Did ANSO Strategically Leak a Classified Email to HuffPo?

ANSO is the Aghanistan NGO Security Office.  Touchy feely Euroweenie dogooder types aghast at the very idea of armed citizens playing any role in protecting the places they live.  Not entirely useless.  I’ve seen some of their products back when PBIED’s were new there and kidnapping and murdering Indian road builders was all the rage.  ANSO has connectivity with the Bundesnachrichtendienst, or  BND, German Federal Intelligence Service. 

Kamerad probably sees HuffPo as middle of the road.

If this effort to strangle the Afghan Public Protection Force  in the crib is for real, ANSO wants HuffPo readers to know that

  • all recruits must be between 25 and 45, fit, “non-drug using, no criminal record and actually be from the district they are recruited for. There is no overt tribal or ethnic dimension to selection. All recruits will be subjected to … background check.”
  • The citizen militia “will receive 3-week basic training including Values, Ethics, Police Law & Constitution, Use of Force, Human Rights and First Aid.”
  • Each recruited member of the militia “will be equipped with 1 x Vz58 rifle (similar to AK-47), 90 rounds ammunition plus spare magazine. Approximately 180 rounds per (militia member) will be kept as reserve ammunition at District Centre.”
  • each militia unit “will be issued White Ford Ranger Vehicles marked ‘APPF’ and pay will start at “$100 pm rising to max. $250 pm for APPF Captain”
  • “APPF will have no legal powers of arrest and will only detain suspects for handover to uniform police” and their key tasks are listed as:
    • 1. Protect the people
      2. Protect key government facilities
      3. Protect key government personnel
      4. Protect critical infrastructure
      5. Facilitate development
      6. Disrupt insurgent activities

Yep.  Sure sounds like a serious threat to Kabul’s legitimacy, doesn’t it?  If they have to be non-drug using then they are more elite than the Afghan National Army SFC Kobel runs with.  The Vz58 is an interesting choice in a land awash with Kalashnikovs. 

Sounds like fairly straightforward static security to me.  When you want something guarded, you can make soldiers or cops guard it, but tying trained soldiers and police down to static security of fixed sites wastes their talents.  If you want something guarded, hire guards.  Done right this could be a way to bring some Afghan PMC’s under government contract and supervision.

But there are a whole bunch of people who think this is a horrible idea.

Those of you interested in the Afghan Public Protection Force would probably also find this Belmont Club thread enlightening:

Insurgency vs counterinsurgency

Lots of comments on that thread.


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