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The winning stock market strategy right now

BC commenter RagnarD:

5 to 10 acres in a defensible place with an off the grid water source. Greenhouse. Fractional precious metals in .223, .40, .45, .22LR, etc. Some stock like chickens, a pig or two, beef on the hoof. Hunting skills. Stashed starches in enough quantity to live for at least two years. Heirloom seeds.

Hard times are coming. Harder than most Americans can even imagine. Harder even than The Great Depression. Root, hog, or die, and the weakest go to the wall. Those who survive the culling will create a society with a low tolerance for bullshit and high expectations of the people it accepts as full fledged members.

I hope that’s what the unculled do. Hope is not a plan.

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Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Makes Its Way to Grocery Stores

Gas Pump Sticky Note Campaign Makes Its Way to Grocery Stores.

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Gas Pump Activism (via Disrupt the Narrative)

Gas Pump Activism Do you have to take these gas prices in silence? I don't think so. All you have to do is download this pdf, print out a few copies and put them, along with a roll of Scotch tape, into your car. The next time you fill up, instead of watching in horror as the dollar amount on the pump races by as the gallons trickle into your tank, afix one of these to the pump. Take care to not cover vital information regarding safety, etc. and don't cover any adv … Read More

via Disrupt the Narrative

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A Revolution’s Key Event

Some excerpts from Revolution and the Muslim World:

. . . Let’s consider the process of revolution for the moment, beginning by distinguishing a demonstration from an uprising. A demonstration is merely the massing of people making speeches. This can unsettle the regime and set the stage for more serious events, but by itself, it is not significant. Unless the demonstrations are large enough to paralyze a city, they are symbolic events. There have been many demonstrations in the Muslim world that have led nowhere; consider Iran.

It is interesting here to note that the young frequently dominate revolutions like 1848, 1969 and 1989 at first. This is normal. Adults with families and maturity rarely go out on the streets to face guns and tanks. It takes young people to have the courage or lack of judgment to risk their lives in what might be a hopeless cause. However, to succeed, it is vital that at some point other classes of society join them. In Iran, one of the key moments of the 1979 revolution was when the shopkeepers joined young people in the street. A revolution only of the young, as we saw in 1968 for example, rarely succeeds. A revolution requires a broader base than that, and it must go beyond demonstrations. The moment it goes beyond the demonstration is when it confronts troops and police. If the demonstrators disperse, there is no revolution. If they confront the troops and police, and if they carry on even after they are fired on, then you are in a revolutionary phase. Thus, pictures of peaceful demonstrators are not nearly as significant as the media will have you believe, but pictures of demonstrators continuing to hold their ground after being fired on is very significant.

This leads to the key event in the revolution. The revolutionaries cannot defeat armed men. But if those armed men, in whole or part, come over to the revolutionary side, victory is possible. And this is the key event. In Bahrain, the troops fired on demonstrators and killed some. The demonstrators dispersed and then were allowed to demonstrate — with memories of the gunfire fresh. This was a revolution contained. In Egypt, the military and police opposed each other and the military sided with the demonstrators, for complex reasons obviously. Personnel change, if not regime change, was inevitable. In Libya, the military has split wide open.

When that happens, you have reached a branch in the road. If the split in the military is roughly equal and deep, this could lead to civil war. Indeed, one way for a revolution to succeed is to proceed to civil war, turning the demonstrators into an army, so to speak. That’s what Mao did in China. Far more common is for the military to split. If the split creates an overwhelming anti-regime force, this leads to the revolution’s success. Always, the point to look for is thus the police joining with the demonstrators. This happened widely in 1989 but hardly at all in 1968. It happened occasionally in 1848, but the balance was always on the side of the state. Hence, that revolution failed.

It is this act, the military and police coming over to the side of the demonstrators, that makes or breaks a revolution. . . .

Revolution and the Muslim World is republished with permission of STRATFOR.

Bolding added for emphasis.

Revolutions and counterrevolutions occur in the rest of the world as well. The attitudes of the forces of order and their understanding of where their duty lies is of critical importance, and, as energy prices skyrocket, The Greatest Depression deepens, and the social fabric unravels, gun-totin’, badge-wearin’ union members will get plenty of opportunities to harden or soften. Military Support to Civil Authorities will be requested by politicians, granted or denied on the orders of other politicians, and provided by citizen-soldiers or possibly even Regulars, many of whom will have had previous experience in dealing with masses of non-compliant Iraqis and/or Afghans.

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Sarah’s online army: Warriors ’Going Rogue’ vs Milbank’s Palin Feb. blackout – National Political Transcripts |

Sarah’s online army: Warriors ’Going Rogue’ vs Milbank’s Palin Feb. blackout – National Political Transcripts |

Obama’s online army got him elected.  Sarah was on the receiving end of their information operations.  The defeated usually learn more from the last war than the victors.  Her info operators will be opposing his all over cyberspace.

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Egyptian Civilian Irregular Psychological Operations

Egyptian Activists’ Action Plan: Translated

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Defence League (Kaitseliit)

The Defence League is a voluntary military national defence organisation, which acts in the area of government of the Ministry of Defence. The Defence League possesses arms and engages in military exercises. The main goal of the Defence League is, on the basis of the citizens’ free will and initiative, to enhance the readiness of the nation to defend its independence and its constitutional order, including in the event of military threat.


The organisation is divided into 15 Defence League regional units whose areas of responsibility mostly coincide with the borders of Estonia’s counties. Today, the Defence League has over 12,000 members. The affi liated organisations of the Defence League combine more than 19,000 volunteers, in all, and include the Estonian Defence League’s women’s corps Naiskodukaitse, the Estonian Defence League’s boys’ corps Noored Kotkad, and the Estonian Defence League’s girls’ corps Kodutütred.


The Defence League plays an important role in supporting the civil structures. Its members aid in putting out wildfires, volunteer as assistant police members, and ensure safety at various events. Units, consisting of voluntary members of the Defence League, also participate in international peace support operations such as in the Balkan states. The Defence League and its affiliated organisations have positive relations with partner organisations in the Nordic countries, the United States and the United Kingdom.


The Defence League’s women’s corps also co-operates with other organisations and associations, including the Police Board, the Rescue Board, the Erna Society, the Society for Civil Protection and local governments.


The Defence League’s girls’ corps was established to increase patriotic feelings and readiness to defend the independence of Estonia among young girls; to enhance the love for home and fatherland; to encourage respect for the Estonian language and ways of thinking; to be honest, enterprising, responsible, and capable of decision-making; to respect nature; and to respect one’s parents and others.

The Defence League’s boys’ corps comprises approximately 3,500 young men from all over Estonia. The objective of the organisation is to raise these young people as good citizens with healthy bodies and minds. In addition to numerous interesting activities, such as parachute jumping, flying gliders, orienteering, shooting weapons, etc., the boys’ corps also participates in numerous events, the most popular but also the most difficult being the Mini-Erna 35 km reconnaissance competition.

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Cyber guerrillas can help US

Evgeny Morozov’s “cyber guerrillas” are referred to as Civilian Irregular Information Operators on this blog, but we are both talking about non-state actors. 

Morozov essentially wants somebody to persuade, change and influence the sophomoric Julian Assange to collaborate with traditional media, redact sensitive files, and offer those in a position to know about potential victims of releases the chance to vet the data and turn Wikileaks into a new Transparency International.

I want him dead.

Morozov thinks that would create a global movement of anti-American politicised geeks clamouring for revenge.


Are there enough pro-American politicised geeks to counter vengeful anti-American politicised geeks?

Are there any U. S. .mil /.gov Information Operators capable of  countering vengeful anti-American politicised geeks working by, with and through pro-American politicised geeks?  No real way of knowing.  Bound to be some who are capable of it, but of those, how many are willing to risk their careers associating with politically incorrect  pro-American politicised geeks?


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When Sweet Lips Spoke

October 7, 1780, Kings Mountain, South Carolina.

It was back in ’81 that a man named Washington
Was fighting hard for freedom in this land,
But his men were poor and ragged,
And against the British gun,
Well, he didn’t even dare to make a stand.

Old Ferguson was marching toward the Carolina hills,
Making brags he’d hang a man to every tree,
But the news that he was coming
Raced across the mountain tops,
And they heard about it over in Tennessee.

At the shoal of old Watauga, where the sycamores grow tall,
They rallied around ol’ Nolichucky Jack,
And they said, “We’ll drive the Redcoats
Back across the briny deep.
Yes, we’ll lick ’em, or we’re never coming back!”

There was Chucky Jack and Campbell, Colonel Shelby in their band,
Mountaineers who loved their liberty,
And a lovesick boy named Gillam
With a brand new rifle gun,
Named for his girl in Tennessee.

Sweet Lips was a rifle named for a girl in Tennessee.
When Sweet Lips spoke,
The chains that bound us broke.
She struck a mighty blow for liberty.

When they rode across the mountains onto Carolina soil,
The Tarheels with their muskets gathered ’round
To go and head off Ferguson
Before he got to them
To hang ’em all and burn their houses down.

When Ferguson heard the mountain men were camping on his trail,
He first began to laugh and then to scoff,
Said, “We’ll go up on King’s Mountain,
And then let the rebels come,
For the powers of Hell will never drive me off.”

But Campbell and Ben Cleveland, Colonel Shelby, and their men,
And John Sevier ~ ol’ Nolichucky Jack ~
Well, they loaded up their rifles,
And they climbed the mountainside,
Said, “We’ll lick ’em, or we’re never coming back!”

Oh, he blew his silver whistle, and he shouted and he cursed,
“Use your bayonets to drive the rebels back!”
But the Redcoats never made it,
For before they reached the line,
The mountain rifles jumped them in their tracks.

Sweet Lips was a rifle named for a girl in Tennessee.
When Sweet Lips spoke,
The chains that bound us broke.
She struck a mighty blow for liberty.

Ol’ Ferguson was dashing up and down the battlefield,
And it seemed that he must lead a life of charm,
For the mountaineers were aiming
At his gaudy checkered coat,
But their bullets passed him by and did no harm.

Then up stepped young John Gillam with his brand new rifle gun,
Named for his girl back home. He said,
“Well, I wonder what Sweet Lips can do?”
And when he took his aim,
Sweet Lips spoke, and Ferguson fell dead.

Cornwallis heard that Ferguson and all his men were lost,
And he said, “This place is just too hot for me.”
So he soon went off to Yorktown,
Where he laid his weapons down,
And ever since this country has been free.

Sweet Lips was a rifle named for a girl in Tennessee.
When Sweet Lips spoke,
The chains that bound us broke.
She’s gone and did her part for liberty.

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Stay Ungovernable, My Friends!

 … Read More

via Temple of Mut

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Cough It Up, Patriots

This is your fight, too.

Currently Arizona faces many legal challenges to its recently passed laws dealing with border security and immigration. Arizona is proud to defend these laws which are aimed at protecting its citizens and the great State of Arizona and will be very aggressive in their defense.

If you would like to contribute to Arizona, please click here

Dig deep. Times are tough all over. Few can pack up and take off for Arizona and be of much use. Many can send money which will be useful. Aren’t you tired of feeling powerless?

Arizona thanks you for your support on its border security and immigration matters.

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Undocumented Civilian Irregular Border Patrol Auxiliaries

Christina Boomer:  I think the word militia scares people.

Cowboy Doug:  Well, what do you want to call them?  We could call it the Cochise County Social Club, OK?  I’m sure you could outrun any of us, you know, you look in better shape.  We’re just the eyes and ears, you know, that’s the big deal.  We’re just trying to help the Border Patrol.

Bill Davis: All we can do is be a glorified neighborhood watch.

Christina Boomer:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about your group and what you do?

Bill Davis:  Like I said before, being called names.  Mercenaries, wannabes, Rambos, vigilantes, whackos, storm troopers, neo-Nazis.   We’re not a racist group, we’re not a hate group.  How can you hate a 26-year old woman with a five month old baby in her arms that just walked twenty-six miles with no water?

I’ve blogged about CCM before. Their very existance is propaganda of the deed calling the attention of We The People to the failure of the Federal Government to perform its Constitutional duty. The CCM has powerful enemies who think the border is just fine thank you very much, and these enemies will do whatever they can to discredit, devalue and demonize CCM in the public mind.

I thought Bill Davis screwed the pooch talking about PMC’s and “confirmed kills.” I think this video proves evolution in CCM’s competence at Militia Information Support Operations.


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It’s time for all good citizens to buy a hand-held video camera

and become Civilian Irregular Combat Cameramen.

Conservative Protestors: A Video Camera Might Prevent American Reichstag Fire

Wanna tick off a Progressive – show them your pocket videocam – with the red light on!



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The outhouse has become a cesspit

ajacksonian comment at Hot Air via that Army of Davids guy

From Walter Russell Mead:

Jacksonians are instinctively democratic and populist. Hamiltonians mistrust democracy; Wilsonians don’t approve of the political rough and tumble. And while Jeffersonians support democracy in principle, they remain concerned that tyrannical majorities can overrule minority rights. Jacksonians believe that the political and moral instincts of the American people are sound and can be trusted, and that the simpler and more direct the process of government is, the better will be the results. In general, while the other schools welcome the representative character of our democracy, Jacksonians tend to see representative rather than direct institutions as necessary evils, and to believe that governments breed corruption and inefficiency the way picnics breed ants. Every administration will be corrupt; every Congress and legislature will be, to some extent, the plaything of lobbyists. Career politicians are inherently untrustworthy; if it spends its life buzzing around the outhouse, it’s probably a fly. Jacksonians see corruption as human nature and, within certain ill-defined boundaries of reason and moderation, an inevitable by-product of government.

The outhouse has become a cesspit and now threatens to seep into the basement and take the house with it. You can’t sleep but for the flies and it is well past time to cover up that old pit, back fill it, shore up the foundations of the house and get out the bug spray.

A Tea Party will not be built solely on getting the disaffected from the current two parties, it must reach out into the Independent voting block that is now made up of those who have walked away from both parties and will not adhere to either as they are the parties of flies. Indeed registering disaffected voting age Americans who have let their voting lapse into non-voting is the essential route to take to shift the balance in the US. Those who have been beaten down by ‘bi-partisanship’ and ‘third ways’ and ‘across the aisle agreements’ now see that the flies are equal on both sides of the aisle and that both sides want a larger cess pit, it is just a question of rate of expansion not of doing the deed.

That is the greatest power in America – individuals realizing their liberty and freedom are at stake and exercising their franchise right to choose whoever they want who represents THEM and not a PARTY. Those fundamentals of continually securing the number one greatest freedom, which is the freedom FROM government is one that must be continually repeated, refreshed and renewed. Elected members are not there to ‘help’ this or that segment of the population at the expense of everyone, but to allow individuals to lead the freest life so that liberty can be best used to secure one’s own place in the world and, from that, create a stronger society and a stronger Nation.

The old two party rhetoric now blurs into a zero party State which is ruled by elites who want nothing more than to rule, not govern. Do not accept their either/or solutions when liberty and freedom demonstrate that there are a plethora of ways to do things and that is best left up to you, as an individual, not to any government from local to National. And it is in the local areas that a Tea Party movement will have the most effect: local lawmaking, local regulations, local taxation, local graft, and the dismantling of local political machines.

It is your life, your home, your liberty and your Nation.

Don’t let others tell you what is right or wrong, or how much they will give you if only you will give up your liberty… your freedom… to them.

One man makes a majority.

And that is you.

No one else can do that for you.

Your life depends upon it.

ajacksonian on January 9, 2010 at 9:32 AM


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Is What Used to be Team America now World Policed?


If not, then stroking out in a fit of apoplectic rage is just what They* want you to do.

I’ve been a casual observer of conspiracies for decades.  The entire purpose of many of them is to provoke alarm and foolish outbursts from the truly concerned which can then be amplified and magnified by concern troll agents provocatuer  in order to provide a basis for ridicule, delegitimization,  and marginalization.

But, then again, some conspiracy theories are true.

Wither Sovereignty —  Executive Order Amended to Immunize INTERPOL In America – Is The ICC Next? broke on December 23, 2009.

Why Does Interpol Need Immunity from American Law? same date.

Obama Surrenders U.S. Sovereignty: His INTERPOL Executive Order December 28, 2009

The Interpol question on  December 29, 2009

White House Stonewalling on Obama’s Executive Order Unleashing Interpol  December 30, 2009

Could Obama Use INTERPOL to Evade Constitutional Law? December 30, 2009

If you really are prepared to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help you God, are you any less prepared today than you were on December 22, 2009, before you knew about Interpol?

Don’t get excited.  It matters little what badge they wear. 

Clean your weapons.  Hone your blades.  Contemplate the task before you.


*  all enemies, foreign and domestic, included amongst which are Transnational Progressivists.

UPDATE 200912311033:  Prosecuting American ‘War Crimes’
The International Criminal Court claims jurisdiction over U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.


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Look what Santa Claus brung me

12 GA double ought buck.

Ho, ho, ho!


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The Lukewarm Civil War

Che-Supporting Commie Goons Beat Tea Party Protesters In Florida (AMAZING Video)

The Cold Civil War warmed up while you weren’t paying attention.

Unarmed self-defense techniques and handiness with video cameras will be worth more than CCW’s and marksmanship in persuading, changing and influencing the fence-sitters.

UPDATE: Tango Mike Dana Loesch

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Two kids with a video camera and some cheesy clothes have done what all the talk show hosts haven’t been able to do over the last year

Found in a comment at TAH:

  • 8 Dave Thul Says:
    September 15th, 2009 at 10:07 pm Whatever else comes of this, you have to admire the two people behind the camera. The film maker said on Beck that they had spent about 1300 bucks on the whole thing.Imagine that. Two kids with a video camera and some cheesy clothes have done what all the talk show hosts haven’t been able to do over the last year-take a bite out of ACORN. The census bureau cut ties, and the Senate voted to cut all federal funding. Whether or not the House goes along with it, it was inconceivable two weeks ago that ACORN would be on the outs with Congress.
  • Good work to those two.

    James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles are the Civilian Irregular Information Operators /Strategic Citizens I’ve been waiting for.

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    Uniforms For the Civilian National Security Force

    The Civilian Conservation Corps look.

    Purple T-shirts.

    Red T-shirts.

    Brown shirts.


    One of their classic uniforms. Much more flattering to the gravitationally challenged than the skin tight XXXL T-shirt

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    Would you put your faith in Barney Frank or Rock River Arms?

    Comments from wretchard’s The mandate of heaven thread:

    11. Subotai Bahadur:

    . . . This fight for the future of the country is going on despite, not because of, any Republican resurgence. The Republican Party machinery dreams of being coopted and absorbed into the regime power structure, not fighting it.

    As far as the decision to prosecute the former administration; it is expected. Be they Stalin’s show trials, the Nazi Volksgerichtshof, or the public confessions and “self-criticism” in front of Mao’s Red Guards; all totalitarians have some form of kangeroo court mechanism to lend a pseudo-legitimacy to their abuses of power. The outcome is pre-ordained and I am sure there have been meetings in the White House on what the sentences will be and how they will be announced.

    In the first 7 months of the first Anno Obama we have seen the rule of law discarded, Congress become a rubber stamp eager to pass any bill put before them unread, and the Constitution ignored. We have a new Supreme Court Justice whose rulings will, by her own words, be based on race and gender. We have seen the President threaten those who oppose him with mobs on more than one occasion, and seen violations of the law by Obama’s supporters deliberately ignored by his Attorney General. The confidence in the validity and honesty of either the census or the coming election [if it happens] is not high. So such prosecutions are of a piece with life in the new America.

    If we survive the evil times that are coming. IF. Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen will find that it will do them no good to appeal to the law and Constitution that they have rendered moot. For we will have to rebuild a civil society before they come back into effect. But first, we will have to deal with those who destroyed it. Lex Talonis

    18. no mo uro:

    . . . in this age good ideas aren’t enough, you need someone who is telegenic and an excellent, charismatic speaker, despite whatever risks are incurred in giving a person like that power.

    . . . We live in an age when much of the American public has transformed from having its chief goal of being productive transformed into being entertained. Whiskey’s single urban sluts, their urban metrosexual sycophantic men, suburban/rural NPR listening soccer moms, public sector union guys, and the like, all fall into that category. They will not care if the conservative or libertarian in question is rumpled and a bad speaker while going up against a slick, sexy leftist in a TV debate. These are people who are more interested in image and being entertained than they are in literally anything else. You’ll never peel them off in any amount unless you have someone who appeals to the image machine.

    29. Mongoose:

     We have to move the nation back to founding principles. We have to rollback all of the work of the Democrats since FDR. There is no other way. It is the false dichotomy of Democrat vs. Republicans that we must unseat. The real opposition is between internal enemies who wish to destroy us and those who wish to save us, and it is an objective choice. It is not merely matter of pragmatically weighing the subjective points of view of political sections.


    30. 907ie:

    . . . Capitalism has had it’s run, and “democracy” has committed suicide. What comes next is anybody’s guess, but would you put your faith in Barney Frank or Rock River Arms?

    33. nullification now:

    What August has wrought is a determination to end the madness. The tipping point has long been reached and there is no turning back. The ordinary citizen has made his stand and it is now up to the emissaries to establish once and for all this is a country based on the Constitution of the United States of America.
    When congress returns in September the battle is joined, the Republicans know that the majority of citizens insist this administration must completely change course. If they are unable to articulate the mood and advocate the demands then other means must be necessary.
    October is pivotal, either we fight for reestablishing a constitionualy mandated government or submit to the chaos of change that this current administration insist on. We are no longer a two party system but one of patriots vs internecine cult.

    70. JFSanders031:

    Friend of mine told me the other day in conversation.

    I am gettin tired, really tired. I am past angry. I can see what is to come. I have been watching this drunk of a country stagger down the road weaving from right to left and back. Sometimes two steps forward then three steps back. Slowly, oh so slowly this drunk has “progressed” toward this coming day. I am slow to anger always have been. I am patient, even as a child my grandmother said it about me. “Natural born hunter” she said. My patience with this drunk is about gone. This drunk is about to meet his fate. And I will do all that is in my power to see that my children and grandchildren do not have to deal with this drunk anymore. 

    I had never thought of him as being a radical. He is about as square as they come. I will be glad to have him with me on the line when the time comes.

    So Mote It Be.

    120. whiskey:

    The Corner at NRO has a link to a post by Charles Murray. Which in turn points to every part of the White population becoming more conservative over time EXCEPT the “Liberal Gentry” which Kotkin coined, the entertainment/media/legal/marketing people, which is btw profoundly oriented towards single young women in urban areas with disposable income, what Kay Hymnowitz called “the New Girl Order.”

    This is NOT a fight between Republicans and Obama. It IS a fight between Obama and the Gentry Liberals, the wealthy elites, and the White population of everyone else.

    They will not back down, they cannot. Either the elites rule the White population like serfs and servants, or the Elites are destroyed. Bush (and the transparent attempt to charge Bush, Cheney, and the CIA) does not matter, what matters is the elites trying to enslave the people, with ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, everything else.

    And there is no going back. No turning back time, no de-escalation. By its very nature, the people, leaderless and grassroots, cannot and will not de-escalate. The current Constitution, Congress, Media, Presidency, Legal System, Federal Bureaucracy, will be swept away one way or another.

    Either Obama and his Gentry turn America into Cuba, with hereditary rule (which btw single women LOVE, it’s every princess fantasy come to life) that turns America into a gigantic copy of Castro’s Hereditary Hacienda system, or the people construct a new Jacksonian system based on rewarding THEM and punishing their enemies (the Gentry, and their political allies) explicitly.

    But either way, the America as we knew it is gone. Gone: the legitimacy and trust of the media and entertainment. Gone: the Republican party as an institution. Gone: any trust in Dems or the Gentry Liberals. Gone: tolerance for leftism or leftism spoils politics like Affirmative Action, multiculturalism, pc, etc. Gone: legitimacy and trust of the legal system and bureaucracy.

    The Belmont Club is for most intents and purposes a Resistance think tank. Richard Fernandez personally participated in anti-Marcos Resistance activities in the Philippines. Much of the best thought appears in the comments.


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