It’s time to sue Google

Why, Google Without Terrorist Propaganda is Like Whip Cream Without the Cherry!

Google: helping make terrorist dreams come true

How many Jihadi videos did Hasan watch on YouTube?

Self-radicalization without Jihadi videos is like self-gratification without porn. Pictures get you there quicker.

UPDATE:  200911271035  The next time the Taliban kill an American, thank Google’s YouTube service for helping spread their vile propaganda.

Countering enemy propaganda is a mission self-mobilized Civilian Irregular Counter-Insurgent Supportive Information Operators can do.

Why does Google get away with it?

UPDATE: 200912311016 Dawn Patrol-alanche! Welcome, Dawn Patrollers.


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15 responses to “It’s time to sue Google

  1. Avery

    This is the truth. We need to adopt a policy. Kill one of us and loose a country. It worked for Rome, by and large. If the nation cooperates with us they may keep their rulers with our oversight. If they oppose us, they become a US territory. We are accused of Imperialism. That would be Imperialism. We have the chance now. The moment is passing. We will be as Great Britain if we remain passive or we can live in memory 10,000 years. I bet we let the moment pass. What a shame. Wew could have truly changed the world.

  2. “Why does Google get away with it?”

    That’s the million dollar question.

    • Much more than a measly million dollars.

      Presidential candidates see political video differently

      With YouTube available to the candidates free, all are also uploading their videos to the popular video portal, some relying on it more than others. But Google Inc.’s YouTube is a double-edged sword, says Kolowich. Now that millions of voters have viewed political video on YouTube, Google is able to determine their political leanings and show them advertisements from opposing candidates, political action committees, and anyone else who wants to target those viewers, not just on YouTube but presumably throughout Google.

      The average contribution associated with visits to a candidate’s website is “astonishingly high,” according to Kolowich. He won’t disclose the number, but says it far exceeds the cost of developing and serving video, leading him to recommend doing everything possible to engage people with video on a candidate’s own website. Kolowich used YouTube to generate leads, but to cultivate supporters he used Mitt TV.

  3. Lately, when I’ve been posting about YouTube’s complicity with the terrorists, I am hearing people say that Google/YouTube simply doesn’t have the resources to adequately moderate their site — even with the community policing it purports to rely upon. Critics point to news items about Google’s failing financial situation ( But I don’t believe their lack of financial stability exonerates them from obeying Executive Orders against helping the terrorists.

    • They only have to obey the Executive Orders the current incumbent Chief Executive is willing to make them obey.

      The Jihadi YouTube videos may be flypaper. Who are the flies?

      If you wanted to collect data on millions of patriotic American anti-Jihadists for a Homeland Security report on politically incorrect extremists to be blamed for violence against Muslims, how would you do it?

  4. President Obama Announces Members of Science and Technology Advisory Council

    Eric Schmidt is Chairman and CEO of Google Inc. and a member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc. Before joining Google, Dr. Schmidt served as Chief Technology Officer for Sun Microsystems and later as CEO of Novell Inc.

  5. C#4 our paths have crossed so often, in so many places, and for so long…

    Just wanted to let you know I’d hat tipped you.


    On the topic. They get away with it because they can. Sound familiar?


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  7. Most of these videos are probably produced at Fort Bragg anyway. Google is supporting United States PSYOP objectives.

    • StarCMC

      Well look what crawled out from under a rock!

    • Probably?
      The handful of people at Fort Bragg that have ever heard of you probably think you’re a douche nozzle. Whether you are, in fact, a douche nozzle, has yet to be proven.

      I rate the probability of it high.