Three Years of Voluntary Blogitude

If you check out the Archives down near the bottom on the right side of your screen you might notice a big gap between March 2005 and April 2006, between my last attempt to blog about my deployment to Afghanistan and my first effort on this one.  I migrated the old blog posts over here.  I gave up on that one.  Leisure time, sleep deprivation, brain power, give a shit level and internet access limits killed The Kandahar Contract, and constantly threaten this one.  I’m an Infinitesimally Insignificant Microbe in the TTLB Ecosystem with little desire to do what I have to do to evolve further up the evolutionary food chain.  I’m really not cut out to be a blogger.  I’m  not the great writer Cannonette thinks I am. 

I keep at it because I’m hard headed. 

Remember back in 2005 when Newsweek’s agitprop  about fictional flushed Korans fomented fatal riots?  I lived through that.  KAF went Force Protection batshit.  Our Nationals couldn’t come to work.  We got pretty bowed up trying to Charlie Mike without them.  It was already very hot that spring on the edge of the Registan Desert.  Blood – Hold.  Sweat – Check.  Tears – Check.  That event clarified my thinking about Old Media.  When I came home I started this blog.  And I haven’t quit.  And my tiny but elite readership hasn’t quit on me.

I may be the first self-tutored wannabe amateur PSYOP’er on the internet.

Post I Am Most Proud Of:  The Regulars’ RFI On USIA

Top Post According To WordPress:  “Ad Triarios Redisse!”  That was Grimmy’s idea.

Cannonette’s Best Post:  Live From Iraq it’s Indirect Fire!

This coming year you can expect more Afghan Public Protection Force, Logistics, Right to Keep and Bear Arms,  Politically Incorrect Politics, Irregular Warfare, Resilient Community Defense, Military Support to Civil Authorities and less cheer leading for what have now become merely Overseas Contingency Operations. 

I intend to fight The Program.


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7 responses to “Three Years of Voluntary Blogitude

  1. hoosierarmymom

    Cannoneer, every day I give thanks to God for men like you and women like Cannonette!

    Thank you both for standing for our country and communicating with all of us who care so much. You don’t have to be a world class writer to be a good blogger. You only have to have the heart and spirit of our founding fathers and all of those before you who thought our country and freedom was worth fighting for. You indeed have that. Carry on and God Bless you!!!!

  2. Thanks, hoosierarmymom.

    To me, blogging is a lot like pamphleteering. I will never be in Thomas Paine’s league, but I do what I can to carry on the tradition.

  3. Cannoneer,

    Congratulations! How time flies when you’re having fun, yes? I just passed the 1 year date. Whoda thunk it?

    Thanks for all the info, opinions and such that you post. Life should always be a process of learning.


  4. Thank, KW. You blog purty good for somebody who has only been doing it 13 months. 😉

  5. Grimmy

    Glad you stuck with it.

    I’d blog but I’m not exactly “stable” in mood or temperament when it comes to issues that offend me or piss me off.

    I’m on enough special lists already. I don’t want to help the bad guys by leaving too much of a written record of my doubleplusungood thinking.

  6. Whatever electronic or paper trail you leave will be used against you at your sedition tribunal at FEMA camp.

    • Grimmy

      “Whatever electronic or paper trail you leave will be used against you at your sedition tribunal at FEMA camp.”

      Damn straight. Anyone who doesn’t draw the ire of the domestic lovers of the enemy has failed in his pre-fight duties.