PSYOP Preparation of the Battlespace — Setting Up Scapegoats to be Blamed for the Next False Flag Human Caused Disaster

The Oklahoma City Bombing saved Bill Clinton’s Presidency.  He was a lame duck, having led his party to defeat in the mid-term elections.  OKC gave him the crisis he needed to turn his fortunes around.  Everybody who thought he sucked suddenly became practioners of the politics of personal destruction.  Everybody who thought the Assault Weapons Ban sucked became a member of the Militia of Montana.  Everybody who listened to conservative talk radio became partially responsible for Timothy McVeigh.

History is repeating itself.

Some kid shoots cops and Glenn Beck and all conservatives “own” that, so the Obamanoids tell us.

If you have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, the Missouri State Highway Patrolman who stops you for speeding on a deserted road in the middle of the night has already been filled with propaganda about you guaranteed to fill him with adrenaline.  You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t stick his pistol in your ear when he asks for your license.

Now our federal Department of Homeland Security is identifying the usual suspects for future demonization should a crisis arise.  And we all know a crisis is too good to waste.

Read DHS, ‘Rightwing Extremism’ and Information Warfare

This is part of a more widespread ongoing information campaign to plant and reinforce critical themes into the American official, and broader public psyche, a continuation of the “clinging to guns and religion” message so frequently found in the rhetoric of President Obama and his acolytes.  Watch for reinforcing messages from other venues and other government organizations.  It will be used by talking heads, journalists and administration officials to make agenda-driven analysis sound rational as they work to delegitimize, marginalize and divide Americans, precisely when it is apparent that significant grass roots opposition movements are gaining steam.

The Tea Party Movement represents the same kind of resistance to Obama that the Militia Movement posed to Bill Clinton. Don’t be surprised if it is discredited in similar fashion.

In the information battle we live through, every media story and every government report is suspect. Experts, universities, think tanks, non-profits and interest groups are all tools for the spin masters and propagandists whose ethics are defined by “the ends justifies the means” of Saul Alinsky’s model. The DHS Rightwing Extremism paper is merely a recent example of how the American people and their law enforcement agrencies are manipulated . When those who excel at information manipulation and media control also sit in government the price of truth becomes eternal skepticism.

We who will be scapegoated need to start educating the public about the decade they slept through, lest they fall for it again. Preemptive counterpropaganda.

UPDATE 03272010:  TEA Partiers will be the designated scapegoats this time around, and just like last time, when all armed Patriots were successfully conflated in the public memory with the Covenant, Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, responsibility for every broken window must be laid at the feet of the most vocal opponents of The Regime. Rush Limbaugh was around to be scapegoated last time. Since then he has been joined by several effective pro-liberty/free enterprise/entreprenuerialism/capitalism/limited government/Constitutionalist anti-Statist advocates.


Lib Talker Malloy Calls for Deaths of Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly

Well, keep it up boys, just keep it up, um except for one thing: you rat bastards are going to cause another Murrah federal building explosion, you are. And then – what is Beck – maybe at that point Beck will do the honorable thing and blow his brains out.

What would such as he know about doing the honorable thing?

UPDATE 04182010:
How Clinton exploited Oklahoma City for political gain

It was a political strategy crafted while rescue and recovery efforts were still underway in Oklahoma City. And it worked better than Clinton or Morris could have predicted. In the months after the bombing, Clinton regained the upper hand over Republicans, eventually winning battles over issues far removed from the attack. The next year, 1996, he went on to re-election. None of that might have happened had Clinton, along with Morris, not found a way to wring as much political advantage as possible out of the deaths in Oklahoma City. And that is the story you’re not hearing in all the anniversary discussions



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15 responses to “PSYOP Preparation of the Battlespace — Setting Up Scapegoats to be Blamed for the Next False Flag Human Caused Disaster

  1. Enscout

    I’m pretty sure the efforts of one Henry Ross Perot had more to do with saving slick’s presidency that McVeigh.

    OTOH I agree with your premise.

    Also the timing of this memo needed to coincide with the Tea Party movement to give the left a 1-2 punch: 1)Diversion from the issues of the opposition while 2)establishing them as enemies of the government.

    The first shot has been fired.

    Textbook lefty politics.

  2. I don’t recall Perot being that much of a factor in the ’96 election. He put Clinton in office in ’92, but in ’96 even if every vote for Perot had gone to Dole Clinton would still have won.

    The Republicans in ’95 tacitly accepted ownership for OKC and allowed themselves to be demonized as the party of Angry White Men, putting up an old, scarred, not particularly charismatic war veteran easily painted as the embodiment of every liberal cliche about Republicans.

  3. Well done and I have added you in my links page

  4. FreedomFighter

    I just saw this site over at CMblakesweblog and just wanted to say that Im a former Psyop specialist and it certainly seems to me that the left is running the perfect campain against our way of thinking.

  5. FreedomFighter

    Im a former psyop’er and the left is running the perfect campain against our way of thinking

  6. FreedomFighter

    Damn double post, thats the second time today. Probrably the from the 6th beer i’ve had since reading cmblakes webb log.

  7. FreedomFighter

    From looking at the PIST site I can tell you that this site is not directly related to any real PsyWar campain by the military. It may however be from another branch of the GOv such as CIA or FBI but i highly doubt that the PIST site in question actually did the work. It’s probly a front for a similary org. to throw any would be hackers or cyber terrorists off the trail. In the psyop world its all about subversion (but adversly that could be exactly what they want you to think). In any case if their trying to use these tactics to help change the attitudes of americans about islamic fascism then there not doin a very good job, and they have utterly failed in showing them the truth about Socalism.

    • LOL. I invented PIST. It is not directly related to any real PsyWar campaign by the military, nor any other branch of the GOV such as CIA or FBI. It’s not a front to throw any would be hackers or cyber terrorists off the trail.

      It is true that I have failed to change the attitudes of Americans about Islamic fascism, and have utterly failed to show them the truth about socialism.

  8. FreedomFighter

    im sorry i was under the impression that you wanted to know if i thought the site was somthing other that what it appeared. I didn’t realize that you were looking for and opinion on the subject matter at hand. In truth if you want it to be more effective you need to find an audience that you want to effect, find a common denominator that ties them togeather then create a message that directly effects their wants and needs while expressing your message at the same time. Example (most people) believe in the need for wealth and charity. Use that as a primary message such as, “How much can you give if you have nothing left,” with imagery like a poor kid with outstrechted hands and a subtle backround of the presidental seal. Keep in mind thats outta my ass but something along those lines would be effective. also changing your sites name to something not dealing with psyop (in ne way, information operations or trying to change minds would help also). When people see words like this they recoil and believe nothing from it. Make the information your trying to put out avaliable but not seem forced or the sole purpose. Avoid using words could be demed “Scary” to the average person. These days the population is to far indoctrinated to believe the truth even if it hits them in the face, so instead use their feelings against them, people cant ignore that no matter how hard they try.

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  10. Clinton Diruzzo

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