Mass Media Motivated Murder

Two good entries at Strategy Page worth passing on:

Adolph Hitler Fan Club

Mass murder has long been a grisly feature of human history. But the speed and extent of such massacres accelerated in the 20th century, with the spread of electronic mass media. First radio, then television and now the Internet, made it possible to more quickly spread and intensify the hatred and dehumanization of the victims necessary to get mass killings started.

As I was reading this I thought of the push to shut down talk radio. The programs I listen to would have to be shut down before the Politically Incorrect could be successfully dehumanized, demonized, rounded up and purged.

Penetrating Palestinian Propaganda Ploys

Israel found that over two-thirds of the Palestinian dead were men of military age (18-35). They also found that most of the “children” were teenage males, and some have been found memorialized in Palestinian web sites as “martyred fighters.” That means they were armed and on the payroll. Moreover, Hamas openly uses younger kids as lookouts and messengers. Lots of these “fighters” got killed simply because they deliberately placed themselves in the combat zone, or were sent there by their adult commanders. Thus over 70 percent of the Palestinian dead were working for Hamas, and most of them were armed.

Much bogus BS was put out during the last Gaza War. I’ve been rooting for the Israelis since 1967, but there seems to be a whole lot of Americans who have been mindfu

cked into believing that Hamas are Good Guys. The techniques by which this mental fornication was accomplished are a constant subject of study here at CIIDG. Millions of my fellow citizens can be made to believe things that are not so. These people have to be deprogrammed and shown the light if the rest of us are to survive.


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