might further distance Civilian Irregular Homeland Defense Auxiliaries from the unwelcome “Michigan Militia” stereotype in the public consciousness. Slightly higher speed Law Enforcement Exploring for TBG’s, as far as the public needs to know, until the time comes to perform at a much higher level than anybody expected they could.  Cannoneer No. 4, 01/28/09

Map by Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan

Map by Mark Newman, Department of Physics and Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan

Read The Sheriff: More Power Than the President

. . . the long dormant spirit of America is reviving. The states are beginning to adopt Tenth Amendment resolutions, using powers they have always had. The people are restoring our long unbalanced constitutional system. There is something “blowin’ in the wind,” but it isn’t what Bob Dylan thought it was. Recently, Sheriff Mack addressed 570 people in Fredericksburg, Texas. He reports that the reception was “beyond fantastic.”

What can you do? For once we are not just complaining. There is a plan. I do not argue that you should forget about Congress. Not at all; if you see an opportunity there, take it. Always remember that right now it is run by people like Barney the Bugger of Taxachusetts, who will be elected by moronth in hith dithtrict until he dieth of AIDS.

Most of the time, when you approach your congressman, you come to complain. In the new crusade, you will approach your sheriff and tell him that he is not only handsome, charming and overwhelmingly masculine, but also that he has powers he may not be aware of. You have come to tell him what they are and to back him up. My guess is, when you tell him that, he will not kick you out.

Tell him you expect him to return the courtesy when the Nazis come from the District of Criminals to get the guns. Tell him you are ready in a minute to serve under his direction in a posse. He will not move to Washington and be corrupted. He will stay there with you. Show him the ten orders the Oath Keepers will not obey. The Oath Keepers are retired and active duty military and police. Their website is The first order they promise to disobey is an order to disarm you.

Put him together with Sheriff Mack. You will find him at His telephone numbers are (928) 792-4340 and (928) 792-3888. Bring the sheriff to your town to speak. He will explain all this. Invite your own sheriff. At the meeting I attended, the local sheriff and chief of police were there and loved what they heard. No one dislikes hearing how important he is.  Alan Stang, 03/21/09

Legitimate sub-national paramilitary counterforce.  Sheriff’s posses won’t be just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as, but Irregulars don’t have to be. . . . the familiarity of the members with their particular locality, with the terrain and road net in the respective communities, will be of great value in resisting any hostile efforts against residental areas and important public necessities.


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Get Ready


Hell is coming to breakfast.

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I Thought I Recognized a Pattern Here

The recent Missouri State Highway Patrol profiling of third-party supporters as potential terrorist militia threats to officer safety looked vaguely familiar, and now I know why.  I saw it last time.

If you have an interest in American history, political warfare, Irregular Warfare, or Psychological Operations I heartily recommend Dr. Philip Jenkins’  Terror Begins at Home.

Some excerpts to pique your interest:

It’s difficult to understand modern American political history without appreciating the florid conspiracy theories that so often drive liberals, and by no means only among the populist grassroots. Time and again, Democratic administrations have proved all too willing to exploit conspiracy fears and incite popular panics over terrorism and extremism. While we can mock the paranoia that drives the Left to imagine a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, such rhetoric can be devastatingly effective—as we may be about to rediscover.



However thin the underlying charges, the Brown Scare clearly helped to promote a New Deal agenda at home and interventionism overseas. For interventionists, the Terror Crisis suggested that fascist powers already were attempting to subvert America, forcing the nation to confront the foreign danger. Above all, the scare provided a powerful weapon for defaming anyone on the Right who opposed FDR’s drift to war. Targets included not only isolationist senators and congressmen but also the potent antiwar organization America First, which drew support from a broad and reputable cross-section of public opinion—conservative, liberal, and socialist, Catholic and Protestant. By 1941, though, the antiwar movement was battered by allegations of fascist and anti-Semitic ties. Under Cover portrayed America First as an aboveground front for the most extreme and lethal paramilitary fascist groups. As so often before and since, a burgeoning antiwar movement was crippled by charges that it was covertly allied with the nation’s enemies. So successful was this tarring that in popular memory, America Firsters stand alongside Nazis and Klansmen as traitors, subversives, and bigots. In terms of achieving its goals, the Brown Scare worked superbly.


After JFK’s election in 1960, the devoutly anti-Communist Minutemen took first place in liberals’ demonology. As in the 1930s, the far Right was supposed to be closely tied to out-of-control military officers. Remember fictional treatments of the time like “Dr. Strangelove” and “Seven Days in May”? Once more, too, the supposed threat from far-Right extremism surfaced in mainstream politics, especially during the 1964 elections. Most political observers know that Barry Goldwater was denounced for advocating “extremism in the defense of liberty.” Few know exactly what kind of extremism he was supposedly invoking. The ensuing controversy makes no sense except in the context of the John Birch Society, which was pushing the Republican Party to harder anti-Communist positions, and also the well-armed Minutemen. As in the 1930s, the extremists existed, and some hotheads contemplated violence. But once again, a yawning gulf separated the reality of the threat from the public perception.

Read the whole thing.

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