Do We Have To Put Our Head In That Noose?

U.S. Eyes Iran for Resupply of Afghan Forces

It’s a trap.  The Iranians have been at war with us for 30 years.  444 days.  Beirut.  Khobar Towers.  EFP’s.  They’re still at war with us.  If they let us use their port of Chabahar and their road to Zaranj, it’s because they want to screw us.  The Italians in RC West are already making their own deals with them.   

Don’t fall for it.  Once they have us dependent on them they have us by the balls.



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5 responses to “Do We Have To Put Our Head In That Noose?

  1. c4toyourdoornobeefnomore

    Amen. It’s just amazing that our government, through 5 (and this will make 6) consecutive administrations refuses to acknowledge what any sensible (and honest) observer would conclude, and that is that we ARE at war with Iran, and as you said, have been for 30 years.

    Using Iran as a supply route smacks of desperation, and while that may be the appropriate word to describe the situation, acting desperate in regards to Iran can yield no good results. Ever.

  2. That supply route through Iran would be great for an Indian Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan. They wouldn’t want to piss the Indians off.

    The Italians and Spanish in RC West are going to make deals with the Iranians, both for logistics and escape if it all turns to shit. I believe that’s why the Germans won’t venture far from their big FOB at Termez, Uzbekistan.

    The Iranians are our enemies. Our “allies” the Afghanistani Tajiks are Persians. Ahmadinejad wants us out of what he considers his sphere of influence even more than Putin does. If we give him power over our forces, he will use it.

  3. Some days I think everyone but me has been asleep since the late 1970’s.

    I’ve quoted you and linked to you here:

  4. The Ayatollah was an ass-a-hola, Consul.