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MSM: Terrorists’ Best Friend

A few very kind people have been encouraging me to continue to Blog.  Thank you everyone, for all the kind compliments. Some people believe that I have a unique outlook  (see my first post One Womans View) on the events we are all living through right now.  I would like to add a disclaimer to my future blogs, I have dyslexia, epilepsy and I’m blonde.  So PLEASE forgive my spelling and grammar errors.  So you have been warned that I ramble; can’t spell my way out of a wet paper bag;and I have blonde moments. 

Long ago in the 1930’s, 40’s and some in the 50’s, my grandparent’s generation were educated well enough that they could go to work at a newspaper as the “Cub” reporter.  They had every expectation of doing well and rising within the company.  Not today!  If you didn’t attend a prestigious university or private college, the MSM will not even give you the time of day. At one time a news reporter was one of us.  They were middle class and had the same hopes and dreams as the rest of America.   Today they are treated like rock stars or movie stars; (I don’t get this) but I’ve seen it happen; their opinion is accepted over someone else’s who has 1st hand knowledge of the situation. It blows my mind completely that any one would even give this person the time of day, let alone take their word as gospel.  MSM is an elitist club that only a handful are allowed to join.  They are put on pedestals by other elitists and allowed to spew trash and lies to benefit there own agendas.  The agenda seems to be Pulitzer Prizes, book deals and talk show host gigs.  The truth, government secrets, people’s privacy be damned! Sell more papers, magazines and air time on TV to scare, incite or anger those who do not have the time or inclination to research what they’ve just heard or read.   

I believe that the MSM is a terrorist’s best friend! While Israel is fighting for their very existence, some in MSM are spewing that Israel had no right to defend itself, protect their citizens from rockets and bombs, or fight for their people who were kidnapped or killed. These people think that the terrorists are the good guys!?!?  I’m proud of the Israeli people for standing up to the terrorists.  It takes guts and fortitude to tell the world that you’re “Mad as hell and your not going to take it anymore.”

I hope if, and/or when we are attacked again that we have the same backbone as Israel to finally wipe the terrorists off the map.

Thank you to everyone praying for my family!  All my boys are safe for now.  Cannoneer No. 4 is very busy in the sand box. He too has been telling me to Blog.  Thanks again to everyone who was kind enough to let me know “I ain’t that bad ” at this stuff.

God Bless America and Israel.



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