The amateurization of cyberwarfare

Is CYXYMU the first “digital refugee”?

What was done to him by Russian Civilian Irregular Information Operators could be done to me by Obamerican Civilian Irregular Information Operators, or Russian, or Chinese, or any other virtual militia whose enmity I might incur.

The amateurization of cyberwarfare has been one permanent feature of virtually all recent cyber-attacks that somehow implicated Russia; it may be part of a broader Kremlin effort to “crowdsource” its defenses and offenses to groups of nationalistic vigilantes, not just in cyberspace. Thus, recent news reports suggest that Nashi, Kremlin’s youth arm, will soon be recruiting up to 100,000 problematic teenagers to form ARMED militia units that would patrol the streets. It would make some sense if they also invest into units of “cyber-vigilantes” who would be patrolling cyberspace, particularly given the rising importance of the Internet in Russia’s public life.

Does the youth arm of The New Black Panther Party have an IO Cell?


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