Wedges and Mauls

The Global War On Terror is misnamed.  Terror is a tactic, not the name of an enemy.  And it’s not really global.  America is not at war with LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka or Basque terrorists in Spain.  Why can’t we name the enemy and correctly name this war? 

Why has America fought this war with both hands tied behind it’s back? 

Why didn’t President Bush ask for a formal declaration of war on 9/12?

Why is the Middle East not a radioactive glass parking lot by now?

Why can’t anybody in authority answer these questions to our satisfaction and put our minds at ease?

Because the answers contain painful truths that few in authority care to voice. 

This blog is mostly about civilian volunteers assuming the domestic counterpropaganda mission the United States Government has been rendered incapable of performing.   I’ve discussed in previous posts how our defenders have failed us on the psychological front.  Morale Operations are being conducted against the American domestic target audience and our leaders don’t want to talk about that because doing anything about it would cost them precious political capital squabbling with domestic enemies who profit from it. 

All enemies can’t really be effectively opposed when their freedom of speech and civil rights are paramount.  Some of my fellow citizens think unlawful combatants disarmed on the battlefield and transported to Gitmo not only deserve, they are owed all the rights of citizens.  Other fellow citizens agree with me that summary execution is the proper disposition of such cases.   This disagreement over what to do with prisoners is just one of many deep and fundamental fissures in the American body politic that our domestic enemies partner with our foreign enemies to widen.  Our enemies understand our weaknesses perfectly and exploit them very well.  Our leaders downplay our divisions to avoid bringing too much attention to their weakness and ours, thus nobody goes on trial for treason or sedition, everybody gets to say whatever they want without personal consequences no matter how damaging, and the opposing camps within America grow ever more disgusted with each other

We who would attempt to neutralize and mitigate the damage done by the enemy’s propaganda must understand that the enemy in this war owes much of his success in spreading cynicism, pessimism, distrust and  division to the information operations preparation of the battlefield achieved by the enemy in the last war.  And that enemy’s sympathizers use positions of power to carp, criticize, oppose, obstruct, cast aspersions on and otherwise retard progress towards victory.  Violent radical Islamicists aren’t our only enemies in this war, they are just the enemies our military can deal with kinetically. 


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3 responses to “Wedges and Mauls

  1. Canoneer,

    You have a very good article and your approach is insightful. We find more effective enemies on our homefront than are present on the battlefield.

    It is not their correctness (which as we know exists only in their slanting of truth), but their ability to present the only voice heard by many which gives them their strength. They are already beginning to give way when truth is presented, but they still have the only national audience. More and more, that audience is turning to the blogs and to the internet.

    Constant reinforcement of a message, even if it is a wrong message, is their strength. We must dissallow them that reinforcement. We cannot allow globalists to take our sovereignty nor our national pride and honor. We must watch both sides, politically, in order to prevent their globalist factions from denying victory or sabatoging victory.

    Keep up your great work.

  2. Thanks. Feedback keeps me blogging, at least while I can.

    Many of our fellow citizens are without honor. This makes respect and comity difficult. And only one side appears to have the common decency to value respect and comity.

    Sometimes it seems that we will have to turn the other cheek and be the grown ups until they win or we do unto them as they have been doing to us.

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