Power Line – Is It Time to Get Out of Afghanistan?

John Hinderaker

via Power Line – Is It Time to Get Out of Afghanistan?.

There are new crises in the Middle East, and a bigger crisis than all the rest in Washington, where the Democrats are spending our children’s inheritance like there is no tomorrow. Hanging on in Afghanistan is not helping us to meet these more important challenges, and, while the war there represents a very small part of the federal budget, it is critically important to save where we can. The defense budget inevitably must take a hit, and Afghanistan is the best place for that ax to fall.

Wars can be won or lost. If we quit, we lose. It took from 1975 to 1991 to get over losing the last war we lost. 

How do we unass Afghanistan without it looking like we were run out? 

How do we achieve Obama’s version of Peace With Honor without psychologically damaging the men and women America sent to Afghanistan and denigrating the heroism of those who did not come back?

Leave in good order, at our own pace, with enough wailing widows and smoking villages in our wake to preclude much Taliban triumphalism.


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  1. JB

    We won in 2002. What we are in now is neither war nor peace.

    • What exactly did we win in 2002, JB, and why, having won, did we stick around?

      I think we lost at Tora Bora in 2002 and haven’t been able to admit that failure, and stay primarily because we haven’t been defeated militarily, yet.

      • “I think we lost at Tora Bora in 2002 and haven’t been able to admit that failure,”

        Very true. We failed to box in the Taliban/AlQada.

        Partially, our Afgani allies let our enemies escape. Partially, it was a fear of US causalities that prevented the use of Airborne troops and Marines as a blocking force.

        S o no it is 2011 and we are still fighting, taking causalities, and spending money.

      • JB

        We removed the Taliban from government for their support of Al-Qaeda; we installed a government (not necessarily a good one). We stayed to build the national government. To install a national army in a place that has never successfully known such a thing. It was a noble idea yet we put very little effort into it as we had another war to fight at the same time. We let the gains we made slip away and only years later did we realize we let the wolf back in.

        If our goal is a democratic Afghanistan that supports the same basic ideas of the US we may never leave the place. This is where solid goals are important. A definition of victory needs to be addressed before we commit. How do we know if we’re done if we continually change the goals? Someone tell me how we will know when we’ve won?

        Currently I have seen little evidence that the people of Afghanistan expect us to stay and as a result they are hedging their bets.

        I’m not against continuing the fight necessarily but I don’t want to see our officials’ apologizing for being American. I don’t want to hear our leaders commit to leaving in the middle of a fight. Are leaders have encouraged the enemy with talk of departure dates. In this kind of environment I don’t see victory but prolonged frustration for those that fight the fight.

        A appreciate the opinions of those that find progress in this fight. On the battlefield we are unbeatable. The Marines (as an Army alumni hate to admit) have been doing an amazing job. But politically we haven’t committed to winning.

        The spring offensive is beginning, what will happen in July when we begin the drawdown? Even if we don’t pull any combat troops out (which appears we will do) this has already been a victory for the enemy. Yet we are asking our troops to continue the fight? Again to what end?

  2. Grimmy

    As troublesome as the “war in Afghanistan” can feel for us at home, and as harsh as it can be for the troops actually in that particular AO, there’s one huge aspect that never gets mentioned.

    The fighting there is killing lots and many of the jihadiscum from every muslim neighborhood on this planet that would otherwise be migrating into already established “no go zones” all over Europe and the US.

    The jihadiscum must be made dead. This swamp is gonna take a long time to drain. The depth and breadth of that swamp was given an exponential growth during the ’90s when we were doing almost exactly what the cut and runners are advocating we do today.

    The jihadiscum must be made dead. The jihadiscum we’re fighting in Afghanistan come from every mid eastern country, every European country, the ANZAC countries, and the US. Every muslim neighborhood has its representatives in the jihadiscum forces in the Afghan AO, just as they did in the Iraq AO.

    We fight them there or we fight them here. That isn’t just a slogan.

    There’s another incident of cut and runism that can be used to demonstrate just why we should not cut and run. The withdraw from Mog and the fatwa from AQ that followed. Paper Tiger anyone? How about we prove that to be true to such a solid degree that we can never get back up off of it? How about we convince everyone in any AO we engage in in the future that we can NOT be trusted to stick it out. How’s that gonna play out?

    How’s it gonna play out when all those indigs in the Afghan AO end up as guest stars to their own beheading vids on youtube? Thousands of them.

    Here’s the truth. This is reality. ANYONE advocating cutting and running for whatever reason, any reason what so ever, is doing the business of the enemy. That is what the enemy wishes to accomplish.

    AS to reasons often listed:
    The time spent in that AO already? After the initial successes, the ISAF with it’s clown car command structure, feckless, spineless degenerates among our own allies from EU (spanish, german, italian, french to name names) for the first grip of years did exactly squat all except everything they possibly could to ensure that all possible positive momentum was bled away from the program. Those years were wasted on purpose. Just go back into the archives and reread the words and speeches of the intellectually inbred sacks of crap that played at the political level in those countries at that time.

    Corruption in the gov? Pluheezee. There is not now, nor has there ever been in all of human history, a gov as corrupt and incompetent as our own at this time. We poo poo others for wasting billions while we piss away trillions.

    The debt? Talk to me about the grotesque amounts of money paid to lay abouts so they have the time necessary to indulge in their criminal activities. Cut every expenditure except welfare and we’re still sunk. The mil budget doesn’t even come close.

    But, the truth is, ANYONE talking about cut and running is playing into the enemy’s game plan. It is that simple.

    • Well, there haven’t been any serious adverse consequences suffered by any Americans who play into the enemy’s game plan so far. How do you propose to change that?

      Most of the jihadiscum in Afghanistan are Pashtun Taliban. Al Qaeda over in Waziristan has recruits in small numbers from every mid eastern country, every European country, the ANZAC countries, and the US, but we only seem to fight AQ with UAV’s.

      • Grimmy

        Actually, the foreign volunteers have shifted to the Talib. The lure of “war brides”, the monies raised up by the Mullahs of War through the mandated islamo charities used to pay the volunteers, the ability to fulfill the mandates of islam to kill infidel, all that has largely shifted from AQ to the current larger fighting force.

        The creation of Pashtunistan (never can remember how to spell that abomination of a imaginary place, sorry) is the ISI’s goal, but the “boots on the ground” all have their own motivators. Free sex, money, glory, those are the primaries for many of the fighters. Then there is the usual inbred tribal hijinks mixed in to make things less harshly delineated.

        Unfortunately, the inbred tribal part gets all the press and much of the effort in that AO. It’s a necessary part of the problem, of course, and does deserve much of the effort, but there’s almost nothing comprehensive to address or push back against the hugely impactful foreign elements. Not even a mention in the press.

    • I don’t think Afghanistan has been the location of choice of “jihadiscum” for several years.

      • Grimmy


        This must be why our forces are consistently engaging jihadiscum from Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Libya, France, Pakistan, ect and so on, even occasionally from the US of A.

        What’s going on in Afghanistan is as much a hostile foreign invasion by non indigenous islamics as it is a local indig “insurrection” or traditional tribal hijinks.

        These invader jihadiscum move in, take over a village, force the girls and women into “war marriages”, enjoy the rape of the local young boys, execute whom they wish either for point making purposes or simple entertainment and occasionally wandering out to ambush or attack our forces. Then the media presents it all as simply a case of locals fighting us, the crusaders.

        Afghanistan was *the* place for jihadiscum to rally to the call of the mullahs commanding this long war until the fight moved to Iraq. Now that Iraq has calmed down, Afghanistan is again the place to be for jihadiscum from the world over to answer the primary call of islam in killing infidel.

        We quit Afghanistan and the after effects will be much worse than the repercussions of our abandonment of Vietnam. And Mogadishu (ref: AbL’s fatwa after and “paper tigers”.)

        This has the potential to be such a victory for our enemy as to ensure that this war devolves into a genocidal slaughter by necessity. Yeah, letting the inbred sacks of crap get it into their heads that we really do not have the stomach for a long fight. Lots of value in enforcing that concept. Uh huh.

        Remember, this is not just about what we want to call it, spin it as, make up shit to cover ourselves with, it’s also what the enemy WILL call it and how the inbred scumbags that answer the call of the Mullahs of War will receive it as it is preached in nearly EVERY mosque on this planet.

        This is a long war. I don’t mean just Afghanistan. It is not the War of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is just a front, an operational AO in this war. There are many more fronts, operational AOs to come before this war comes even close to being over.

        And finally, with a strong presence in Afghanistan, we are well positioned to eventually take the war to the creators of the Taliban, the motivators for the drive to create a Greater Pushtanistan that includes Afghanistan as well as other territories, and serious supporters of the global jihadiscum infestations around the world.

        Pakistan will have to be delenda ested. If we’ve got our forces as a sword against their backs from Afghanistan, that will greatly aid the forces that will have to take the sea borne approaches from the other side.

        Of course, we will keep up the taqqyia on Pakistan for awhile yet. We are nothing, of a nation, if not willfully self deceiving in our desire to avoid harsh reality.

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