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“We Love Our Dear Leader”

Heard this on the radio a coupla hours ago: Sing for Change Obama. It’s a HopeChange GroupThink Mindthoughts Song.
Painful to listen to, and gut-wrenching in its implications. Incredibly creepy. Compare and contrast with North Korean Children Singing to Dear Leader.

Children Sing Praises To Dear Leader Obama
The Indoctrination of Children Begins
The new brownshirts *UPDATED*
The Obama Children’s Chorus
Future Members of the Mainstream Media



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Political Computer Network Attack

Obama Goon Squad Shuts Down Macsmind Blog

Attack. Defend. Smack down. Expose. Some of us who have been resisting cyber-jihad have seen this before. This won’t end after the elections. If The Messiah wins his disciples will be even more aggressive in silencing critics. If he loses they will go on a rampage. Either way, it’ll get ugly.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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Sons of Dir Awakening

Pakistani tribes fight back against Taliban

The Pakistani movement relies on tribal customs and widespread ownership of guns to raise traditional private armies, known as lashkars, each with hundreds or several thousand volunteers.

In southern Dir, the Sulthankheil tribe raised their anti-Taliban lashkar a month ago in villages around the town of Khall. There, 10,000 locals registered to serve. Every night 20 armed men patrol each village with orders to shoot intruders. “If we had not formed this lashkar, we could soon be like Swat,” said Akhunzada Sikandar Hazrat, a Sulthankheil tribal chief.

Lashkars are fairly close to what historically-minded Americans would recognize as war parties.  Pashto-fluent Irregular Warfare practitioners from the American, British, Australian SF/SAS/SASR and any other Coalition operators in that league should be drinking chai with every anti-Taliban khan and malik out there, reinforcing success with St. George’s Cavalry and recruiting more khans to the light side.  This should be tried in Afghanistan as well, at least in those areas where the tribes retain their culture and traditions and their leaders retain some respect and authority.  It takes an Apache to catch an Apache.

If I was running the Af-Pak War, Hamid Gul would meet with an unfortunate accident my first month on the job. Mr. Tenpercent would be bribed/blackmailed/threatened in to purging the ISI of Taliban sympathizers. Gen. Kiyani would be made an offer he couldn’t refuse. Anti-Taliban tribal lashkars would get money and weapons and bounties for Taliban heads. Private Military Companies would be hired to run and escort truck convoys from Karachi to Kandahar and Bagram.

Sep 25, 2008 – 10:07 am

Left that comment a couple of days ago.  Maybe they read that blog.

H/T:  Chief Reynolds

UPDATE:  Local people form ‘lashkars’ to resist militancy in NWFA, Fata
Pakistan tribesmen vow to fight US ‘until the last soul’  — Let them hate us, so long as they kill our enemies for us.  Our cross border ops have poked a stick in the fire ant hill.  And during Ramadan the fire ants are testier than usual.  Arabs, Chechens, Uzbeks, Uighurs and any other non-indigs have just had the melmastia and nanawati rugs pulled out from underneath them.
Tribal leaders swear to wage merciless war
Silent majority stirs – People in FATA rise agains Taliban

UPDATE #2: Kayani shakes up army command Perhaps the most surprising of all such changes is the appointment of Lt-Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha as the new Director-General of ISI. He has replaced Lt-Gen Nadeem Taj

UPDATE #3: Armed lashkars a bid to ignite civil war, says Qazi Anti-Taliban lashkars are seen as such a serious threat that surrogates must agitate against them.

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Obamacus Curiae

From The Bitch Girls, via Snowflakes in Hell, by way of Chief Reynolds, which I found at Chief Wretchard’s

Letter from Robert F. Bauer, General Counsel, Obama for America

September 23, 2008

Re: NRA Advertisement

Dear Station Manager:

As General Counsel to Obama for America, I write about an advertisement sponsored by the National Rifle Association (“NRA”) that may be airing on your station.  The text of the advertisement, and a thorough explanation of its falsity, is attached.

This advertisement knowlingly misleads your viewing audience about Senator Obama’s position on the Second Amendment. In an article published today, the Washington Post fact-checks this advertisement and awards it three “Pinocchios,” meaning:  “Significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.”  For the sake of both FCC licensing  requirements and the public interest, your station should refuse to continue to air this advertisement.

Read the rest at

There has been too much political warfare, non-military PSYOP, propaganda, counterpropaganda, CNA, Old Media bias, New Media pushback, for me to blog on it all.  This is not intended to be a political blog.  It’s supposed to be a blog about Information Operations, Psychological Operations, Morale Operations, propaganda, counterpropaganda, media bias, and maintaining popular support for The Long War.  But the political war in my homeland has elements of all those aspects.   

I’m a bitter clinger.  I’m clinging even more bitterly now.  So are my pards in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

The NRA has lawyers, too. Obama seeks to take down NRA ad  This one below.

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The war on terror has spawned whole armies of PC warriors: individuals who have taken to the keyboard to support their cause.

Personal Computer, not Politically Correct.

Has the war on terror scored a virtual victory?

Linking to this site does not imply approval.  The specific piece linked to is worthy of sharing with the readership here. John Ozimek notices the work of Irregular Information Operators and their recent PSYOP counterpropaganda success against al Qaeda and al Sahab. There may have been some CNA success too, but I wouldn’t know about that.


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Rusty Shackleford on the Rusty Humphries Show

Caught Rusty Humphries last night on the KZNT-AM Colorado Springs Streaming Audio interviewing Dr. Rusty Shackleford of The Jawa Report about Ethan Winner and the astro-turfing of a smear campaign against Sarah Palin.

Any transcription errors are on me. Did this with a tape recorder.


Rusty Shackleford: Blame AT&T.

Humphries: OK, I’ll blame AT&T. How you doin’, my friend?

Shackleford: I’m doing good, how ’bout you?

Humphries: I’m doing great. Rusty Shackleford is the webmaster and the blogmaster at The Jawa Report, and Rusty’s been on the program a number of times and one of the things that you specialize in is disrupting Muslim and pro-extremist websites in America would that be pretty fair to uh, to say that Rusty?

Shackleford: That’s, that’s fair to say. Besides disrupting them one of my hobbies is tracking them down. Tracking down potential terrorists and people who make terroristic threats on the internet.

Humphries: Have you been successful in that?

Shackleford: Uh, no comment.

Humphries: Hahaha OK. Because if you have been successful, if you’ve been helping would you say if you were successful you’d have government officals shut these guys down?

Shackleford: Uh, I’ve got no comment. I’ve found them in the past, how ’bout I put it that way.

Humphries: Alright that’s fair. So you’ve taken some of these skills and you decided to put them towards some ads that you’ve seen that have been pro-Barack Obama. Tell me the story and what it is that you’ve found over the weekend.

Shackleford: It was actually last week, on September 11th actually, I was looking for the Palin interview on Gibson, with Gibson on ABC, on September 11th that that came out

Humphries: OK

Shackleford: And I was researching youtube I was looking at dates for the search and I found a video labeled Sarah Palin Interview With ABC Interviewer or something like that, and I clicked it and it wasn’t, it wasn’t at all, it was actually an anti-Palin smear. And, uh, from the sound of it and the look of it, you know, there are a lot of kinda really bad youtube videos out there people make their own videos, lots of conspiracies lots of just really slimy stuff, both about Palin. about Obama, about McCain, about pretty much any politician. So I noticed that this one was professionally made, matter of fact it sounded professionally made like they had hired a voice-over artist.

Humphries: Those things are not cheap, those are pretty expensive to make.

Shackleford: I assume so, I mean I’ve never, have you ever hired a voice-over artist? You’re moe familiar with it than I am.

Humphries: Sure, a voice-over guy, depends on who it is, but that’s uh 250 bucks to a few thousand, then they charge on how many times it runs, sometimes on the internets more. I mean a guy like that costs money but then the video production, that’s real expensive.

Shackleford: Yeah, it definitely had the feel of a professional like the kind of advertising you would see Obama run, but it didn’t have any disclaimers in it and it was from someone, from “eswinner”, so the next week we kind of followed where this was going, found out that the video was actually produced by a man named Ethan Winner and he works for one of the largest PR firms in the world actually.

Humphries: Now there’s a problem. Isn’t it against the law for a real ad to not say “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve of this message”?

Shackleford: Well, you know, I’m not a lawyer, I won’t claim to know the answer to that. There does seem to be an exception for the web, has a loop hole

Humphries: OK

Shackleford: It’s not clear, though, it’s not clear if that loop hole was meant just for like uh, banner ads, or uh, kinda traditional web advertising, like click ads, those kind of things.

Humphries: So why would then a professional PR guy want to put out a ad and hide where it came from?

Shackleford: Well this ad was absolutely awful. Did you see it?

Humphries: I did. I’m asking you stupid questions to make you sound smart.

Shackleford: Hehe. You should play the — I don’t know if you have the audio from it you should play it it’s uh, if you don’t have it

Humphries: You know what I’ll tell you what let’s take a quick break when we come back we’ll play it and play why this is an important ad, why it’s extra slimy and who made it and why it’s a big deal and actually you found out who it was and he’s actually admitted to doing it. We’ll get into that and more. Rusty Shackleford from just go to The Jawa Report. We’ll be right back here on the Rusty Humphries Show.


Humphries: One of the smartest guys out there he has a great website The Jawa Report J-A-W-A Jawa Report Rusty Shackleford’s here now Rusty, there is an ad that’s out , you found this on youtube, let’s play it so folks can know what it is that we’re talking about play it Trey.

Voice-Over Artist:  “My hatred for the American government.  I’ve got no use for America.”  These are quotes from the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party.  Sarah Palin and her husband were members of this anti-American organization which supported separation  of their state from the  United States.

Sarah Palin:  I’m governor Sarah Palin and I am delighted to welcome you to the 2008 Alaskan Independence Party Convention.

Voice-Over Artist:  Does this represent your view of your America?  Sarah Palin — a heart beat away from the Presidency.

Humphries:  Alright Rusty Shackleford, you found this on youtube, why is this a big deal?

Shackleford:  You can obviously tell that that’s a professional, can’t you?  I mean, there’s a big difference, I think, because first it was done in such a way to hide who is doing it, but second the same people who made the video, but not just the individual Ethan Winner who eventually today, after we called him out on it, and there are a lot of evidence that we documented to show that he and his firm were behind this  

Humphries:  Which is a big PR firm, like one of the biggest ones in the world, right? 

Shackleford:  It’s one of the ten largest PR firms in the world.  His company Winner & Associates is part of a larger group,  Publicis Groupe International, it’s a Paris-based international PR conglomerate really, the kind of people who push the EU treaty, the kind of people Exxon-Mobile hires to convince people that they’re a good company.  We’re talking, you know, mega-millions of dollars here.  Not only did they make the video but they pushed the video on to the left-wing web sites in such a way as to make it seem like an organic ground up kind of movement that is purely accusation.  My accusation is really that Sarah Palin, that this is an out right lie.  Sarah Palin

Humphries:  Now is Sarah Palin a member of the Alaskan Independence Party?  Is that an anti-American separatist organization?

Shackleford:  No.  Absolutely not.  She never was.  She’s never been a member of the party.  The party itself is not necessarily an anti-American party.  It’s true that the founder of the party back in the ’50’s was probably a little off-checkered.  That segue you heard of her speaking, she was not, if you actually watched the whole video,  she sent a video tape to the opening of this uh, to the party convention, basically welcome to Alaska type of thing or welcome to the capital kind of a video

Humphries:  Governors do that all the time for all kinds of groups.

Shackleford:  It was more of a welcome to the convention, and she actually uses the word, she speaks about their party in such a way it’s implied that they’re the opposition, that you need opposition parties for democracy to work.  It wasn’t a , you know,  pro-independence, pro-anti-American, anti-American statement.  Nothing like that was going on.  You can actually watch the whole video is that we found out and it’s really, you’ll realize that this is all a bunch of bunk.

Humphries:  I’m running out of time here, but what’s interesting about this is that we found out that it was this big PR person that did this  behind with a big PR organization that did it, and then they tried to spread a lie that she was a part of this organization, which is not true, and the left-wingers didn’t even care that it was a lie, correct?

 Shackleford:  Absolutely not, and they said email this to a hundred of your friends and they were posting this all over the place, and this is something called astro-turfing, which David Axelrod who is Obama’s chief media strategist , he’s called The King of Astro-Turfing  by Business Week, and this was before he was Obama’s campaign manager, they called him this.  He runs what are called grass-roots campaigns which are really directed campaigns from the top to make it look like it’s growing organically from the bottom.  And so, we believe that this is what has been going on here that is, uh

Humphries:  Wait, wait,  wait,.  Rusty Shackleford, hold on a second.  You don’t mean to tell me, that it was orchestrated when women were screaming and fainting, in the crowd, that couldn’t have been orchestrated, c’mon.

Shackleford:  Hahahaha.  Uhhhh, yeah.

Humphries:  And Axelrod also had some connection to this PR firm, is that right?

Shackleford:  Absolutely.  It’s just come out that he has actually, we just posted it, just in the last hour, Axelrod has worked with this PR firm in the past.  We believe we’re on a [unintelligible] it’s hard to tell voices for voice-overs but we’re fairly certain that the voice used, that Winner hired to do the voice-over, has worked with Axelrod’s firm over and over.  We’re not taling about a couple times here, but dozens and dozens of times, and in fact if we’re right, the voice is the same voice that stars in a number of official Barack Obama campaign ads as well. 

Humphries:  So basically, and I’m out of time here Rusty Shackleford from The Jawa Report, basically what you’ve uncovered is a phoney bologna, whisper, phoney campaign, that the Democrats in a paid ad tried to put around the country, and you were able to uncover, is that fair?

Shackleford:  That’s fair to say.

Humphries:  Rusty Shackleford, a guy, man, I don’t want to get on his bad side when it come to computer stuff.  The Jawa Report, one of the best blogs out there go check it out.  Rusty thanks for being on the Rusty Humphries Show.


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Years From Now, Students of Counterpropaganda Will Be Studying This

Civilian irregular information operators strike again.
Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated “Grassroots” Smear Campaigns & the People that Run Them
Did Obama Fund Web-based Smear Campaign Targeting Palin?
Bloggers sniff out anti-Palin astroturf campaign– and the cover up begins
The Jawa Report on the Biggest Winner Loser in the Blogosphere
“eswinner’s” YouTube Account Officially Closed 15 Minutes Ago;
No Defamation Without Representation!

This has the potential to eclipse the scalp of Dan Rather on the lodgepole of the anti-left blogosphere.
Blog War Veterans For The Truth to the rescue!

UPDATE: “Viral attacks are where it’s at in 2008.” — Kossack Geekesque, via Clobbergirl, by way of Ace. Internet Political warfare/IO/PSYOP/propaganda/counterpropaganda breaking so fast and furious it’ll take days to read all the bloggage on this. The Anti-Left blogosphere is studying the enemy’s tactics, adopting some and improving upon them. Wish Anti-Left Talk Radio would chime in.


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