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Borderland Beat: Mexican Cartels Buying Afghan Heroin

Borderland Beat: Mexican Cartels Buying Afghan Heroin.

Mexican Cartels partnering with Iranian Qods Force to move Afghan heroin into the United States should be a matter of some concern.  The Iranians have a serious problem back in Iran with opium and heroin addiction.  Diverting some of their domestic traffic towards the Great Satan would be popular.

Qods Force with Mexican Drug Cartel help could get almost anything into the U. S.


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The Border War: Into The Valley Of Death, USA

BigPeace The Border War: Into The Valley Of Death, USA.

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Bee Pox

Civilian irregular auxiliary paramilitary organizations are a favorite topic on this blog.
The Romans had auxiliaries.
The American Legion has an auxiliary.
The United States Air Force has an auxiliary.
The United States Coast Guard has an auxiliary.
Why doesn’t the Border Patrol have an auxiliary?
There is a Border Patrol Auxiliary, but the Border Patrol doesn’t want much to do with them. I suspect the National Border Patrol Council, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO thinks Dumbass Amateurs are not the solution to any problems they want solved.

John Fasano, writing in the September, 2010 Soldier of Fortune article “Amnesty on the Horizon,” describes BPAUX using much the same language as Jake Boot did at BigJournalism last April.

Fasano’s last two paragraphs:

Over 1,000 illegal immigrants a year cross into the United States in and around the area patrolled by BPAUX. They cross, but most don’t get far because the auxiliary stops them. This is real political action. These men and women (from 18 years old up to WWII vets in their late eighties) are trying to uphold the rule of law.

But they are just a volunteer force. Their members come from all walks of life, all economic strata, men and women coming down on days off from work, vacation days. One grandmother was a member of AARP — “Armed and really pissed” that her country is being annexed and her government is allowing it to happen.

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Airframe Testing

Found this at Digger’s Realm

I think we probably need to hear from Dvorak and/or Digger on this about now, perhaps to man-up and admit they were snookered.
This is probably a case of air-frame testing. Bill Cooper used to talk about it and it’s in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. You send a little shock through a system and record the data. The shock was a (most likely) bogus news story and the system was the online patriot/militia community. Follow the contacts back to Dvorak and Digger and then their “sources” and you’ll solve your whodunnit.

Posted by: Everett Mann on July 24, 2010 10:32 PM

Remember William Cooper on WWCR shortwave radio in 1994? Was he a nut case, or just too far ahead of his time?

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MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches (via Temple of Mut)

It has begun. Grease up your guns and your knives.

“Start the ball, Tector.”

MEXICAN Cartel ARMY Invades TEXAS Ranches UPDATE: Kimberly Dvorak, reporter with the Examiner here in San Diego, has just gotten confirmation from LPD that Zetas are holding at least two ranches on U.S. territory NW of Laredo, TX. Its confirmed! Local law enforecement is waiting for Federal Forces to arrive before trying to take back the ranches. Dear Readers: This article was sent to me with a request to spread the word. It has all the makings of 1848 redux, with a side of narcotics. [c … Read More

via Temple of Mut

Bob Owens called Laredo PD & Webb Co. Sheriff’s Office, both denied any such goings on.

So who do you trust, LPD & WCSO, or Digger?

The whole thing may be a hoax.  Or not.


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The Arizona Border Operation, Summer 2010

RETRANS for maximum dissemination:

Mark Harvey of The Snooper Report and Pat Dollard are spearheading a summer border operation in Arizona. Much of the operation needs to remain confidential, but a component of it is the interdiction of narco-insurgents and illegal aliens, in tandem with other citizen’s groups and law enforcement. Another component of it will be the reporting and publicizing of our activities, and the activities of others, during the long, hot weeks ahead.

I’m going to be very straightforward and plain-spoken about this: what we’re doing is serious, dangerous, and expensive. We need your help. Whatever you can do, in whatever amount (and if not in money, then in services, material or prayers) is greatly appreciated, and greatly needed.

If you live in Arizona and would like to volunteer your services, or can get here to do the same, please send me an email via the contact button at the top of this and every page. If you would like to donate any ammo, weapons, or gear, please do the same, and specify.

Thank you.

Make a donation today to help finance Pat Dollard and Mark Harvey’s Summer 2010 Arizona Border Operation.

For larger donations, or if you simply prefer to use snail mail, make your check or money order payable to CMSU, LLC, and send it to:

6501 E. Greenway Parkway #103-448
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Dig deep. Times are tough all over. Few can pack up and take off for Arizona and be of much use. Many can send money which will be useful. Aren’t you tired of feeling powerless?


Posted this comment at Pat’s blog, but it’s not there anymore:

Unsolicted advice: don’t call your AZ Border Operatives militia.
How ’bout Autodefensas Unidas de Arizona? That ought to get you plenty of linkage in the lefty blogosphere.
I’m going to be very straightforward and plain-spoken about this: what we’re doing is serious, dangerous, and expensive.
Then the Sheriffs in your AO probably would just as soon you stayed home.
You’re a great Civilian Irregular Information Operator, Pat, so Strategic Communications has counterpropaganda product in the can to refute charges from those who don’t want the border secured, right?

Potential Public Affairs nightmare here for any Sheriff who overtly coordinates with and incorporates Civilian Irregular Border Operatives into their County law enforcement assist organizations. Sheriffs are politicians, and Irregulars who really want to be useful need to provide Sheriffs with some plausible deniability.

Ever wonder why the Coast Guard has an Auxiliary but the Border Patrol doesn’t?
Probably for the same reason COCHISE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE SHERIFF’S ASSIST TEAM Members DO NOT take enforcement action, carry weapons, or make arrests.
Probably for the same reason Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Community Service Volunteers will not be armed and will not carry any kind of weapon.
Probably for the same reason Gov. Brewer hasn’t tried to recruit an Arizona State Guard .

UPDATE: Care to contribute to a counter-Lawfare effort?
H/T: RiverRoads


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IDF Field Intelligence Corps Showcases Spot and Strike System, 3 Mar 2010 (via Israel Defense Force Spokesperson)

This is what REAL Border Security looks like.

My beloved Westphalian nation-state will rise again and when it does the territorial integrity of the Republic will be taken seriously.

IDF Field Intelligence Corps Showcases Spot and Strike System, 3 Mar 2010 The Field Intelligence Corps was founded roughly a decade ago, and since then has founded a field intelligence school, opened new units, tripled it's size, and  invented weapons known and used around the world. The corps, currently comprised of roughly 60% women,  has it's own pin, a new name, and is soon to receive a unique barrette. Yesterday the corps showcased several new weapons it developed, along with a demonstration of it's camouflage abi … Read More

via Israel Defense Force Spokesperson

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