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This morning Cannoneer sent me this link about Photographer’s Mate Airman Jonathan W. Hutto of the USS Theodore Roosevelt .  How could anyone do such a thing? Both Cannoneer and I are military brats, I am also a military wife and mother.    On my side of the family just about every male has been in the military all the way back to the Civil War (East Tennessee Yankees, what’s a poor southern girl to do) .  On Cannoneer’s side his family has been fighting wars all the way back to the Revolution.  So we have a good idea why people join the military,  God and Country, for freedom,  because it’s the best job you can get with an 8th grade education, because it’s the only legal way to blow up stuff.  The reasons are as varied as the individuals who join.  I have never in my life heard of anyone joining the military so they can have credibility to spread lies and hatred of our country!  I am so amazed that anyone would do such a thing.   This man who was NEVER in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He was in the Persian Gulf on an aircraft carrier.   He may have had a liberty in Dubai, I guess that counts, it is in the Middle East.   He has the MSM and the “weird” non-profits with him, so he has money and a forum to spread his baloney.  We all  have to work hard to fight those who would do and say things that aren’t true about the world around us.  For there are people out there who are not as savvy as some or not as proficient at the computer, who just watch the network news and believe their party line.   I’m worried that those people who can’t or don’t look further in to a story are going to believe that crap he and the MSM are spreading.   There are lives at stake, the lives of our troops and civilan contractors, the lives of the millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan who are also fighting for freedom and a better way of life.  It seems to me that the MSM and the “weird” non-profits enjoy the deaths and suffering of all these people.  But that’s another blog!  So it’s up to us, the people who will look for the truth and report what they find to help the world become a better place.   It’s our little way of helping our country win the WOT!   —  Cannonette

Cannoneer No. 4 sez:  Check Greyhawk’s Stolen Valor Update.  And don’t miss Appeal for Redress: Astroturfing.  And read the comments on Tip of the Iceberg .

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A good man, seeing such a scene, looks away

Cannoneer: I saw that piece, but I’m not going to be the one to address it. It’s not for me to get in between a man and his brother. Birthdays are a hard time for family after a death. No wonder he felt like lashing out.

If you want to talk about the issues he raises, well, they’re all separate issues. I won’t condemn the man for what he said, though. It was said in honest grief for a brother he ought to miss. A good man, seeing such a scene, looks away.

Well, Grim, I can’t look away. 

Kevin Tillman, Airborne Ranger,  veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, baseball player, brother of Pat Tillman, is a better man than I am.  He has been there, done that, walked the walk and earned the right to express his bitterness.   Compared to Kevin, I am just an old, dirty leg f’ng civilian.

But he hasn’t earned the right to promulgate his views unchallenged.

He has every right to be bitter, if he wants to be.  He has every right to attempt to cause others to be bitter, and to try to use that bitterness to drum up votes for Democrats in mid-term Congressional elections.

But he hasn’t earned the right to my acquiescence.

The Cindy Sheehan wing of the Democratic Party has found in Kevin a wounded warrior who cannot be easily dismissed as a moonbat.  Somebody is going to have to have to engage him, or his view will prevail among the ill-informed who will take his words as gospel, and the support of the American people for the Counter-Jihad will continue to erode and we will end up defeated. 

Within the ranks of the military arc of the blogosphere are talented writers every bit as distinguished as Kevin Tillman, who are not nearly as bitter as he is, and who probably would not like to see his bitterness spread like a contagion throughout the civilian population.  Countering Kevin would seem to me to be a task well suited to milbloggers.  –Cannoneer No. 4

I feel so sorry for him! He feels so guilty to still be alive, when his brother is dead in an awful war. But at the beginning of the story he said they willingly signed up. He and his brother volunteered for service. When they did, they most have felt they were doing what was right at the time.
It now sounds like he is very depressed, and missing his brother.
It now sounds as though he wants to blame President Bush for what happened to his brother.

Just like Cindy Sheehan.

The killers of our brothers, sons, daughters, husbands,wives, sisters, are the same murderers who killed all those people in New York, Washington DC, London, Madrid, Aden, Khobar Towers, Somalia, Beirut and all the other attacks that have been going on for decades. 
Pat Tillman’s death was a tragedy.  Pat’s brother and parents deserve our sympathy.  But voting Democrat to express sympathy for the Tillman family won’t accomplish the mission.   —  Cannonette 

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Chris Muir’s Day by Day is a riot today

Go look

Hotel Tango Captain’s Quarters

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Somebody’s Gotta Do It Part 2

My darling husband is right! He loves to hear me say that.  We all have to do something about what is going on with this country.  It seems as though a lot of people are depending on the MSM for all their news and information on  the WOT.   Though I love him more than chocolate, his way for the most part is the “Bull in the China shop” approach. Throw all the information at the people and make them listen.  He’s gotten much better over the years; he’s not quite so in your face.

My approach or motto has always been ” you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”, I think this has rubbed off on my husband a little bit over the years.

I believe we all can do our part to inform those who are not computer savvy, don’t have the time or inclination to do the research, or are just plain incapable of getting their information from any other source. 

At the grocery store, PTA meetings, church , the gym, the beauty shop; just about anywhere you go during your day you will find people talking about what’s going on in the world.  And when that time arrives you can gently put your 2 cents in.  A couple of weeks  ago while at the grocery store, a woman ahead of me in line was complaining about how George W. Bush is going to draft her son and send him to Iraq.  She went on to say how the preacher on BET kept telling her not to let her son register for Selective Service, because that’s how they tracked all the boys to draft them.  I softly told her that was just not true (she gave me one of those really ugly looks) I went on to tell her that if her son did not sign up for Selective Service he could not get financial aid for college,  also GW could not draft her son ,  one reason,  there is not a draft in place,  2nd, Congress has to instate the draft not GW, and 3rd, when was the last time Congress got their act together enough to vote and pass anything that did not involve money.  She was shocked  that I would take the time to tell her this information.  I also told her that she could  look all it up in an encyclopedia or on the internet.  Anyway, a couple weeks later I saw her again at the store.  She stopped me to say “Thank you”  she had looked up what I said and found out that I was right.  Also, the financial aid officer at the college told her that if her son did not sign up for Selective Service he could not get Federal Financial aid for school.  She hugged my neck  and told me that I was in her prayers.  It was so very sweet of her to do that for me.

So anyway, we all can change the world  (one person at a time) it just takes a little bit of time and effort.

God Bless America



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Somebody’s Gotta Do It

Domestic counter-psyops, that is.  Greyhawk got Instalanched with his post about al Qaeda’s IO strategy, which is the kind of stuff that ought to be on this blog, but isn’t for a variety of legitimate reasons and some lame-assed excuses.

Greyhawk sez:

like it or not, Mr and Mrs Average American are involved in a propaganda war, the only battle of the war on terror currently being fought on U.S. soil – and those who choose not to be victims of that battle may wonder what the appropriate response should be. Perhaps just this – bear in mind the stated goal: “to throw fear into the American people’s hearts”, divide and conquer, weaken resolve, and defeat America. Be aware of the plan to reach that goal, and recognize it for what it is when next you see it in action, as you undoubtedly will. (And while you’re at it, spread the word – this won’t be on the evening news.)

Our Department of Defense Information Operators are not allowed to target domestic audiences, so who does domestic counter-psyops?

We do. 

A lot of people, myself included, bemoan the fact that America is not mobilized; that the burdens of this war fall almost entirely upon the servicemembers fighting it and the people who love them while the rest of the country sits on their asses watching Dances With the Stars, oblivious to World War IV.  Lots of people are eager to be of some service, but little has been asked of them.

Well, here’s your chance.  There is no ASVAB, no PT test, no tickets you have to punch to be a volunteer civilian irregular information defense group operator performing distributed IO in denied battle spaces.  All you have to be able to do is recognize bullshit when you see it and point it out to as wide an audience as you can reach.

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