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I Hate Pain. It Hurts!

A Marine I raised said that in 1982 and his mother has been saying it ever since.  She has had more than her share of it.  It has robbed her of many good times.  She was bed-ridden and wheelchair bound for several years because of it.  She has borne it better than I would.   I’m no stranger to pain myself, but I’ve never experienced pain like she deals with daily.  Pain for me is a temporary impediment to be endured or treated and then I’m good to go.  Nobody out here is particularly interested in hearing about my pain.  I suffer in silence until I can get to a phone and call home for sympathy.  She is the most sympathetic woman on the face of the Earth.  Nobody can say “Poor Baby!”  and sound like she means it like her.  Her advice and sympathy are the only health care I get out here.  My contract doesn’t entitle me to any care from the military except to stabilize me for evacuation.  If I ain’t fixin’ to lose an eye, a limb, or my life, then I’m just another f’n civilian interrupting their Xbox game.  I’ve had some recent experiences with pain myself.  It makes me really, really lonely and homesick for TLC.

Pain for her is a constant presence.  A good day means she can function, exercise the higher thought processes of the cerebral cortex, and smile.  A bad day means she can’t do those things.

She has a little yappy dog that pisses on the floor and barks it’s head off all the damn time, but this little rat terrier can do no wrong, unless he runs out into the street, because he sits on her body when she’s hurting and absorbs some of the pain.  He absorbs so much sometimes that he can barely move himself for hours at a time.   That’s devotion!

She has some pretty serious pain pills.  She has it within her power to end her pain forever.   She even cheats herself of normal dosage, and endures the pain, so she can manage it and be bright and cheery and fun when I get R&R.  She endures, and suffers, and hoards pills so as to be at her best for me.  That’s devotion!

Today she had a procedure done.  It was very painful.  I wasn’t there for her.  That hurts, too.

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What’s WRONG with these people?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been here in my comfy home enjoying the freedoms we all take for granted. Cable TV, pizza on demand, high speed Internet, I could go on and on.  Just fill in your favorites things.  Those are not my favorites; just a few I have been observing of my daughter and her buds. 

While watching these young adults enjoy life and the American way, I have been watching the news. I’m so angery! My boys are all in some way fighting the war on terror. So I have a vested interest on how this war come out.  WE ALL DO!

Just today the judge in Saddam Hussein’s genocide case decided Saddam was not a dictator, just all the people who worked around him were very mean and nasty people and it’s not his fault that these people were mean or nasty (Who the Hell hired the Mean and Nasty?).  The other night Alan Colmes of on Hannity and Colmes said that he believed that president  Ahmadinejad of Iran (the same guy who wants to wipe Israel off the map, and denies that the Holocaust happened) was more trustworthy than our President Bush.  These are just the ones from the last couple of days. 

Does the MSM not realise that if we lose the WOT, we lose forever? That means no more free press, they will no longer be able to tell the “truth”, (something very few have ever done) they will have to tell the sharia truth. And the women of the MSM, gone, killed? imprisoned? Raped until they confess? All kinds of lovely things.

I’m am so pissed off that if we don’t get our collective BUTTS in gear and get people to open up their eyes and see what is being fed to them by these  enemy agents  of the MSM and recognize it for the hostile psychological operation that it is,  our world as we enjoy it now, will be gone. 

What can we do?  We the unwashed horde of the hinterland.  Speak up!  We are the people!   If we can get one person a day, a week or a month to wake up and see that the world is not as the MSM portrays it.  We will have started on the track to taking back our world.  We will be telling the MSM and the Islamic Fascists that we are strong, smart and a force to be reckoned with.  If we want our world to free from the evil that is all around us, it’s our responcablity to try to change how the MSM works.


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