Undocumented Civilian Irregular Border Patrol Auxiliaries

Christina Boomer:  I think the word militia scares people.

Cowboy Doug:  Well, what do you want to call them?  We could call it the Cochise County Social Club, OK?  I’m sure you could outrun any of us, you know, you look in better shape.  We’re just the eyes and ears, you know, that’s the big deal.  We’re just trying to help the Border Patrol.

Bill Davis: All we can do is be a glorified neighborhood watch.

Christina Boomer:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about your group and what you do?

Bill Davis:  Like I said before, being called names.  Mercenaries, wannabes, Rambos, vigilantes, whackos, storm troopers, neo-Nazis.   We’re not a racist group, we’re not a hate group.  How can you hate a 26-year old woman with a five month old baby in her arms that just walked twenty-six miles with no water?

I’ve blogged about CCM before. Their very existance is propaganda of the deed calling the attention of We The People to the failure of the Federal Government to perform its Constitutional duty. The CCM has powerful enemies who think the border is just fine thank you very much, and these enemies will do whatever they can to discredit, devalue and demonize CCM in the public mind.

I thought Bill Davis screwed the pooch talking about PMC’s and “confirmed kills.” I think this video proves evolution in CCM’s competence at Militia Information Support Operations.



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2 responses to “Undocumented Civilian Irregular Border Patrol Auxiliaries

  1. Cool interview. It was great to put a face to these guys as well.

    • Yeah, Bill Davis comes off as a sympathetic character, out there in the hot sun with his oxygen tank. Cowboy Doug comes off as a regular guy suitable to go drink a cold beer with.

      Christina Boomer did not do a hit piece on them. She’ll probably get a lot of crap about that.