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Anonymous Planning Media War in Support of Manning

Anonymous Planning Media War in Support of Manning.

“The Internet is a weapon. It’s already weaponized, and those of us who know how to use this weapon have the advantage. I know who else was involved in turning [Manning] in. I’m not sure what to do on that yet, but we’re speaking among ourselves abut [sic] that,” self-styled Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown told Steve Ragan of The Tech Herald.

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Journalist, Hacker, Spy, Racketeer (via ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY)

Assange and the Wikileakers are not good guys. That so many ever thought they were demonstrates WL’s PSYOP expertise, and a whole lot of target audience gullibility.

Journalist, Hacker, Spy, Racketeer What if Wikileaks, from the start, had announced itself as an anonymous group of hackers whose work aimed at producing an open access archive of leaked, stolen, and otherwise illegally obtained and illegally reproduced documents? Chances are that in a conflict with the U.S. or any other government, Wikileaks' activists would have found themselves in a "catch me if you can" game. Instead Wikileaks has, from the start, identified a range of descrip … Read More


Somebody Should Have Taken Down Wikileaks 3 Years Ago

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Search Engine PSYOP

Not all Civilian Irregular Information Operators are Good Guys.

REVEALED: Daily Kos’ AstroTurf Program to Manipulate Google and Trash GOP Candidates

KosKids trying to persuade, change and influence voters using deception and psychological operations in political warfare.


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Cynthia McKinney, Blockade Runner

I was all set to blog on this, but Burkhart beat me to it.

I get some Atlanta stations and know what a flake she is.  Having failed at blockade running, perhaps she’ll take up filibustering next.

UPDATE 200812311456: “We see all these ships as pure propaganda, they have journalists on them and all kinds of other people who are coming basically to provoke.” — Israeli Embassy in Washington spokesman Jonathan Peled

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“We Love Our Dear Leader”

Heard this on the radio a coupla hours ago: Sing for Change Obama. It’s a HopeChange GroupThink Mindthoughts Song.
Painful to listen to, and gut-wrenching in its implications. Incredibly creepy. Compare and contrast with North Korean Children Singing to Dear Leader.

Children Sing Praises To Dear Leader Obama
The Indoctrination of Children Begins
The new brownshirts *UPDATED*
The Obama Children’s Chorus
Future Members of the Mainstream Media


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IO Doctrine for Dummies

FM 3-0 :

7. Dealing with information is hard. The bad people don’t play by the rules and they lie… a lot. One screw-up on our part and all the not so bad people get all upset because the bad people make a big deal about it. We need to spend a lot of time telling the not so bad people why we are different than the really bad people. Usually they don’t get it. Meanwhile the media people are busy trying to uncover the giant government conspiracy that we are supposed to be running. Also every hacker and pedophile out there is trying to screw up our computers and radios. This makes it really hard. Meanwhile the Air Force and Navy are wondering what’s wrong, since it’s not so hard for them. Once in a while, somebody on our side figures out what we should be doing. This is called Knowledge Management.

Got it? 

Humor is one of our strengths.

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Who the hell is Glenn Greenwald?

The counterpropaganda technique of silence is overused, but does have one advantage:  silence does not call attention to the propaganda.

Made the mistake of looking at Instapundit, which took me to Patterico, which took me to to the moonbat in question, whose keyboard diarrhea wasted my time and whose commenters waste everybody else’s oxygen.  The port side of the blogosphere is now in bad need of Immodium.  I should never have come to the computer.  What little light has been shed by all this heat was not worth the sleep lost. 

Hard to know which moonbats to take seriously.  COL Boylan took him seriously enough to respond to him, if that was COL Boylan.

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He’s so ronery

Kim Jong Il: Now you see, the changing of the worrd is inevitabre!
Lisa: I’m sorry, it’s what?
Kim Jong Il: Inevit, inevitabre.
Lisa: One more time.
Kim Jong Il: [shouts] Inevitebre! Jesus Christ, open your fucking ears!

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DailyKos in a Bubble

Most liberal bloggers and readers live within their own bubble, horrendously brainwashed and unable to see any other point of view. This is naturally due to the types of personalities who go to these websites, rabidly partisan people.

When I first saw this story I thought: “here is a perfect example of an enemy psychological operator in action.”  Then I went to her blog.  Her variety of moonbattery didn’t strike me as anything special for a KOSkid.  They’re pretty much all like that. 

How much of a threat do they pose?

Assuming they do pose a threat, how should they be dealt with?

I don’t know how to gauge the threat level on this.  It’s easy to dismiss the entire left side of the blogosphere as unworthy of serious consideration and too nutty to worry about, but I don’t think that’s prudent.  Too many first tier Democrats blogging on these moonbat sites to ignore.  I’m thinking these netroots people collectively do for the Democrats what Mikhail Suslov did for the Soviets or Alfred Rosenberg did for the Nazis. Party ideologues can get people killed. Even if they are moonbats. Especially if they’re moonbats.

As for how they should be dealt with, I’m open to suggestions.  I don’t think the government should do it.  Whatever W.’s .gov can do to them Hillary’s can do to me.

Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain

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