What Goes Around, Comes Around

Payback has an Oedipus complex.  Do unto others as they have done unto you.  Learn from defeat, and analyze the TTP’s of the victors.  Adopt what works and become even more skillful and effective practioners than those you learned it from.

From the author of Liberal Fascism via Der Waffenmeister von Argghhh!:

Dear Jonah,

Below is the DNC/MSM/Hollywood/Academia 8 year, massive, coordinated, and unrelenting war room strategy against Pres Bush and the Republicans:

Create doubt. Question his judgment. Support his opponents. Ridicule his errors. Mitigate his successes with suggestion of unintended consequences. Refuse to praise his work. Challenge his advocates when they advocate; don’t let them own the conversation.


And why are we “snarky” when expecting the same from “our side”?

Why aren’t you saying that Obama has created more pirates now? Americans obviously believe the snark from the left, why not the right?

Does rightwing media not know how to do propaganda?

You all should learn, quick.

Winners do what it takes to win.    Even if it’s distasteful.  Even if it seems “unsportsmanlike.”  I have little patience for anybody who wants me to be a good loser.   A fish rots from the head.  I intend to point out the stench of BO with all the sweetness and kindness those people showed the previous C-in-C.  Dissent is patriotic, right?  I don’t want to sink to their level.  I want to surpass them.


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