USN’s Civilian Auxiliary Is Sinking

The Emperor Has No Clothes by Joseph Keefe @ Maritime Professional

All the Chinese crap in Wal-Mart is not coming to us in US-flagged vessels.  Our shipyards can’t build ’em at a competitive price, and Seafarer’s International Union members won’t work for the same pay a  Filipino seaman accepts.

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3 responses to “USN’s Civilian Auxiliary Is Sinking

  1. I read somewhere that around 1968-1970, a brand new Merchant Marine Academy graduate, was making as a starting salary the equiv in 2010 dollars over $1o0,000.

    Sounds like they priced themselves right out of jobs.

  2. Al

    no licensed engineer has priced himself out of a job. No license marine engineer is voluntarily unemployed in the USA today…..