A New K2?

A Western diplomat in Uzbekistan said the agreement included flying cargo into the Navoi airfield in central Uzbekistan for further shipment by rail or road.

Navoi is 97.6  miles northwest of the Karshi Khanabad Air Base we got kicked out of four years ago. 

Will what’s at Manas move to Navoi?

Will most of the containers at the Bagram CSRP be blue soon?

Will Karimov and Putin kick our back doors in again?



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2 responses to “A New K2?

  1. Interesting. Was wondering if there was an airbase in the negotiation. But it appears that Manas might not be gone after all. Apparently the Russians haven’t put the check in the mail to Bishek just yet. So, Monty Hall might be alive and well.


    As to the Russians causing us trouble, well, Stratfor is bullish on Russian power – at least in the neighborhood. I’m not so sure. I’m hearing that Putin may be on borrowed time. The kleptocrats surrounding him are getting very unhappy as Russia’s reserves have dropped from over $700B six months ago to under $400B today. The ruble is collapsing and no amount of support seems to stabilize it. Things are fluid, very fluid.

  2. Too fluid for a surge we may or may not be able to logistically support.

    There is a very finite amount of supplies that US Forces can absolutely, positively rely on getting through. This amount is what our headcount ought to be based on.