Pic 'jacked from Journal of Applied Drink Studies International

KATUSA Snack Bar, Camp Casey, 1983. Hazy memories of ramen, rice, kimchee & Jinro.

Korea could be fun back in the day. The ville outside Casey was a regular Mos Eisley spaceport. The Black Rose usually topped the list of joints off limits for VD. Remember The Silver Star? Everybody knew my name in there.

January 5, 2011: The U.S. Air Force has banned their troops in South Korea from having a local liquor, Soju, in their living quarters, or anywhere on base. The reason is that Soju is cheap, popular and kind of sneaks up on you. Similar to vodka, but with a somewhat sweet taste, most Soju is 40 proof (20 percent alcohol). American troops find that they can drink a lot of it before they suddenly find themselves quite intoxicated. The air force considers this a problem because many airmen, while off-duty and on base, are “on call.” If they have been drinking Soju, and are suddenly called in to operate or repair complex equipment, disaster can ensue. Some Soju is 90 proof, but it’s the 40 proof stuff that causes the most problems.

Drinking and whoring used to be a big part of soldiering overseas. We’re so much healthier and politically correct, now.


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