The Right to Keep and Bear Ammunition

Who at the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service decided that small caliber fired brass had to be mutilated before it could be sold, and why?

Somebody decided to change the Demil code from

B               MLI (Munitions List Items) (Non-SME [Non-Significant Military Equipment]) — Demilitarization not required.  Trade Security Controls required at disposition


D                MLI (SME) — Total destruction of item and components so as to preclude restoration or repair to a usable condition by  melting, cutting, tearing,     scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, neutralizing, etc.  (As an alternate, burial or deep water dumping may be used when approved by the DOD Demilitarization Program Office.)

Now why would they do that?

Ammunition controversy shows failure of mainstream media to inform gun owners

No Longer Just Paranoia

Atlanta ammunition supply is severely constrained  $21.50 last month for a zippy bag of ugly, tarnished, apparently untumbled .45 Auto Rim g45ara_med

Willkommen Festung Argghhh! Bewohner.


DOD Ends Sale of Expended Military Brass to Remanufacturers

There is a letter at the above link from DOD Surplus stating Recently it has been determined that fired munitions of all calibers, shapes and sizes have been designated to be Demil code B. As a result and in conjunction with DLA’s current Demil code B policy, this notice will serve as official notification which requires Scrap Venture (SV) to implement mutilation as a condition of sale for all sales of fired munitions effective immediately.

Which is confusing to me because Demil code B isn’t the code that requires demilitarization or mutilation.  Maybe they misheard Delta as Bravo.

Nameless, faceless bureaucrats deep within the bowels of an obscure element of the Defense Logistics Agency have reached out and touched  millions of American shooters by monkeying with the disposition of expended Class V residue, which if you ask me is a bunch of expended Class I residue.

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UPDATE 200903171805:  Epic Ed, commenting at in a long and contentious thread, had this to say at 4:38:35 PM

The facts as I know them, which come directly from candid discussions with my CEO, indicate the following:

– Prior to 11/2008, Demil B items required no mutilation for sale to the public. That policy changed in November, but several exceptions were granted. Expended munitions brass was one of those given a waiver.

– Enter the new administration. Since Demil B category items had been given a broad, general label as “national security sensitive” someone above the DRMS (likely in the DLA) reviewed the policy and immediately went with a CYA policy and yanked all exemptions. No thoughts or considerations were given to the implications of this policy change, but this directive was issued to DOD Surplus effective immediately last week.

– Shit storm blows up as a result. In particular, the letters, phone calls, and emails to our legislators, the media, and anyone else who would listen caused this policy to be review post haste.

– As of this morning our company was informed that expended munitions brass will now be reclassified as Demil Q –– which requires no mutilation unless sold to a foreign country.

There you have it. The policy change was simply the result of some n00b administrator attempting to close a perceived “national security” loophole and brass got caught up in the snare. There was no political motivation behind the policy change, but it is good that people like us were suspicious, got involved, and helped bring about a resolution.


UPDATE: The pitchfork brigades worked their Toquevillian magic


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