Plausibly Deniable Cat Herders

Pretty much everybody who is reading this knows that Morale Operations are being conducted in cyber space.  Judging from the commenters, I reckon most acknowledge the political and ideological impediments to victory in the Iraq Campaign and the wider struggles of which it is but a subset.  It gives me no pleasure to contemplate the bitter fact that millions of my countrymen want us to lose.  I really do not want a politicized military, but, the military knows who wishes them well and who wishes them ill.  Some people may consider me a bag of shit for bringing up the schism in the American domestic target audience that makes the successful projection of American diplomatic, information, military and  economic power ever more difficult, contentious, glacial and rare, but I call ’em like I see ’em.  America is a divided nation.  We do not present a united front to the enemy.   We were unified, briefly, in the fall of ’01, but we didn’t stay unified.  I wonder if we will ever be unified again.  Will the losers ever again be good sports in defeat, and act as a LOYAL Opposition until the next election? 

I want my Westphalian nation-state to  survive the 21st Century as the  representative Republic established under the Constitution of 1787.  That puts me in opposition to millions of my countrymen, to multiculturalists, to  Postmodernists, to Transnational Progressivists,  to radical environmentalists, and especially to the Politically Correct.   That also puts me in opposition to a number of powerful politicians who count many of the above among their constituents, and to some whose notions of non-partisanship preclude any overt appearance of agreement with me.  I am NOT non-partisan.  Not anymore.

The pro-Victory side of the blogosphere is picking up a lot of the slack in the domestic infowar.    Department of Defense is content to allow themselves to be lawfared out of the War of Ideas on the homefront, and the Other Government Agencies , IF they are really engaged, are OPSECing themselves out of any benefit of the doubt.  The lack of any reason to trust that the professionals are doing much counterpropaganda, added to the failure of the leadership to mobilize the people towards  a structured, controlled, useful contribution to the war effort, has resulted in the self-mobilization of private individuals, groups, nongovernmental organizations, and businesses to do for the government and the people what the government appears to be unable to do for itself, and us.  Much of this self-mobilization is being done online, in the domain of cyberspace.

Some  cyber “vigilantes”  or privateers  may have played a role in shutting down Obelisk, much to the consternation of some, and  IO Minutemen are conducting what amounts to Computer Network Attack against YouTube jihadis, and it’s all very uncontrolled and chaotic and Blue Force now has a friendly Brown Force to consider, and the friendly Brown Force has to concern itself with IO fratricide.  Michael Tanji recommends Brown

begin to lobby the gov’t to extend their relationship with independents/irregulars to go beyond exchanging public affairs-type data. Your functional peers on the inside know and see the value; you have friends and advocates (and peers). You need to get past the old school and the luddites. This could be very successful if you crack the code.

If the best effort is made and no hand is extended, by all means continue, but just understand that you run the risk of gumming up the few activities on the inside that are engaged (and there are some).

Lobbying .gov and/or .mil is politically unacceptable to the Majority in the Legislature.  Anybody who gets too cozy with the right side of the blogosphere will get burned.

If they get caught.



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  1. StarCMC

    If the best effort is made and no hand is extended, by all means continue, but just understand that you run the risk of gumming up the few activities on the inside that are engaged (and there are some).IMNSHO, if the “inside activities” aren’t seen by the public and aren’t therefore influencing morale for both the American public and the fighting men and women, what good are they? Or am I misreading this?

  2. M1, thanks. Think the Turks will do unto Sweden as Russia did Estonia?

    NATO had no effective response, so they ignored the attack on Estonia. How European of them.

  3. The concern in intelligence circles is uncoordinated take downs of jihadi sites that are being monitored and traffic analyzed. I know just enough about network analysis to know that it can be a valuable tool. But the tentacle of the Federal octopus that does that doesn’t talk to the tentacle that is supposed to be doing domestic counterpropaganda, which probably isn’t the tentacle with the capability to do Computer Network Attack.

    Or maybe they all have their stuff tightly packed and I don’t give them enough credit.

    I’d be more optimistic about InterAgency competence if there was any effort to give me the warm and fuzzies I’ve been looking for, like a strategic communications campaign that bolstered our confidence in the ability of the non-military players to give the taxpayers their money’s worth.

  4. StarCMC

    Considering how little that average Joe American hears about the good things our troops are doing in Iraq, I don’t hold a lot of faith in even the IO wing of the military to be effective. Maybe that’s pessimism, but a friend of mine online posts 10-15 good news stories from the war everyday, and when I sent just the headlines of one day’s worth to my VERY patriotic, pro-military sister-in-law she was stunned, to say the least. I count the mass media as the enemy, aligned firmly against our country and victory – I just wish there was some way that the good stories that we hear could overcome that enemy and get OUT THERE so people can hear them. The jihadis KNOW how to use the internet and other methods of information dissemination well. The good guys need to beat them at their own game. Thank you Cannoneer No. 4 — what you (and other bloggers) are doing is very important work toward that end.

  5. StarCMC you have a good point here:
    if the “inside activities” aren’t seen by the public and aren’t therefore influencing morale for both the American public and the fighting men and women, what good are they?

    Certainly ineffective morale operations are not all that useful. The real need is for a replacement for the dinosaur media, specifically a pro-Liberty, pro-Property replacement for the globalist wire services that are anti-American to the bone. But now we’re talking about a business. It would need a business plan, managers, board of directors, funding source, and good writers and editors who are not propagandists against America. And then it will face all the problems that Fox News faces. More, probably, as it would be designed to be even less left-wing than Fox.

  6. Grimmy

    The major obstacle is that it is the msm’s job to do much of this work during a time of war.

    There should be no forgiveness for those in the media that have willfully, maliciously given themselves over to supporting our enemy, when ever, where ever and whom ever that enemy may be.

    There should be no forgiveness, no mercy. Some things can not be washed away with an “I’m sorry”.

    Another issue is the concept of compartmentalization. It is an easy bone to pick because it is all too often the excuse given to the simple to explain failures in complex problems.

    There is real and true value to compartmentalization. Without it, if anyone penetrates any part then they’ve penetrated and have access to the whole. That is never, ever, under any circumstances an acceptable risk in sensitive info management.

    There is a problem and that problem is the same as it always is in every endeavor ever undertaken at any point in history. The problem is people. Where ever people are involved, perfection is impossible. It’s part of the deal. The more people involved, the messier the problem will be. That’s just how it works. Always has, always will.

    The only problem this nation faces is that a substantial portion of our population has made the chain of decisions necessary to allow them to give themselves over to the best interests of the enemy.

    It does not matter why, nor what the reason, nor the motivation. It is betrayal. Nothing less. The problem should, and eventually must, be remedied by the traditions, customs and laws concerning those who choose to betray their own during a time of war.

    Ad Triarios Redisse!

  7. Citizens of the world don’t believe in patriotism or allegiance or civic duty, and besides, dissent and obstruction and speaking truth to power are the highest forms of patriotism anyway, right?

  8. Grimmy

    Such manifestations of the intellectual inbreeding of the rabid left are only viable and successful because everyone else has allowed themselves to be brow beaten into submission and continues to live on their knees in obedience to the rules as the left has mutated them into being.

    When dealing with such as this, kindness is weakness and is the weakness they best exploit.

    No. No one has the right to side with the enemy during a time of war. That is not simply a “difference of opinion”. It is betrayal. There are laws, customs and traditions for dealing with betrayers during war.

  9. There is no will to enforce the laws on the books and the customs and traditions are now considered barbaric and archaic. You are Politically Incorrect, Grimmy. Buggerers of little boys will be forgiven before you will.

    Everyone has the right to side with the enemy during a time of war because Americans have failed to punish such behavior for so long a prescriptive easement has given enemy sympathizers adverse possession of the Republic. And besides, this is an illegal war for oil we were lied into, anyway, or so the prosecutor will claim at your trial

    Treason never prospers, because when it does none dare call it treason.

  10. Theologian Michael Novak once wrote something like, In the 21st century, the primary battlefield is the mind of the opponent’s public.

  11. Today, the purpose of war is sharply political, not military; psychological, not physical. The main purpose of war is to dominate the way the enemy imagines and thinks about the war. Warfare is not, these days, won on a grand field of battle. Nor is it won by the force that wins series after series of military victories. Nor is triumph assured by killing far higher numbers of the enemy. The physical side of warfare no longer holds precedence.

    The primary battlefield today lies in the minds of opposing publics.

    The main strategic aim of war today is to dominate the mind of the enemy’s public, and then ultimately to dominate the mind of that public’s leaders.

    What the Islamists Have Learned: How to defeat the USA in future wars

    Thanks, jane!

  12. In a sense, this situation was only made possible by the United States global security initiative, otherwise known as the Golden Age secured by US military protection and their security umbrella.

    In an age where nobody had the power or will to stop you from taking what your neighbor, nobody would even need to focus on psychological warfare since getting rid of the opposition would be faster and more permanent. Because the United States has imposed limitations on what people can grab for themselves and for how long, people are finding other ways around such restrictions. They, of course, naturally hate the US for preventing them from looting their targets the easy way. Such is at least half of the foundation of anti-Americanism.

  13. StarCMC

    Grimmy said:No. No one has the right to side with the enemy during a time of war. That is not simply a “difference of opinion”. It is betrayal. There are laws, customs and traditions for dealing with betrayers during war.You are absolutely correct. And it’s time to be calling a spade a spade regardless of the power or position of the offender.

  14. Grimmy


    I read that thread at Small Wars.
    It does not address the issue at its roots. It is simply a mess of nothing.

    The issue we face now is not in any way about discarding the Constitution or overhauling or voiding any of the Bill of Rights.

    It is about addressing the full generation of idiocy and cowardice that has allowed black propagandists to infest our educational and national media organizations.

    Leftists are, by that very definition, favorable to communism, and communism demands the destruction and replacement of all other forms of governance other than communist.

    Treason is real. It is current and it is ongoing. Our national inability and unwillingness to stand the **** up and address these traitors with the full force of law and tradition is what got us to this dysfunctional state.

    This is not about people having a difference of opinion. This is about people adhering to the cause of the enemy.
    And it is about the rest of us being willing to go to any means necessary to avoid confronting these habitual traitors and enemy sympathizers.

    Idiot or coward. Every one of us picks either, or or both.

    It is no ones fault but our own for refusing to stand up to the liars, betrayers and black propagandists for the last several decades.

    And as always, without exception, in every record of such a thing in all of history, the appeasement and slow capitulation by equivocation is leading us to a place where bloodshed will be required.

  15. So Grimmy, what can guys like you and me actually DO to enemy sympathizers without ending up in jail or sued into bankruptcy?

    Do WE get to decide who the enemy sympathizers are?
    Do WE get to decide whether they should be punished or not?
    Do WE get to decide what their punishment should be?

    We actually can use our own common sense and identify to our own satisfaction who the enemy sympathizers are, but we have to be careful who we tell, and the language we use. Their lawyers are better than ours, and their pockets are deeper.

    The only punishment I can think of that we can inflict legally is to convince as many people as we can that enemy sympathizers are not to be believed, that outlets that disseminate their propaganda are not to be relied upon, and that advertisers on those outlets are not to be patronized.

    The MSM is already suffering from the unorganized individual boycotts of millions of ex-consumers. How do we grow that?

  16. Grimmy

    Take all the romance out of it, why dont you?

    Seriously though, the only valid option I can come up with at this time is to just keep beating this particular drum as loudly as I can get away with.

    The more people become aware that they’re not alone in their understanding of the situation, the more people will start getting loud. The more loud people beating on this drum the greater the back pressure against the betrayers.

    Many play the betrayer role as a game. Something fun, trendy and “grown up” to play at. If a harsh enough counter pressure is worked up, those trendies will give up the bullcrap.

    It is simple acquiescence that has brought us to this point. The betrayers have been allowed to define their own excuse system without limit. That’s the first thing to change.

    But, even if it is a totally useless and hopeless venture, there’s no excuse not to fight back. To do other wise is to surrender and live on your knees for the rest of your days.
    I don’t have it in me to be that weak. I know you are the same.

    In the meantime, we can start trying to make enough noise to get the weaksuck cowards in the federal law enforcement to get up off their knees, pry their lips off the enemy propaganda cock, start pretending to be men again and do their ****ing jobs. Start enforcing the laws as written and much of this problem is dealt with.
    That should be a linky on the side bar.

  17. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III revealed during the hearing that the FBI has no counterideology response other than its “outreach” to Muslim-American communities so they “understand the FBI” and address “the radicalization issue,” he said.

    Asked whether the FBI has a responsibility to wage a battle of ideas within U.S. Muslim-American communities, Mr. Mueller said: “You put that where I would say no, that it would not be our responsibility for any religion to engage in the war of ideas.”

    The FBI’s responsibility, he said, is “to explain that once one goes over the line and it becomes not a war of ideas but a criminal offense, this is what you can expect, and to elicit the support of those in whatever religious community to assist us in assuring that those who cross that line are appropriately investigated and convicted.”

    I don’t think a penchant for fellatio is what’s holding the Feds back, Grimmy. They are just a cog in the dysfunctional InterAgency machine.

  18. Grimmy

    I wasn’t talking about any outreach operations by Feds to muslims.

    I am talking about those betrayers that violate federal law in such areas as:

    Obstructing recruitment for military;
    Using misinformation to interfere with ongoing military operations;
    Encouraging and aiding in desertion;
    and other constantly occurring violations of Ch 115 of USCode title 18.

    These are not differences of opinion, these are crimes.

    There is no excuse for the failure to enforce the laws. The blood, when the rage finally does break, will be every bit as much on the head of those in law enforcement that refused to step up and do their damn jobs as it will be on the betrayers who gave themselves up to adhering to the cause of the enemy.

    So yeah, on their knees. That’s where they are.

  19. Grimmy

    Btw, I’m not trying to convert you to my way of seeing this issue.

    Just saying it like I see it. I fully expect others to view the issue through their own perspectives and address the problem according to their own concepts.

    I know I am way to the harsh side on this issue. It’s just the way I’m made.

  20. The defenders of traitors can inflict more pain on the Administration than those who want treason punished can counteract.

    Will there be massive demonstrations marching in SUPPORT of treason trials? Will the MSM make heroes of the prosecution witnesses? It is pretty easy to imagine what the defenders of treason will do. What will the people who would like to see treason punished do? Will the outpouring of support overmatch the outpouring of dissent?


    Then why bother?

  21. starcmc

    Why bother? Because I need to be true to my beliefs that our military is respectable, honorable and true. And standing by idly while people drag them down would cause me to lose that self respect. It is my duty to do what is right, whether anyone else does or not.

  22. What is your duty, or mine, or any American, in the suppression of treason, Star?

    Other than talk bad about people we consider traitors, what ACTION can we take against them?

    How do we break the disloyal of their bad habits without breaking the law?

    The power of people like us to reward politicians for prosecuting treason and sedition is less than the power of people like them to punish politicians for attempting to prosecute. That’s why there aren’t many treason trials these days. That’s why the politicians don’t bother.

  23. starcmc

    I hear what you’re saying and I understand. But I still believe that my duty is to point out treason when I see it, regardless of the outcome.

  24. Will the outpouring of support overmatch the outpouring of dissent?

    Symmetrical warfare against the domestic insurgency is not as effective as asymmetrical warfare.

    If you cannot defeat their strong point, then you must exploit their weaknesses.

    what can guys like you and me actually DO to enemy sympathizers without ending up in jail or sued into bankruptcy?

    They must be discredited or destroyed personally, whichever is the most effective. The media, as with TNR, is already pretty susceptible to scams and lies. Getting America angry at being lied to is a pretty simple task, if not an easy one.

  25. How do you discredit people who have no shame? TNR is still in business. Franklin Foer is still employed. The consumers of TNR’s product are still consuming it. We have preached to the choir and TNR is thoroughly discredited in OUR congregation, but the political spectrum that bought TNR is impervious to our preaching.

    That which would totally discredit, disgrace, silence and remove from all further serious consideration a conservative does not affect the other side. They circle the wagons, admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations until the short attention span of the impartial observer is expended.

  26. Star, you do your duty well, but having acquired the target, who can you call for fire?

    We have lots of Forward Observers, but no big guns.

  27. StarCMC

    Then maybe our focus should be, along with pointing out treason when seen, searching for a “big gun.”

    Every time God needed a leader in the Bible, He brought one forward. Maybe not the most likely person — Saul was found hiding in the luggage when they sought him to anoint him as king. That person is out there — it’s just a matter of where.

  28. Grimmy


    I hear what you are saying, and do not find fault in your for it, but for me, not calling it as I see it, regardless of potential repercussions, is an act of cowardice.

    I do not have it in me to check fire in conversation when confronted with betrayal or betrayers.

    Every night I as I start working my way toward sleep, I deal with the shame of having spent another day in denial of my oath as I understand that oath to mean.

    I will, as of this post, separate myself from what you are doing. I will continue to read and learn as much as I am able here, but will no longer post.

    This is not meant as an insult to you or what you are doing, but as a safety to prevent any discredit I will eventually bring by my words in other forums and blogs.

  29. Via con Dios, Grimmy. You will be missed.

  30. How do you discredit people who have no shame?

    Dan Rather didn’t have any shame, but that doesn’t mean he was immune to being discredited.

    Such an event wasn’t even organized, it was simply the result of serendipity.

    We have preached to the choir and TNR is thoroughly discredited in OUR congregation, but the political spectrum that bought TNR is impervious to our preaching.

    TNR launched an attack. Opponents are only defeated for good when you launch an attack on them. Victory requires more than simply ensuring that TNR’s attack fizzles out.

    They circle the wagons, admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations until the short attention span of the impartial observer is expended.

    That’s because they are organized with the intent of offensive operations in mind. It doesn’t mean that they are very strong in defense or against coordinated attacks.

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