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Jack and Linda

Jack Murtha, ex-Marine ‘rat politician, and Linda S. Heard, Brit expat Arabist Jihadi mouthpiece, having abandoned the Tet template for Iraq, are now collaborating on a remake of My Lai, with the objective of demonizing the United States Marine Corps, horrifying the American people, inciting the Muslims to riot, and forcing premature withdrawal from Iraq.

According to Joint Publication 3-13, psychological operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign governments, organizations, groups and individuals. The purpose of psychological operations is to induce or reinforce foreign attitudes and behavior favorable to the originator’s objectives.

To Linda Heard, a subject of the Queen, Americans are a foreign target audience.  I had never heard of Heard until this post on FR, where she refers to the US military as “more like Barbarian hordes than a well-trained army.”  Turns out she has made a career as a pro-Palestinian polemicist and Jihadi apologist, churning out execrable dreck for English-language Middle East outlets like al Jazeera.  Being noticed on FR likely got her more attention than she’s used to, and now she’s whining how shameful it all is.

Murtha aids and abets this enemy information operator.  The Mohammed Cartoon Riots have petered out.  The Haditha Riots are being fomented now.

At this point, I don’t know much about what happened at Haditha.  The people who really know aren’t talking, and the people doing the most talking are preparing the IO battlespace for My Lai Redux.  Some of what the talkers say may be true but I’ll need corroboration before I believe it.  I’m not taking Jack and Linda’s word for it. 

RULE 303 is a defense I hope not to see attempted at any courts martial arising out of Haditha.

Cori Dauber has Linda pegged in So, Haditha:

The propagandists will say, “we always told you the Americans were really heartless killers, and now you have your proof.”

And we will say, “that was one small group under bad leaders, and two incidents thirty years apart.”

And they will say, “it could happen again at any moment because Haditha was when their true nature was revealed.” (If we’re lucky. If we aren’t they’ll just gin up more examples.)


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A War To Be Proud Of, Warts And All

Victor Davis Hanson:

And here at home? There are few Ernie Pyles in Iraq to record the heroism of our soldiers; no John Fords to film their valor — but legions to write ad nauseam of Abu Ghraib, and to make up stories of flushed Korans and Americans terrorizing Iraqi women and children.

The Haditha courts-martial is out in the Gulf, gathering strength.  It has the potential to be an order of magnitude worse than Abu Ghraib.  It will make land fall in about two weeks, and it will be a Category 5 shitstorm.

IF atrocities have been committed, they are indefensible, but I don’t see how we can remain silent while the usual suspects use Haditha to break the will of the people and force an ignominious and disastrous premature withdrawal.  We can not sit on our hands while the other side slanders the entire Marine Corps and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  We cannot give the anti-war Left unopposed and unrebutted license to dominate the debate. 

Fill your sandbags, board your windows, bone up on the UCMJ and the Manual of Courts Martial, bookmark Good News From Iraq stories and prepare yourself to defend the honor of the Corps. 

Those people on the other side will attempt to convince the uninformed that whatever happened at Haditha was a common practice, that all our warfighters are war criminals who just haven’t been caught yet, that OIF itself was illegal, yada yada etc. etc.   Not much different from what they have being trying to sell all along, but this time they will have more buyers, especially when the pictures are published. 

We can’t defend the indefensible, but we can patiently explain, over and over again, even to the willfully obtuse, that Operation Iraqi Freedom is a noble endeavor, that our Marines and soldiers are honorable warriors who do not tolerate dishonorable acts from within their own ranks, and that the evil done by the few does not negate the accomplishments of the proud.


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Memorial Day 3-Day Weekend vs Nuremberg Rallies

Just finished reading Confront your shame, and honor the heroes over at Tigerhawk. (h/t: Iowahawk Eric @ Grim’s Hall) and it got me to thinking, “Why, in a country at war, is Memorial Day not a bigger deal?”  Then I answered my own question.  Hop over to  read Tigerhawk, and come back so what I am about to say makes sense. 

What should we be doing on Memorial Day?   Here’s a radical idea:  we should go to work Monday morning just like it was a regular Monday, and get off at lunch time for the afternoon to participate in commemoration ceremonies.  If you don’t have a ceremony to attend, stay at work. 

What kind of ceremonies?  Depends on the community.  I know what I’d like to attend, and later on I’ll tell you why such events meet with such resistance.

Imagine you and your kids have the afternoon off, with the expection of your employer and their school that you’re going to be attending The Ceremony.  You all drive down to the biggest football stadium in your town.  Traffic control on the public street provided by the Police Reserve, Sheriff’s Posse, and Law Enforcement Explorers.  Traffic control in the parking area provided by Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, Civil Air Patrol, and State Guard/Defense Force.  As you and the kids walk from the car to the stadium, you run a gauntlet of military vehicles and artillery pieces on static display, both current issue and antique, cleaned up, with signs describing what they are and what they do, and a real National Guardsman or living historian in the appropriate uniform on hand to answer questions.  Near the entrance, a platoon of blue-belly Yankees are drilling.  In the tunnel  are  posters with  the names of every soldier from your town to die in a war, and which war.

The event would start with the National Anthem of course, and a huge flag being raised, and patriotic songs, recruits taking the oath of enlistment, fly overs of classic warbirds or whatever the Air Guard, Air Force, Navy or Marines could put up, marching bands, drill teams,  speechifying by the oldest veteran in town who can still speak coherently, and a special reviewing stand for the Gold Star mothers.

It would end with cannons firing a 21-gun salute, followed by a real bugler with a real bugle playing Taps.

Events such as this would stir hearts.  Events such as this would reinforce resolve.  Events such as this would be bitterly excoriated as Bushitler propaganda. 

I’ve been to Nuernberg.   I’ve been to Zeppelin Field.  2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment called it Soldier’s Field.  The Nazi eagle was blasted off in 1945.  It is because of what happened there that Americans have to go fishing all weekend instead of remembering the sacrifices that have been made for them and contemplating whether they are worthy of such.

See also Go and Find a Soldier’s Grave (H/t: Greyhawk)

Meaning Of Memorial Day from chcknhawk at No End But Victory.

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Hutch Has Their Number

Massive Misreporting in the Media Ignored

@ The memos from Saddam’s regime.

@ Guantanamo Bay and the detainees.

@ The American efforts in the Horn of Africa.

@ The intelligence efforts that have meant no large-scale attacks have hit the United States since September 11, 2001.

@ Contributions of various allies to the war on terror.

@ Al Qaeda’s media-based strategy.

@ The true level of progress in Iraq

@ Afghanistan.

This is no coincidence.  This is why we blog.

Media Prolonging War – Causing Casualties by Scott Kirwin at Dean’s World.

The terrorist goal of winning through the media has worked

Cracked Bells

Is the honorable patriotism of Edward R. Murrow truly dead in American journalism?

Which side is the national media on?

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Bing West writing for Slate

U.S. and Iraqi Soldiers on Patrol

In Fallujah, Resistance Is Futile

“IED Dead Ahead!”

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Cry Havoc

Marie Brenner, a writer-at-large for Vanity Fair magazine whose reporting career began against the backdrop of the Watergate era, said Saturday that war is being waged against this nation’s press and journalists must stand together to turn back assaults on their freedoms.

 Schadenfreude ist gut, kameraden. 

“The atmosphere against the press right now is as onerous as I can ever remember it,” Brenner said after her speech.

At the same time, she said, newspapers are facing declining readership, and all members of the mainstream media are seeing their credibility attacked on Web logs, or “blogs.”

“This many-headed ombudsman” can serve a useful purpose by acting as a rapid-response fact-check team and demanding accountability from the press, Brenner said. But bloggers often put forth the news with a partisan slant, she said, and “more and more Americans now receive their news through these partisan channels.”

My heart pumps piss, Marie.

At my signal, unleash Hell.

hotel tango: RayChuang88

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The Milblogger Manifesto

Deep thoughts, from Steve Schippert @ MILBLOGS:

The American Political War on Terror

Something has happened to this country that my grandfathers would scarcely recognize and certainly struggle to fathom. That this requires discussion disgusts me daily.

While it can be traced back to before the 60’s (though blossoming then), what really happened was the galvanization of self-loathing using Vietnam as a social catalyst. But the face of this nation changed most significantly when the election of the greatest true conservative leader on a chilly 1980 November evening forced a barely contained media into open rooting for a specific political party. The degeneration of policy discussion and political leadership since has been palpable, fueled by the successes of anti-military media coverage developed during the Vietnam era and skillfully maintained and nearly perfected since then.

And such is the nature of the degeneration of American politics. That this repulsive decay also consumes the very defense of the world’s one true beacon of freedom causes true physical discomfort. For we do not own that freedom but are tasked with her defense and care by default.

That we must defend her from ourselves is heartbreaking. That we dare not pause to rest lest we lose her from within is enraging.

And so it is with this ever-present disgust that I read Restarting the Clock of History from Wretchard at Belmont Club, as he paints the portrait of our own mindless internal struggle while the wolves circle, darting between trees and shadows, laughing as we argue amongst ourselves in self-defeat over whether the wolves’ teeth or our own defense against them are the greater threat.

The West was supposed to die; slowly and comfortably but ineluctably. And we were supposed to buy off the Islamists until we could finish the job ourselves. Bush declaring his intention to fight for the survival of the West was just as logical as Chomsky’s pilgrimage to Hezbollah and just as infuriating to his enemies.Until September 11 it was possible for the more “enlightened” segments of society to regard patriotism, religion and similar sentiments with the kind of amused tolerance that one might reserve for simpletons. Nothing that a little institutionalization and spare change couldn’t straighten out. The problem for the Democratic Party is that the Great Polite Silence is over. People like Chomsky and President Bush have stopped being hypothetical and become all too real. Bring it on.

United we stood. At least for a few days, as the union was fleeting and superficial. The union was little more than an uncharacteristic measure of quiet among those who merely waited patiently to finally cry out “Not in our name!”

Why is the defense of this nation a political issue at all? There are those who will argue that it is the manner in which we defend ourselves that is at issue.

That, my friends, is a convoluted disingenuous sheen of reason upon the unreasonable.

A former Attorney General currently vociferously defends a mass murdering dictator deposed by our own forces. An icon of the self-loathing anti-American academic Left, Noam Chomsky, embraces Hizballah, the chief beneficiary of Iran’s terror export, and condemns the War on Terror as bigotry wrapped in fiction. A former Vice President travels to the home of fifteen 9/11 hijackers and professes that Arabs had been “indiscriminately rounded up” by America and its sitting president and held in “unforgivable” conditions.

These are not arguments of the manner in which to defend America. These are sycophantic rantings of whether to defend her. The flood of emotions in disbelieving reaction range from anger and rage to depression and grief.

We dare not rest as the most important front of the War on Terror and for the very survival of Western Civilization lies not upon the sands of distant shores, but in our own common discourse. The most important battlegrounds are around our dinner tables and in intelligent and persuasive common sense discussion among our peers, seeking the discomfort of battle and the very defense of defense rather than the comfort and unproductive endeavor of agreement among friends.

The line has been clearly drawn. Tire not. Engage.

This goes to the heart of why blogs are necessary.  It explains why the active duty Information Operations and Public Affairs people are hamstrung.  Half their political masters are Democrats. 

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There’s No Such Thing as Worthless Lies

Murtha could get people killed.

Read the whole thing.

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Gunner, SABOT, Ta – –

Tanks assigned to the Iraqi Army 9th Mechanized Division drive through a checkpoint near Forward Operating Base Camp Taji

As you were, Gunner.

There’s a tank in Glen’s front yard!

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Poser Police

A vulnerable and confused young man named Jesse MacBeth allowed himself to be used as a tool in  an anti-war video produced by an outfit called Peace Films, which was on their website yesterday.  As of 232000Z MAY, the video was still up on YouTube. It’s up on Hot Air. Watch a few minutes of it if you haven’t yet.  The powerhouse of the military arc of the blogosphere, Milblogs, was all over this yesterday, and demonstrated the power of subject matter experts with keyboards in debunking bogus bullshit before it could be picked up by the MSM and disseminated globally.

[Slightly off topic:  As I write this, I’m listening to Greyhawk and Smash on Right Talk internet radio. Makes it tough to concentrate.]

This was a psychological operation run by the anti-war people, (you know, Cindy Sheehan, Charlie Sheen, ANSWER, and now the Vietnam Iraq Veterans Against the War), which, had it not been debunked so quickly and decisively, would have been picked up by the NY Slimes and CNN and seen in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan.  People would have died over that.  17 people died in riots in Jalalabad last year over Newsweak’s Koran-down-the-toilet lie.  The rapid debunking of this propaganda saved lives.

This episode, in my mind, validates my whole concept of a Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group, a network of Fighting Keyboardists, active duty, retired, former military, and interested civilians blogging and linking and commenting and blogswarming the poser before he could get any traction.  This is how enemy psyops directed at domestic audiences can be countered.  Scanners find, pass it to SME’s, and the findings are cussed, discussed, fact checked, validated and disseminated within HOURS.  This kind of celerity, cooperation and coordination is distributed IO.  The DoD IO/PA apparatus can’t do this like we can.

Free Republic thread here.

UPDATE:  The Video was gone from YouTube when I checked at 240545Z.  This video has been removed by the user.

Don’t miss Uncle Jimbo’s El Debarge, the anti-Ranger- AAR

UPDATE: This guy is even dumber than you ever imagined. If that link doesn’t work it probably was pulled down.


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Assymetrical Intelligence Gathering

From Dr. Sanity via  MerlinOS2 @ The Strata-Sphere

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The Government of Iraq

American troops parade through liberated Rome

The actual role of the United States in resolving these security issues will be great. But as a matter of principle, the troubles are now an internal matter of a sovereign Iraqi government; and whether or not the problems are successfully resolved is ultimately a challenge that Iraqis will have to meet. They may fail or succeed, but it will increasingly no longer be America’s responsibility. Some will argue that it must needs remain America’s responsibility, because the US toppled Saddam. Yet at some point in the process, if the words “Iraqi Government” or “sovereignty” are not to remain wholly fictive, the circumstance of US responsibility must diminish and those of the Iraqis increase. Legally at least, that time has come. At some imperceptible point on a ridge a watershed is reached; and water begins to flow another way.    —  Wretchard, The Belmont Club

Much remains to be done, most of which will have to be done by the Iraqis.  We did our part, and did it fairly well, with only half our countrymen supporting the effort, and a very small fraction of us actually engaged.  How much faster could this victory have been achieved had we not been held back by so many objectively pro-Islamofascist obstructionists? 

Iraq’s government sworn in; U.S. edges to the exit

On the Fall of Rome

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The terrorist goal of winning through the media has worked

The main stream media are willing accomplices in conducting psychological operations against the American people to undermine support for the Counter-Jihad. Former Marine Sgt. J.D. Johannes at Daily Dispatch writes:

I have concluded, based both on my experience, and the reports of other newsmen, that an unconscionable amount of what we in the press have been feeding the American public regarding the war in Iraq is fashioned by the propaganda arms of our enemies.  Ba’athist kidnappers and Jihadi bombers are planning their operations not to win the war in Iraq, but to win it in America.  To that end, they are assessing what American reporters are willing to cover, and what American news organizations are willing to risk.

 Stated simply: Al Qaida is not even trying to win the war on the ground anymore.  It is attempting to win the war in the press.

The enemy and the enemy’s Fifth Columnists are winning the info war. 

IF we are to avoid another psychologically paralyzing loss of will like 1975, and it’s a big IF, the enemy’s supporters must be engaged, discredited, humiliated and silenced.  We the People, those of us not subject to military justice, not vulnerable to having our promotions stalled by vengeful politicians,  and not constrained by law from targeting domestic audiences, will have to perform the counter-PSYOP mission.

H/T: Mrs. Greyhawk


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Tet 2006 Didn’t Work, Time for My Lai Redux

I think there is some kind of law against threatening violence against members of Congress, so I will spare you my opinion of Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha.

I can’t say it better than Robin. 

Murtha is a government official who claims to know exactly what happened at Haditha, even though the investigation is ongoing.  The Marines are guilty, according to Colonel Murtha, USMCR (ret.).  The average American respects Marines.  Whose interests are served by changing that?

 The will of the American people to stay the course is the center of gravity in the Jihadi War.  Only by undermining that will can America be defeated.  The Great Iraqi Civil War wasn’t quite calamitous enough.  Time to gin up some atrocities.


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Low speed, high drag

Too old, too slow, too fat to hack the program.

The Crucible tested me and my knees and I was found wanting, and culled. 

Back to square one.

May as well blog some.

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Been There, Done That

Doing it again.. Might be awhile before I blog again.


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Cracked Bells

Vanderleun at AMERICAN DIGEST:

Out beyond the coastal media enclaves ravaged by the black plague of the spirit, normal Americans yearning to know about and hate the enemy that has killed thousands of them and plans to kill tens of thousands more still tune in in the hope of a shred of the truth, a fraction of a fact. Instead they are informed, from unnamed sources deep within the CIA, that their enemy is the President who has kept them safe for four years. They click away and don’t click back, and the soon to be made redundant reporters, newscasters and producers wonder why. After all, everything they have been spewing over the air and through the newspapers for years has been correct. Everybody they have lunch and dinner with, everyone that they cheat on their spouses with, everyone that they take “social drugs” with, everyone who has also been spewing the same stuff, says so. How can the people, the little people who don’t even have an account with a car service, be so stupid, be so wrong?

In the end, the old media is dying off because the only stories they know are “Vietnam” and “Watergate.” Everything they’ve said for nearly half a decade are just variations on those themes and we’ve become sick and tired on these old moldy tales; a sickness unto the death of the old media.

The old media can’t die soon enough to suit me.  There are many potholes for us to avoid on their road to extinction.  They ain’t dead yet.  Like a  rattlesnake, their jaws can still push venomous fangs into flesh by autonomous reflex while dying.

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Soldiers’ online journals come under increased scrutiny

Here is why we need milbloggers who aren’t subject to the UCMJ:

as the visibility and popularity of the blogs have increased, so, too, has the watchful eye of military officials. The Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force have all recently issued directives related to blogs, reminding soldiers and their commanders what information is unsuitable for posting.

In the last year, for example, the Army released specific blogging guidelines, requiring soldiers to register their online journals with commanders and establishing units to monitor Web sites for information that might violate Army policy.

The Pentagon itself has no official blogging policies, leaving the determination of what’s suitable and what’s not to commanders in the field. That increased scrutiny has troubled some soldiers, who have accused superiors of using operational security violations as a blanket excuse to mask disagreement with a blog’s politics or sense of humor. In any case, the new atmosphere has caused soldiers to think twice before they post.

Blogging from the combat zone is a major time management problem.  I’ve tried it.  I gave up.  You have to make time for it.  If you’re blogging from MWR you’re not spending your alloted half hour emailing your wife.  You have to have the mental energy to compose an entry.  That usually means you have been getting enough sleep.  Now add to all these impediments a chain of command hostile to your blog and you have major disincentives to bother with it.  My first name is not really Cannoneer.  There is a reason I post under a nom de plume.

Harrassment over OPSEC could shut active duty bloggers down.  If and when that happens, the retired, former, and never were military blloggers will have to pick up the slack.  The active duty bloggers will have to go underground, emailing their stuff to supporters who can post it on their blogs.  Milbloggers who are not subject to command pressure are the redundancy in the network.

Colby Buzzell is featured in the above link.  He got me blogging.

J. P. Borda is on this story.  In it, too.

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The lie’s been around the world 15 times by the time we even get our boots on.

Hugh Hewitt: Well, transformation has been a watch word of your tenure. But has the Pentagon’s focus on the information war that’s aimed at the American public undergone a similar transformation?

Donald Rumsfeld: Well, it has to. I can’t say that it has, but there’s no question. This is the first war that’s ever been conducted, in the 21st Century, in an era of these new media realities, where you have the internet and 24 hour talk radio and news and bloggers and video cameras and digital cameras and instant communications worldwide. And the enemy understands that they can’t win a battle out on the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan. The only place they can win a battle is in Washington, D.C. So they have media committees, and they get up in the morning and figure out how they’re going to manipulate the American media, and they do a very skillful job.

HH: Against that backdrop, that’s really what I wanted to focus on. Are the pressers like the sort you just concluded, ten minute interviews and an occasional Sunday show, sufficient for you and the military to get across not only the good news, but the bad news, the challenges, the strategy? Are you using last war techniques in the new war?

DR: To a certain extent, we are still using the old 20th century techniques. And we’re trying to figure them out and adjust them, and adapt them to the 21st Century. But it’s painfully slow. People get set in their ways, and it’s a difficult thing to do. We do provide, the Pentagon does, an enormous amount of information. There’s someone briefing at the Pentagon, somewhere in the world, every day. And there are people providing information to people in a variety of different ways: through our website, through the Pentagon channel, through radio and television and print media. But it is still basically, I would guess, 80% 20th Century, and maybe 20% 21st Century.

HH: You’ve got people like Col. Austin Bay down in Austin, Texas, you’ve got Mudville Gazette, a bunch of bloggers, you’ve got Specialist Claude Flowers down at Centcom. They’re all fighting the new media battle. Are any of those inside the E-ring, close to the control of actually the message machine?

DR: I don’t know how to answer that. First of all, the truth is, and it’s embarrassing to confess this, that I suppose I work about 13 hours a day. And I’ll bet you that 12 1/2, or 12 3/4 of those 13 hours a day, I spend doing things instead of thinking about how I communicate, and what the message ought to be, and fighting the enemy on their level, against their media committees, and their active efforts at disinformation. And I probably ought to spend, and we here in the Department, ought to spend more time thinking about those messages, and how we can counteract the lies, because they are enormously successful. They can put out a lie, and then we’re asked the question is that true. And we can know we think it’s not true, but we have to be honest, and we have to be accurate. So we then have to spend two or three days trying to find out what the truth is, before we can rebut the lie. Well, the lie’s been around the world 15 times by the time we even get our boots on.

HH: Right, quoting Twain. Specialist Flowers, for example, sent me your foreign relations speech, your Council on Foreign Relations speech from a few weeks ago, where you talk about this new media thing. And I want to press you on this, Mr. Secretary. Do any of the generals care? Or do they just view that as the press office will handle the American public’s information, and we’ve got an enemy to kill?

DR: Oh, I think it’s uneven. You know, when you’re coming up through your career, these folks are not necessarily trained extensively in communications. They’re trained in war fighting and specialities, which is understandable. Second, people who stick their head up in the media get bitten. They get hurt. And they say something that comes out a different way, or someone prints it a way that’s different than they actually said it. And then somebody says to them, well what in the world? Why’d you say that? And then they have to say well, I didn’t say that. They printed it wrong. And then you’re on the defense. And so people, you know, they become conditioned, and learn that it’s not necessarily career enhancing to stick your head up and be the one out in front on the spearpoint talking, because you’ve got a whole array of people who are just waiting to pop you every time you open your mouth.

SECDEF gets it. The will of the American people to prosecute the Jihadi War is under constant attack by a media-savvy enemy who tailors their kinetic operations to maximize negative coverage in the MSM. What he doesn’t come right out and say is that he and his people are very restricted in what they can do domestically. Targeting domestic audience for psychological operations is a no-no, thus hobbling DoD in the struggle over the will of the people. This is where the cyber Minutemen come in.  The milbloggers and the 101st Fighting Keyboardists are our last line of defense against enemy psychological warfare.

If you can write, start your own blog. If you can comment, comment. If you have money, hit the Paypal button (not here, I do this for free). Communicate. Spread the word. Help us win the war.

h/t: Instapundit

UPDATE: Greyhawk talks about the Global Reach of blogs.

Welcome Freepers. This blog needs comments. Please look around and see if you find anything you want to comment on.


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At Least One Part of DHS Ain’t No Joke

U.S. Coast Guard Port Securityman 1st Class Dennis Carney of Coastal Warfare Sector San Diego fires an M1 Garand Rifle during the prone 300-yard rapid-fire stage of the 2006 Fleet Forces Command (Pacific) Rifle and Pistol Championships.

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