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Beam Me Up, Scotty

New Air Force Cyberspace badge guidelines released

The Air Force’s Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer said the new badge reflects the importance of cyber operations. “The Air Force’s cyberspace operators must focus on operational rigor and mission assurance in order to effectively establish, control, and leverage cyberspace capabilities. The new cyberspace operator badge identifies our cyberspace professionals with the requisite education, training, and experience to operate in this new critical domain. The badge symbolizes this new operational mindset and the Air Force’s commitment to operationalize the cyberspace domain,” said Lt Gen William T. Lord.

And there really are Cyber Space Cadets.

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National Defense University Blogging About Civilian Irregular Information Operators

Deterring Chinese Cyber Militias with Freedom Militias

US defenses are insufficient to stop Chinese cyber attacks. The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission estimates that Chinese cyber attacks cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars annually. By way of comparison, this is substantially more than the entire Chinese military budget.
What is needed is a threat that is both capable of forcing China to take notice and that it will believe the United States would execute. Such a threat exists. While China’s regime does not appear willing to be deterred by conventional diplomatic or legal complaints, it has demonstrated considerable concern about threats to its censorship apparatus.
The most effective way to threaten Chinese censorship would be for US and partner nations to develop their own cyber militias. Rather than stealing intellectual property and disabling public institutions, however, Western militias would aim at finding ways to bypass Chinese firewalls to spread internet freedom.

There already are American cyber militias. Pretty much the entire Psychological Operation effort intended for the American domestic target audience is entrusted to them. American cyber militia Computer Network Exploitation is a specialty of Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

The Jawa Report are outstanding American cyber militia Computer Network Attackers and counterpropagandists, specializing in monitoring and taking down Jihadi websites.

Most of the conservative and libertarian blogosphere would love to be involved in disseminating information that annoys the Chicoms and spreads internet freedom behind the Great Firewall. But who amongst the .gov/.mil Regulars dares to work by, with and through Irregular Information Operators in the current political environment?

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The Bright Lights of Cochise County

The Cochise County Militia’s founder and director Bill Davis is planning to form a “private military company” that would not work for money, according to Tim Steller of the Arizona Daily Star.

A volunteer, unpaid PMC is an oxymoron to me.  PMC’s don’t work for free.

Now Davis and his colleagues are planning to offer “commercial military services” to border-area property holders. The volunteer militia’s paramilitary squad would work at the landowner’s request “providing security & trespasser interdiction” and would not shy from a confrontation, he wrote in an e-mail.

“We comply with any law possible and then some. But we’re not about to step aside anymore and let them through. We’re going to turn them around and send them back scared,” Davis said.

The squad would consist largely of U.S. military combat veterans, already a significant contingent of the group Davis formed in 2001, he said.

“They all have confirmed kills, from Vietnam or later on. They’re not wannabes who go out and buy a set of camos and go out in the woods with a rifle,” Davis said.

Confirmed kills my ass. Are they all snipers?

Send them back scared? Intimidation. Lawsuit. Wonder how many land owners are up for that liability? Didn’t Ranch Rescue fail?

Cochise County has a Sheriff Assist Team, but the CCM wants to be armed. Something tells me that Sheriff Dever knows all about the CCM, and has pretty good reasons for not deputizing and pinning stars on every one of them.

My advice to CCM would be change your name, delete your website, and operate individually or in small teams on the property of whatever landowners will have you.

Rhodesian Farmers Defensive Arrangements

9) Some farmers also hired soldiers on leave to guard their premises at night. Usually these were men looking for extra “beer” money. They were called Bright Lights, and often ended up in fire fights with the terrorists, where they came as a nasty surprise to the terrs when the latter were expecting a nice soft hit and run. Like all farmers in an area, Bright Lights would participate in the support of other farmers when the situation required.

I hope 30 years from now we’re not reading about The Rancher At War.

UPDATE 04232010



By Darryl Tucker

Soldier of Fortune, August 1979





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It’s time for all good citizens to buy a hand-held video camera

and become Civilian Irregular Combat Cameramen.

Conservative Protestors: A Video Camera Might Prevent American Reichstag Fire

Wanna tick off a Progressive – show them your pocket videocam – with the red light on!



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Something to Read On the Plane

I was just in a Barnes & Noble and couldn’t remember the title or the author’s name.

I’ll do better next time.

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Finally Got Around to Claiming This

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Just in time for MBC V

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Sons of Liberty Won’t Forget

The Rape of America

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