Good Guy Militias — ‘community based local defence forces’

It appears RC East is finally going to try Tribal Ruff Puffs.  The commander of Joint Task Force Afghanistan / Task Force Kandahar let that slip to The Canadian Press.  He also mentioned the KAU of the Popalzai tribe and the Senjeray community based local defense force.

I try to pay attention to such goings on, but this is news to me.  Sounds like Commander Matiullah went out of the war lord business and  got into the security business.  That’s the big fear Kabul and CSTC-A have of Afghan irregulars.  Armed bands of Hilux-mounted motorized security contractors look and act a whole lot like armed bands of Ford Ranger-mounted motorized ANA infantry or ANP cops, who when seen from a Predator look a lot like a motorized horde of Mad Max Taliban banditos.  Give the ones on our payroll blaze orange road guard vests or something and get ’em out there.  Focused District Development takes too damn long.

UPDATE 200812161840: U.S. Military to Launch Pilot Program to Recruit New Local Afghan Militias




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7 responses to “Good Guy Militias — ‘community based local defence forces’

  1. Grimmy

    Just a guess, but I believe there needs must be much accomplished in the area of cultural readjustment prior to any sort of comprehensive attempts to mobilize locals in non-military security forces.

    There’s too much history, both ancient and recent, pointing to the probability of such forces becoming just another armed gang supporting their own boss at the expense of the local civil pop.

  2. A lot of the locals are mobilized by somebody other than us. All sorts of Armed Opposition Groups, opium cartel bully boys, locally recruited “security contractors,” badraggas, lashkars, and chalweshti. Americans have to get smart on Pashtun culture and not always be falling for what the educated, English-speaking Pashtuns tell us.

  3. Grimmy

    There is always that too.

    No matter how it’s cut, the Afghan theater is going to be a long hard job. I doubt there’s anyone with a clue that ever expected otherwise.

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  6. yanay

    well………. toyota supports terror, what do have to say about that

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