50,000 Containers

The Caspian Connection To Afghanistan






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  1. Run Logan, Run

    these are the smaller ones–what’s the location here? trees in the background don’t seem to say Afghanistan, maybe Europe?–but its been 4 yrs since I was there.
    Moving the two they had at K2 had to of been a gold plated bitch of an op.

    You still in country?

    • Googled for a pic of a Kalmar RTCH and found that. Caption says US Navy Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH) by Kalmar, from Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Group Delta, Fort Eustis, VA, 5 April 2006.


    • Pic of T-Rex here.

      I think they disassembled the ones at K2 and flew ‘em down to Bagram on an Il-76.