Virtual Pickets


1: a pointed or sharpened stake, post, or pale

2 a: a detached body of soldiers serving to guard an army from surprise

b: a detachment kept ready in camp for such duty

c. sentry
3: a person posted by a labor organization at a place of work affected by a strike ; also : a person posted for a demonstration or protest


“I think we all know the solution. Obama and his cronies must be dislodged from Office as quickly as possible.Now, as how to do it – I don’t have a clue. There must be some legal mechanism to dislodge Obama and his gang.”

I too ponder the peaceful path. At this stage of the battle, I think “pickets” are critical. Real pickets. Virtual pickets. Avatars with a message. The Web is part of the arsenal available, still.

I think we need to unleash our own corps, online and off (10 people/shifts), committed to incessantly intercepting each and every elected official at their local and WDC offices, during business hours. Ask to speak to the elected official, and/or a spokesperson, if officials aren’t available. Everyday. Different pointed questions. We’ll need an archive of their responses, for later.

Use questions like: About half of the electorate thinks what you are facilitating is financial rape, and that you are criminal in your support of it. How do you respond to that charge? Capture the response on your handicam or cell phone.

This activity will become the most important topic of conversation, whichever way it goes.

Web videos at eleven. Nationwide. Document and distribute hundreds of clips of peaceful civil unrest; overwhelming the coverage of the MSM (even if they decide to cover the incidents). Sign verbage needs to convey clearly how serious we believe the situation to be. A teabag may be too anachronistic a symbol, as we may have passed by a time when dumping tea expresses the extent of our anger.

The frequency of congress-critters and their staffs making themselves available to answer pointed questions from average angry and organized citizens will inform us. I type while reloading.


geoffgo, Mar 23, 2009 – 8:55 am


Social networking, flash mobs, cell phone videos posted to youtube and replayed at the end of Special Report w/Brett Baier, imaginative, entrepreneurial innovative use of new media, V for Vendetta meets An Army of Davids.  A real People’s Information War.





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