Cyber guerrillas can help US

Evgeny Morozov’s “cyber guerrillas” are referred to as Civilian Irregular Information Operators on this blog, but we are both talking about non-state actors. 

Morozov essentially wants somebody to persuade, change and influence the sophomoric Julian Assange to collaborate with traditional media, redact sensitive files, and offer those in a position to know about potential victims of releases the chance to vet the data and turn Wikileaks into a new Transparency International.

I want him dead.

Morozov thinks that would create a global movement of anti-American politicised geeks clamouring for revenge.


Are there enough pro-American politicised geeks to counter vengeful anti-American politicised geeks?

Are there any U. S. .mil /.gov Information Operators capable of  countering vengeful anti-American politicised geeks working by, with and through pro-American politicised geeks?  No real way of knowing.  Bound to be some who are capable of it, but of those, how many are willing to risk their careers associating with politically incorrect  pro-American politicised geeks?


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6 responses to “Cyber guerrillas can help US

  1. Or you can incentivize the process through a concept of cyber privateers.

    You will be able to capitalize on the hatred or the buzz of the whole thing in the beginning to attack wikileaks, meaning volunteers will work for a little bit.

    But for long term, sustained attacks, that only get worse and more creative over time, you must create an industry out of destroying wikileaks and others like them. Companies and individuals will pour their heart and soul into the thing, if there is a prize or bounty to be had.

  2. Creating an industry is a job for capitalists. Who is going to pay the capitalist who sets up a cyber privateering operation? .gov is broke, and too many politicians sympathize with Wikileaks.

  3. Paul Carrillo

    Flood the internet with BS! create sites visual similar to the leakings sites, with partial BS, partial True, but in the end sooo much information the true and the untrue cannot be adequately distinguished. Just one possible action, also crash one by one all who help this anti-american site, this will bring down the number of attackers, and their boldness. Then start actively “blacklisting” people in a systematic way, to create a sence of paranoia amongst your enemy, of who is on there side, and who is on yours, and why was this person left alone, but this one taken

  4. The anti-US and anti-pro-US crowd will counter the Pro-US Cyber effort with Lawfare inside the US directed against the Civilian Irregular Information Operators and their vendors. There isn’t really an avenue to use Lawfare back outside of the US though.

  5. Its current quest for transparency, however sloppily executed, could soon become an exercise in anger, one leak at a time.