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Where is the strategic communication plan?

2011-05-04 09:04:17
This group would screw-up a wet dream (pun intended).

Where is the strategic communication plan?

No picture, no thorough read-through before the presser. This from the most brilliant man to ever hold the office, who assembled the most brilliant team of adults -that would reset our relationship with the world.

By the end of this week, bin Laden will be on the grassy knoll with Adolf, Elvis, and Michael Jackson in a UFO built by the Koch Bros financed by money from the Templars en route to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations after first stopping at the Cremation of Care ceremony run by the Bohemian Grove and doing the bidding of the Illuminati and Howard Hughes’ love child GWB.

I have the utmost respect for Naval Special Warfare and the personal integrity of their operators. If one of them tells me they got bin Laden, I’ll take his word for it. From most others, doveryai, no proveryai (Доверяй, но проверяй).


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Support The Jester

Support «.

Many people have expressed and continue to express their wish to donate financially to me. This is something I have had to think long and hard about. While I would never demand or ask for cash, I recognize the need for people who support my actions wishing to show this by donating. So in order to satisfy this requirement,  I have come up with the following:

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Patriot Hacker The Jester’s Libyan Psyops Campaign

It appears as if the patriot hacker known as The Jester (th3j35t3r) may have embarked on his own psyops campaign aimed at breaking the spirit of the troops loyal to Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

Having conducted several interviews with the hacktivist, and spent dozens of hours in IM chats, I would venture to say that his motivation probably stems from his patriotism and oft expressed concern for the lives of European and American military personnel who may be in put harm’s way if the conflict in Libya persists.

Based on the contents of the planted articles, it seems the operation is intended to simply erode the morale of the Gaddafi loyalists and inspire some to either desert their posts or defect and join the opposition.

th3j35st3r is the proof of concept of the Civilian Irregular Information Operator.


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The Jawa Report: Screw the Media: Honoring American Soldiers While the Media is Busy Covering Charlie Sheen

The Jawa Report: Screw the Media: Honoring American Soldiers While the Media is Busy Covering Charlie Sheen.

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Who is th3j35t3r? (via T3h H3r0d07u5 R3p0r7)

Who is th3j35t3r? Report #THR20101217A Release Date: 12.17.2010 Executive Summary The hacktivist who goes by the handle "th3j35t3r" has been carrying out denial of service (DoS) attacks against suspected jihadist websites since he showed up on the hacktavism scene on January 1, 2010. He uses a DoS tool called XerXes that he claims to be the sole author of. He also claims to be "an ex-soldier with a rather famous unit" and to have served two tours of duty as an air … Read More

via T3h H3r0d07u5 R3p0r7

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Century Old Bullet Launchers & Half-Century Old Trigger Pullers

This ‘toon sings to an old fart that hit the half-century mark while deployed to his first war and talked his mama into buying him a Mk IV Series 70 back in 1973 ‘cuz he wasn’t old enough to buy it himself.

Galco CCP™ (Concealed Carry Paddle™)

Galco Holsters for Heroes™ program


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Reading Assignment

Excerpt of particular interest:

On a cold winter night in late February 2005, two bearded SF soldiers quietly packed several days worth of supplies on three donkeys. They set out under the cover of darkness from a small special forces A-camp in the remote mountainous border region of eastern Afghanistan, near the Taliban controlled Pakistani border town of Lwara. They spent the next four days, accompanied by four indigenous members of the irregular Afghan Security Force (ASF), walking across snow covered mountains in order to make contact with tribal leaders in Afghanistan’s isolated and historically enemy-controlled Gayan Valley.92

The SF detachment at A-Camp Tillman had been experimenting for several months with employing small four-to-six man “recce teams” to hunt Taliban insurgents moving freely through the mountains on their way to conduct attacks throughout Paktika Province. The recce teams consisted of a two-man SF sniper/observer element and two-to-four locally hired and specially selected (ASF) scouts to serve as guides and provide security. In February, these operations began to meet with success. The small teams, often employing pack animals, moved long distances through the mountains discretely, established hide sites along suspected infiltration routes, and achieved tactical surprise on Taliban patrols. Over the next six months, these small teams increasingly inflicted losses on squad and platoon-size Taliban elements. They effectively employed a combination of stealth, sniper engagements and artillery fire from the 105mm howitzers at the A-Camp to achieve relative superiority over numerically superior enemy forces, without endangering the population in the villages.93

The Taliban defeats were physical, but more importantly psychological. The insurgents had become very comfortable with being able to move freely through this difficult terrain to conduct rocket and mortar attacks on coalition bases and set up ambushes on coalition patrols that were largely tied to their vehicles along the narrow mountain trails and streams that sufficed as the Afghan equivalent of roads. The sudden and unexpected surprise of sniper and artillery fire shattered the confidence of the Taliban who could not visually detect the recce teams, anticipate the contact or effectively respond to the tactics. Each contact concluded with the insurgents retreating back across the Pakistani border after taking initial casualties. Radio intercepts clearly revealed their frustrations. The insurgent physical casualties resulting from these operations, though often minimal in nature, had a profound psychological impact. The insurgents were now unsure in an environment they previously felt confident in and reconsidered their movements along infiltration routes they once traveled with impunity. By late spring, insurgents largely abandoned border penetrations in the Lwara area and instead focused on long-range rocket attacks from the relative safety of Pakistani territory.94

Unfortunately, the acceptability of these highly successful small-team tactics largely came to an end following the loss of a four-man SEAL reconnaissance team in Operation Red Wings in June 2005.95 The operational environment became more restrictive in the months that followed and the appetite for the risk associated with these tactics rapidly evaporated. In the Lwara area, this would eventually result in the resumption of large-scale enemy penetrations and attacks in the fall of 2005.

Several days before their journey into Gayan, Sergeant First Class Christopher Roach and Sergeant First Class Victor Cervantes had approached their commander with an interesting idea.  After the first couple of daylight returns from their “recce patrols” they had abandoned theirposture of stealth and overtly approached a couple of small mountain villages. 96 The villagers first assumed that the small party of bearded men descending from the mountains in a motley mix of camouflage and afghan garb was Taliban. The Afghans cautiously came out to greet the party as it entered the small village, but somewhat shocked when the “Taliban” (the ASF scouts) introduced them to the Americans accompanying them. What followed surprised the two green berets. The tribe welcomed them into the village with a level of hospitality they had yet to witness in Afghanistan. In their first two of months in the Lwara area, their contact with villagers had normally come as they stepped from a Humvee bristling with machine guns. Now they were initially mistaken for a Taliban patrol. Moreover, even after their foreign identity was known, they were still treated noticeably different by the Pashtun tribesmen because of the way they looked and familiar Afghan manner they had approached the village. Their appearance and actions, especially the way they entered the village walking down out of the mountains leading donkey, reflected a warrior image that the Afghans identified with and embraced. After the second incident like this, they developed a theory that they could walk over a mountain range and enter the last “bad guy” valley in the district and potentially receive the same instant rapport.97

The Gayan Valley was a narrow opening between two mountain ranges that converged again at the upper end in the north. A single stream emptied out of the lower end of the valley in the south and served as the only vehicle route in and out. The rock canyon walls of the stream were thirty feet high in areas and were so narrow in some places that the mirrors on a humvee had to be folded in to squeeze through. This canyon essentially served as gate to the valley. It was
virtually impossible to fight into the valley on the ground if the local tribe chose to resist. Several gunfights with coalition forces had taken place near this southern gate between 2002-2004.98 This resulted in a few special operations helicopter raids near the southern end of the valley that further soured the valley’s reputation with the coalition, and the coalition’s reputation with the
valley. Nevertheless, it was unclear whether the tribe in Gayan had real ideological links to the Taliban or simply preferred their isolation and made that point by occasionally shooting at coalition members passing by the southern opening.99

SFC Roach and SFC Cervantes planned their mission for several days. They would cross a 10,000 ft. high snow covered mountain range and approach the valley from the north. They would observe the valley for a couple days from the mountains to ensure no large insurgent elements were present, and would then decide whether or not to approach. Once initial contact was made they had a three-fold agenda; build rapport, conduct an assessment of the tribal leadership’s political sentiments, and attempt to secure an agreement from the tribe to accept a medical civic action program (MEDCAP) visit. If successful, the MEDCAP would set the environment for eventually negotiating a mutual security pact with the tribe. The long-range goals of the SF team included a future safe-house and clinic in Gayan along with a 40-man security force to protect the valley.  However this mission would be a success even if it only opened a line of communication with the tribe in Gayan.100

During this reconnaissance and assessment, the small six-man party would be outside the range of the camp’s artillery To mitigate this short-coming in protective firepower, a Marine Corps Embedded Training Team (ETT) assisted by positioning an Afghan National Army reaction force approximately 20 kilometers from Gayan under the guise of a traffic control point along the main east-west route through Paktika province. Nevertheless, it was an inherently risky operation, even more so given the valley’s history and the A-Camp’s inability to range the valley with artillery fire. Nevertheless, the theory the two SF sergeants presented was strong, their argument compelling and the potential payoff worth the risk. 101

After two days of walking and two more watching the valley from a rocky peak, two bearded Americans, four Afghan scouts, three donkeys, and a dog walked down out of the snowcovered mountains and into the Gayan valley. The result exceeded expectations. As the two SF sergeants predicted, the appearance of the patrol both amazed and bemused the tribe, especially when the ASF scouts introduced them to the two Americans. They walked into the village like members of the tribe returning from one of their own patrols.  One of the tribal elders was so impressed by the event, that before dinner that evening, for the first time in years, he put on his old police uniform from the pre-Taliban era. After a couple of dinners and meetings over chai, the tribal elders agreed to the proposals in full.  Two weeks later the MEDCAP drew over 2,000 patients, the team hired a 40-man tribal security force, rented a safe-house and established a permanent presence in the valley.   Over the coming months based on the success of this operation, CJSOTF-A decided to relocate an SF detachment from Orgun, Afghanistan, to occupy the new safe-house, assume control of the security force, and begin the construction of a firebase.  Without a firing a shot, two SF sergeants had pacified the Gayan valley and changed the dynamics in the one of the most dangerous districts in Afghanistan.102

The Quiet Professionals have been way too quiet about adventures like this. Anyway, MAJ Litchfield’s whole monograph is worthy of your attention.

What Happened to the Afghan Security Forces?


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Two kids with a video camera and some cheesy clothes have done what all the talk show hosts haven’t been able to do over the last year

Found in a comment at TAH:

  • 8 Dave Thul Says:
    September 15th, 2009 at 10:07 pm Whatever else comes of this, you have to admire the two people behind the camera. The film maker said on Beck that they had spent about 1300 bucks on the whole thing.Imagine that. Two kids with a video camera and some cheesy clothes have done what all the talk show hosts haven’t been able to do over the last year-take a bite out of ACORN. The census bureau cut ties, and the Senate voted to cut all federal funding. Whether or not the House goes along with it, it was inconceivable two weeks ago that ACORN would be on the outs with Congress.
  • Good work to those two.

    James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles are the Civilian Irregular Information Operators /Strategic Citizens I’ve been waiting for.

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    One Hell of a Guy


    1SG Joe Crisostomo, 59 years old, grandfather of seven, Bronze Star, Vietnam, Desert Storm, retired in ’93, came back.

    Army 1st Sgt. Jose S.N. Crisostomo, 59, of Inarajan, Guam, died Aug. 18 in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned to International Security Assistance Force Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan.

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    The Outlaw Sarah Palin

    Hell is coming to breakfast.

    Hound her, senator? A woman like Palin lives by the feud. Because of what you and your lackies in the media have said about her children over the last year, I’ve got to destroy that woman.

    Well, she’ll have to run for it now … and hell is where she’s headed.

    She’ll be waiting there for us, senator…


    If this dialog sounds unfamilar to you, you are not part of my intended target audience for this post.

    Where’s she going?

    She knows she can do the best for us on the back of a horse.

    She’s a guerrilla fighter.
    She figures she can carry the fight to the enemy.

    She’s going down into the Lower 48
    to kill Obama

    …and as many of the Marxists as she can.

    How will she do that and come back here?

    She won’t come back.

    But she might.

    You’re all alone now, Palin.

    Not quite alone.


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    Face it: This present generation of leaders at home would never have made it to Normandy Beach

    d-dayWe Americans collectively are unworthy of the sacrifices made for us before we were born.  Victor Davis Hanson knew this 5 years ago.

    Our Real Dilemma. We do have a grave problem in this country, but it is not the plan for Iraq, the neoconservatives, or targeting Saddam. Face it: This present generation of leaders at home would never have made it to Normandy Beach. They would instead have called off the advance to hold hearings on Pearl Harbor, cast around blame for the Japanese internment, sued over the light armor and guns of Sherman tanks, apologized for bombing German civilians, and recalled General Eisenhower to Washington to explain the rough treatment of Axis prisoners.

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    Camerone 1863

    How do you convince drunks, thieves, brawlers, romantics and escapists from failed love affairs, failed businesses and failed revolutions who may not speak your language to fight for your country to the death?


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    We did love our guns.

    Havis's Battery by Stan Strickland
    Havis’s Battery by Stan Strickland

    “We were ordered down to Greensboro, N. C. Soon after getting there, rumors that Gen. Johnston was going to surrender and consternation filled our hearts. We were surrendered on the 26th of April 1865 in Greensboro, N. C. Our Capt. one morning, I think it was the 27th of April, had the bugle to blow the assembly call as if we were to march. The cannoneers of each gun fell in just in front of the horses and the roll was called as usual. Then the Capt. stepped in front and read the order of surrender. Then he address(ed) us about like this “Men, at the sound of the bugle, I will give the usual order ‘By piece from the right forward march’ but first ‘Cannoneers to your post march’ you cannoneers will take your positions at your guns and at the command of march you will get to the wheels and as usual help the horses to start and then stand to your position and let the guns go on to town.” The command to your post march and we boys marched to our posts the last time. The command “By piece from the right forward march”. I saw the 1st piece go and the cannoneers stand in their places. It looked terrible. The 2nd piece went, then the 3rd piece, then the 4th, my gun. We pushed and away the gun went and we stood in our places. That was the first time in three years that our gun had gone and I was not to go with it and as I watched that gun roll away I felt a loneliness and grief down in my heart and the tears streamed from my eyes. I was sad and sorrowed as if I had lost a loved one. We did love our guns. They had been our companions for three years and we would have died in their defense. ‘ Twas a sad day in our camp that day.”William Ralston Talley, Pvt, Co. A, 14th Battn Ga. L. Arty

    The Orphan, 3-inch Parrott

    The Orphan, 3-inch Parrott

    Rainmaker, 10-Pdr Parrott

    Rainmaker, 10-Pdr Parrott

    Old Thunder, 12-Pdr Napoleon

    Old Thunder, 12-pdr Napoleon

    The gun is the rallying point of the detachment, its point of honor, its flag, its banner. It is that to which the men look, by which they stand, with and for which they fight, by and for which they fall. As long as the gun is theirs, they are unconquered, victorious; when the gun is lost, all is lost. It is their religion to fight it until the enemy is out of range, or until the gun itself is withdrawn, or until both it and the detachment are in the hands of the foe. An infantryman in flight often flings away his musket. I do not recall ever having heard of a Confederate artillery detachment abandoning its gun without orders. 
    Robert Stiles Major of Artillery in the Army of Northern Virginia

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    You may take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed


    After four years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.

    I need not tell the survivors of so many hard-fought battles who have remained steadfast to the last that I have consented to this result from no distrust of them; but feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that would have attended the continuance of the contest, I determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen. By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged.

    You may take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed, and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend to you his blessing and protection.

    With an unceasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration of myself, I bid you all an affectionate farewell.

    General Robert E. Lee

    Who whipped whom?

    As the Confederates were taking leave of Appomattox, and about to begin their long and dreary tramp homeward, many of the Union men bade them cordial farewell. One of Grant’s men said good-naturedly to one of Lee’s veterans:
    “Well, Johnny, I guess you fellows will go home now to stay.”
    The tired and tried Confederate, who did not clearly understand the spirit in which these playful words were spoken, and who was not at the moment in the best mood for badinage, replied:
    “Look here, Yank; you guess, do you, that we fellows are going home to stay? Maybe we are. But don’t be giving us any of your impudence. If you do, we’ll come back and lick you again.” — Maj. Gen. John B. Gordon, CS


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    Last Survivors of the Tundra Army

    Not that many of us down here in the Lower 48 know all that much about the ATG
    That’s too bad, because back in the day, after Pearl Harbor, when the Japs seized the Aleutian Islands of Attu and Kiska, the Alaska Territorial Guard was for many months the only force available to   protect the only source of the strategic metal platinum in the Western Hemisphere against Japanese attack and to secure the land around the vital Lend-Lease air route between the United States and Russia.

    “Muktuk” Marston was something of an unsung American T. E. Lawrence.  He deserves to be more widely known among American students of Irregular Warfare.  The indigenous irregulars he raised and led are leaving us, along with the rest of the Greatest Generation, but the Last Survivors of the Tundra Army face one final test.

    The Alaska Territorial Guard: A Debt of Honor Unpaid
    That eminent Former Regime Loyalist the erstwhile Warlord of Castle Argghhh! points out that Since the failure is in the wording of the legislation and the Army’s initial read of it, the solution is legislative as well.

    The Tundra Army: Patriots of Arctic Alaska

    Muktuk Marston’s VJ Day Speech in Nome

    Army Revokes Pay Raise for World War II ‘Eskimo Scouts’

    Army plans payment to Territorial Guard veterans

    The Secretary of the Army has authorized emergency funds for 26 surviving members of a World War II Alaska militia unit whose retirement pay was being reduced because of a legal technicality, Alaska’s congressional delegation said today.

    Army Secretary Pete Geren will dip into an emergency fund to cover the pay for the 26 former members of the largely Native guard, according to the delegation. The one-time emergency payment will equal two months’ pay while Congress works on legislation to fix the law to allow the service in the unit to counts as active duty for calculating retirement pay.


    UPDATE: Despicable: Barack Obama Orders Pensions Cut Off To WWII Veterans

    This situation is incredibly disturbing. All indications are these brave WWII veterans served Alaska and the nation with honor. To purposely cut these aged men off, in the twilight of their lives, goes against everything America stands for. In fact, as this cuts off not only a substantial part of their paycheck, but other benefits, such as medical, one might even say this is sort of a death panel, especially knowing that winter is coming, and heating fuel is quite expensive in Alaska.

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    An Integral Part of OEF


    Our Nation is at war, and JTF-Guantanamo serves as an integral component of OPERATION
    Enduring Freedom. We are the model organization for safe and humane enemy combatant detention operations, and for the collection and dissemination of strategic intelligence supporting the Global War on Terror. We operate under the watchful gaze of the Nation and the world. We are a strategic asset operated by a highly trained and patriotic team of military and civilian professionals, dedicated to supporting our Nation’s interests in the Global War on Terror.

    You have done a hard job well. Your new political masters’ “reward” for devotion to duty will be much less than you deserve.

    Guantanamo Bay was chosen as a detention facility and site for trials because of its unique legal standing. The 45-square-mile U.S. naval base was liberated by U.S. Marines during the Spanish-American War in 1898. The indefinite 1903 lease for Guantanamo Bay grants the U.S. power to exercise complete jurisdiction and control over the base while leaving ultimate sovereignty with Cuba.  These distinct parameters were the basis for the U.S. Government’s early assertion that detainees had no access to U.S. courts and, therefore, could not challenge their detention using habeas corpus. — Jeffrey H. Norwitz, Defining Success at Guantanamo: By What Measure?




    I thought it was brilliant to store ’em at Gitmo. The alternatives were Diego Garcia or prison ships in the Indian Ocean, and the Brits would have wimped out on DG, just like we’re wimping out now.

    We keep these unlawful combatants alive for two reasons:

    1) Intelligence from interrogation

    2) Lawfare

    If it weren’t for lawfare we could execute them when their intelligence value has been exhausted. Lawfare, according to Colonel Charles Dunlap,

    describes a method of warfare where law is used as a means of realizing a military objective. There are many dimensions to lawfare, but the one ever more frequently embraced by U.S. opponents is a cynical manipulation of the rule of law and the humanitarian values it represents. Rather than seeking battlefield victories, per se, challengers try to destroy the will to fight by undermining the public support that is indispensable when democracies like the U.S. conduct
    military interventions.”25 


    They will end up turning most of them loose. Probably about 10% will go back to Jihad. They will kill people. The MSM will bury those stories. They’ll be too busy providing megaphones for the few we bother to try in court, who will probably go scott free.

    And when an outraged American caps one of these assholes, the MSM will whine about vigilantes.

    UPDATE 020220091720: Moe names names.


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    “How do we supplement what the government is already doing?”

    Shannen Rossmiller asks.

    “I’m just a private citizen,” . . . “I’m not out there saying, ‘Sure, join up the effort, do it from home.’ . . . You might find yourself in legal trouble. You might mess up something ongoing and not realize it,”  . . . “I feel it’s the right thing to do,” she said. “If you have something to offer that is valuable or helpful why not offer it? If more people did, can you imagine what a different world it would be?”

    Web-based terrorist hunter to teach

    At the first FBI-sponsored International Conference on Cyber Security, held at Fordham University in New York City, Rossmiller, 39, said she planned to team with an as-yet-unnamed defense contractor to form a “cyber corps” of intelligence experts who will search out terrorists on the Internet.

    “Everybody finally understands what the terrorists have known since 9/11,” said Rossmiller, an FBI counter-intelligence asset.

    “With just a few thousand dollars and the Web, terrorists can be more efficient than our own government. And we have to do something about that.”

    . . .

    “There are a lot of people who can be trained to do what I do,” Rossmiller said. “I don’t want the notoriety or the pressure. I can teach people who will be paid professionals, not volunteers like me.”




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    Al Qaeda Terrorist Forum Admits Defeat Against Operation YouTube Smackdown

    FR thread here.  Freeper jveritas is Joseph Shahda, one of the early Civilian Irregular Information Operator counterpropagandists that inspired this blog. StarCMC, you have done well, blogdaughter. Congratulations, Smackdowners!


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    Could Militia Pistoleros Defeat Jihadi Spetnaz?

    What if what happened in Bombay had been attempted in Houston? Or Bloomington, Minnesota? Or any other urban conglomeration of High Occupancy Facilities that would rivet the attention of the world and monopolize the 24-hour news channels?  Would New Yorkers or Bostonians or Washingtonians acquit themselves any better than did the Mumbaikers?  I have my doubts about those folks.  I’d like to think that if such an event was attempted in a Red State with Shall Issue CCW some rams in the flock would have done something other than cower, but maybe that’s just a gun nut fantasy.  Apparently Indian police officers didn’t have the stomach for that sort of action.  Could American civilian pistol packers be expected to do any better?


    A couple of days ago I made this comment over at TBC:

     We are all potential soldiers. And we all may be, at any moment, at the war’s front, because in this war the front can be anywhere.

    “No one is going to help us. We’ve got to do it ourselves.”

    A bit of healthy paranoia is warranted these days. It CAN happen here.

    American readers of BC can choose NOT to be defenseless. Patriots pack heat. And every time they slip that S&W Model 642 in their pants pocket or that Kimber Pro Covert II into a Milt Sparks Summer Special inside-the-waistband holster or that Keltec P-32 in their bra, they think, for a few seconds, that today may be that day.

    It will take courage to engage an AK-47 wielding terrorist with a hand gun. It takes courage to fight a small fire with a fire extinguisher. The guy with the AK will probably kill you if you miss. Enough of us must find that courage within ourselves to take the shot, or we will be powerless victims, too.

    May St. Gabriel Possenti steady our trembling hands.

    Nov 27, 2008 – 1:50 pm

    I’ve been giving some more thought to the tactical problems of engaging automatic riflemen with hand guns, which are the only firearms Americans are likely to have on them in such a scenario as we have just witnessed.  The big tactical problem is being the first guy to shoot back makes the civilian irregular pistolero the target of all the return fire.  Probably suicidal unless done from behind bullet-proof cover, from which our hero must escape and evade most riki-tik.  The bigger psychological problem is to get over the shock.  The pistol-armed militiaman needs to have thought of many things before he reveals himself as a ram among the helpless flock.  He needs to have already made peace with the idea of taking another person’s life before he ever started packing. He needs to have war-gamed scenarios in his head.  He needs to have been in a state of low-level alert awareness, Condition Yellow, before the Bad Guys pull their AK’s out of their rucks.  He needs to recognize very quickly what a group of military-aged males pulling rifles out of rucksacks in unison means, and decide what, if anything, he is in a position to do about it at that moment.

    As far as our pistolero knows, he is the only armed citizen in the crowd. In some American cities there may be a squad or platoon or even company of pistoleros in the crowd, but they won’t know that.  The first citizen to commence firing will be a very brave person, indeed.  Citizen York.  The second citizen to commence firing may save the first’s life and change the dynamic of the battle.  The other armed citizens add their firepower from multiple directions, and Bad Guys start to fall, their arrogance shattered, their plan wrecked.

    Do we produce people like Alvin York anymore?  I’d like to think we do, but I don’t want it proven in an American Mumbai.

    “The handgun would not be my choice of weapon if I knew I was going to a fight. I’d choose a rifle, a shotgun, an RPG or an atomic bomb instead.”

    “Do something. It may be wrong, but do something.” — Clint Smith

    “One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street… these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time.”

    “The will to survive is not as important as the will to prevail… the answer to criminal aggression is retaliation.”  — Jeff Cooper 


    UPDATE: 200812010204:  Tim Lynch left this comment over at TBC:

    I am pretty certain that the whole “buddy pair” concept came from close quarter battle (CQB) training. Every CQB trained team member knows when they come to an open door or hallway the point hesitates until he gets a “bump” from behind ensuring he has a wing man for the dynamic entry. Conversely going in alone was considered nothing short of a mortal sin. Back in 96 – 98 time frame only Force Recon (Marine Corps) and the SF community trained in CQB – you had to have a clearance to attend the assault breacher course and the whole bag of techniques and procedures was considered classified. Today Close Quarters Battle drill is standard infantry training and also most likely the source of buddy pairs – although in CQB it is not always the same buddy backing you up when you run a house.

    I would like to think that armed Americans would be able to disrupt a similar attack if it were perpetrated in a Red State with shall issue CCW laws. Last year and off duty police officer went up against a lone rifle wielding assailant in the Trolley Mall of Salt Lake City with a favorable outcome. Of course that was a single assailant – fighting in buddy pairs makes that a lot harder to do. But in similar circumstances I would not hesitate to do the same even against 2 or more armed assailants – at the distances these shooting are averaging a good pistol fighter is not significantly at a disadvantage against marginal riflemen because the riflemen tend to spray on full auto which from the hip is not well aimed fire and off the shoulder is defacto anti aircraft fire after the 3rd round. Nobody wants to find himself armed with only a pistol at a proper gunfight but it is better than nothing and with a little luck and some solid training I would think the average CCW holder could stall an attack like this very early as it unfolds. Those who do not rush to the sound of gun fire and hold up with others would be very problematic for terrorist gunmen to run down too. Trapped people, like trapped animals, tend to fight (well some do many just accept their fate) and if you have mothers with children included they can fight very well – especially if they have a pistol and a clue how to use it. Terrorist expected to walk into hotel rooms facing unarmed people who can do very little to stop their attackers. In the United States that scenario would be true only if the terrorists picked a city where the population has been disarmed – Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco….those types of places with entrenched Democratic machines who, provided cover by a clueless and compliant media, never have to answer for the carnage in their streets when compared Red State cities like Salt Lake.

    It is a matter of time before we see a similar attack in America. The group who planned this operation can obviously plan well – like so many Muslim extremist groups their execution was piss poor. Ten guys, total surprise, three days of active shooting, unlimited ammo, and cops who go to ground or run at the sound of gunfire and the total tally is maybe 300 KIA? That is a bad execution of what appears to be a solid plan. But still an attack or two or even more like that launched simultaneously across the country would bring huge amounts of stress to our complacent population and our fragile economy – even with piss poor execution. But one thing all if us can count on is that the planners know where armed Americans are and where they are not. If you live in a Blue State with restrictive CCW laws you are at a much greater risk from this sort of event than I am.

    These kinds of attacks are coming and in the aftermath of the first wave it will be very interesting to see what our elected betters choose to do about it. There are a lot of options to include encouraging CCW holders to carry instead of discouraging this healthy habit. I doubt Cannoneer #4, myself or any of the other regular commenter’s here will be lucky enough to see a “buddy Team” of young terrorists pop up in front of us at the local mall or hotel (I carry a full size Kimber .45 when in CONUS just in case I do get lucky) but I promise you if we did those boys would not escape our tender mercies without a few leaky holes in their torso. Sheepdogs aren’t sheepdogs because they enjoy the title – they are sheepdogs because they cannot be anything else. Our country still produces far more than our share because unlike most people around the world we remain free men. Free to own firearms if we want, free to say or publish what we want, and most importantly free to protect ourselves, our families, and any stranger in need – with lethal force. I work with former military men from around the globe and the Brits, Aussies, Kiwi’s, Canadians, all of them know that they no longer come from lands where men can be called free. All of them have a single goal it seems and that is to live in America (I already told them that Ted Kennedy has ruined their chances because they are not poor, illiterate or from the third world) because there a man is still free. And free men don’t let ten teenagers run amuck for 72 hours shooting people in the largest city of the land. Only serfs or slaves would tolerate that.

    Nov 30, 2008 – 2:56 am

    UPDATE:  200812011757  — The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid compared with Mumbai — what if the hotel staff had had access to a few old Ishapore Enfield 7.62mm bolt actions?

    UPDATE 200812061740 — Good discussion at Preparing for Mumbai in America


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    Civilian Irregular Auxiliary Counterprogandists Contributed To Victory


    Victory, they say, has many fathers and defeat is an orphan. Some of us refused to abandon it.

    We kept the faith with our nation’s warriors. We knew deep down that what we were being told was not the whole story. And we believed that our nation was a force for good in this world, and that the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines sent forth to break militant Islamicists of their homocidal habits were the best human beings this Republic had to offer. Zombie Time has put up a huge list of virtual minutemen. This victory is for them, too:

    Here is the official list of blogs that have so far agreed to mark VI Day on November 22, 2008:

    Victory in Iraq Day: Participating Blogs

    Gateway Pundit


    Little Green Footballs



    Because No One Asked

    Dog Opus Blog

    Oh No, Another Conservative Blog

    Who Is John Galt?

    Gathering of Eagles (national)

    Gathering of Eagles New York

    Gathering of Eagles North Carolina

    Stop the ACLU

    The Surfing Conservative

    Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group

    The Wide Awake Cafe

    The Foxhole

    Lighthouse on the Right

    Arming Liberty

    Uncle Sam Ate My Baby

    Down Is Up

    Foreign and Domestic

    WOT Daily

    The Blog of Record

    Serr8d’s Cutting Edge

    Army Wife: Rants from Ft. Livingroom

    Hamilton, Madison, and Jay

    Rochester Conservative

    The Daily Blogster

    I Call BS!

    Macker’s World

    Something should go here, maybe later

    Nice Deb

    The Bronze Blog


    The Irascible Chef

    Sharp Right Turn


    Tman In Tennessee

    Thunder Pig

    Sith by Sithwest



    Marooned in Marin

    Thoughts Enroute

    More Weight


    The Jack Knows

    Red State Rumblings

    High Plains Blogger

    Air Force Pundit

    Fallback LGF

    Liberty for USA

    Diary of a Madman

    The Rumbler Report

    D.C. Thornton

    Lock and Load

    Fat Angie


    Oedipal Beatdown

    Conservative Action Network

    A Herd of Turtles

    Penny’s Potpurri

    Sayyad al Wahabiyya

    Brain-Surgery With Spoons

    American Syndicalist Party


    Public Secrets


    Toxic Taxation

    Berman Post


    The Inquisition

    Pax Parabellum

    CrossFit Camp Pendleton

    Freedom Watch

    American Truths

    Destination OBX

    Fearless Dream

    Theodore’s World

    The Cool Blue Blog

    Life With Monkeys

    Woody’s Place

    Wild Weazel

    The Atheist Conservative

    King’s Right Site

    We are the Grizzwolds




    Confederate Yankee

    The Jawa Report

    Ed Driscoll

    Facebook group for Victory in Iraq Day

    Barking Moonbat Early Warning System

    Exurban League

    Noblesse Oblige

    Protein Wisdom Pub

    Black & Right

    Johnson County Republican Party

    Winefred’s Well

    Still Unbounded

    The Liberty Boys

    Atlanta ROFTers

    This is Scooter Country

    The Crescent Moon

    From My Position…On the Way!

    Letters to a Dying Dream

    Blogs for Victory




    Conservative Diggs


    Erica Marceau

    Pirate’s Cove

    Let’s Get It Right

    Cmblake6’s Weblog

    What Bubba Knows



    Psycmeister’s Ice Palace!

    Stable of Zionist Hore #2

    Conservative in Seattle

    Karridine Delivers



    Zim’s View

    I Am, Therefore I Think

    Patriot Missive

    USS Neverdock

    Dan Cirucci

    The Conservative Contessa

    The Four Rs

    Wake up America

    The C-Square

    Sarge Charlie

    Red-Hot Right

    Echoes in Eternity

    American Infidel


    supporting the troops

    One Model Place

    The Dumber Ox

    The Lightning News


    2nd Exposure


    Lindy’s Blog: Where Mom is Always Right

    Comics Pundit

    No Clever Pseudonym

    Free Frank Warner

    The Digital Hairshirt

    The Blue Pelican


    Nothing But the Facts


    Environmental Republican

    Irons in the Fire

    no blood for sauerkraut!

    The Individualizer


    Nebulous Continuum

    Take Our Country Back

    The Conservative Radical

    Zion Beckons


    Soldiers’ Angels Germany

    Paul Ibrahim

    jweaks on Squidoo

    Marie’s Two Cents

    The Other Club

    The Anchoress

    Beyond the Veil

    Michigan Taxes Too Much

    Once More Into the Breach



    These bloggers, listed here as supporters of the idea of celebrating VI Day today, along with the bloggers listed along the left side of this page who may not be so certain that today is the best day to do this, served honorably as People’s Information Suport Team members, Virtual Cyber Militiamen (and women!) and nodes in the Blogospheric Resistance.

    We would not let America quit on our warriors.

    Ave, Triarii.



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