Death Before Dishonor

Honor and dishonor.  What do those words mean anymore?  My country is at war, my country’s enemies are without honor, and far too many of my fellow citizens do not honor our country’s heroes. 

They found those two guys.  They had been mutilated, probabably beheaded, video likely to follow.  Bill O’Reilley and Colonel Hunt are foaming at the mouth with rage.  I understand why O’Reilly and Hunt are enraged.  I’m pretty pissed myself.  I don’t believe many of my countrymen understand why.  I have come to the conclusion that many of my countrymen are not honorable.

What got me thinking along these lines was Jamie Glazov’s interview with, James Bowman,  author of Honor:  A History:

At its most basic, honor is the good opinion of the people who matter to us. The people who matter, those whom we regard as our peers and whose right to judge us we implicitly recognize, I call the honor group. We are all part of various honor groups: our families, our classmates when we are in school, our workmates or professional colleagues, and different kind of behavior are approved of or disapproved of by each of them.

My good opinion, and the good opinion of the people who believe as I do, does not matter to millions of my countrymen on the left.  They can act dishonorably with impunity; without consequences, rarely if ever held to account for their lying, cheating, stealing, and toleration of those who do.  Just as my good opinion of them matters not, I can think of very little I am willing to say or do that might increase their estimation of me.  There is no basis for mutual respect.  This situation will have to change, or tragedy will ensue.  Two opposing camps can not long peacefully share the same country, especially when the country itself is at war, and one of the camps aids and comforts the enemy.

One of the biggest things that separates service members from the society they defend  is the concept of honor.  Most of the flock does not understand honor.  That part of the flock who were once sheep dogs mostly do.  That part of the flock who love sheep dogs know that honor is very important to their loved ones, whether they understand it or not. 

Honor is the single most important aspect of character that defines military service. Honor transcends integrity. It transcends honesty, selflessness, compassion and duty. Indeed, honor encompasses them all. Honor is a pillar of military service.

Helping my daughter with her homework one day, she asked me, “Daddy, what is honor?” I told her simply, “Honey, honor is doing the right thing…even when no one is looking.”

She got it.

It’s really no more complicated than that. — Steve Schippert

But the Kossacks and the moonbats and the deranged don’t get it.   These are people whose concepts of honor and dishonor, right and wrong, truth and lies, loyalty and treason are so radically different from mine that it becomes increasingly difficult to pretend to have any respect for them.  My country is at war.  These people want my country to lose.   They got their wish 31 years ago.  They won’t this time. 

Is there no decency, no honor left in the Democratic party anymore, Dr. Sanity asks?



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5 responses to “Death Before Dishonor

  1. The defeatocrats are on a path to lose more seats in the House and Senate than they can perceive. Pandering to the anti-war far left is going to ONLY salvage that group. What isn’t understood by them is that group isn’t growing, and when election time comes around, especially 08, their words and actions will be used for effective fire. With today’s path the 06 elections will probably maintain the status quo, but, to dishonor our troops,. to honor our enemy, will only cover them with dishonor.

    C4, Great write!

  2. Cannoneer You Get a Standing Ovation from me! Helluva Post My Friend!

  3. Pretty shocking, I suppose the lesson is not to be taken alive if at all possible. I must admit the thought of what they were probably suffering haunted me when I first heard that they had gone missing. Hope they died with honor.

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