About the Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot Last May

Tapes Released Of Border Shoot-Out

Pinal County Arizona could use some help, but much of the “help” volunteering are more trouble than they’re worth, like the fat Nazis in ACU’s blundering about the desert last weekend. Truly helpful help cannot involve Pinal County or the State of Arizona in any lawsuits.

What they really need won’t be publicized. Low-profile, unobtrusive, plausibly deniable Listening Posts/Observation Posts on private property with night vision devices and effective communications. Who pays for the gear? Either the volunteer out of his own pocket or the land owner, perhaps with financial contributions from concerned citizens or the Arizona Stock Growers Association. Armed or unarmed in accordance with the land owner’s wishes. If armed, armed for personal defense only with weapons commonly in use among the legally armed citizens of Arizona. Observe and report. Exfil at BMNT. Leave no trash. TAKE NO CREDIT. Let the land owner and/or the Sheriff take the credit for any successes. That will get the volunteers invited back and appreciated for what they accomplish.


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