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Civilian irregular auxiliary paramilitary organizations are a favorite topic on this blog.
The Romans had auxiliaries.
The American Legion has an auxiliary.
The United States Air Force has an auxiliary.
The United States Coast Guard has an auxiliary.
Why doesn’t the Border Patrol have an auxiliary?
There is a Border Patrol Auxiliary, but the Border Patrol doesn’t want much to do with them. I suspect the National Border Patrol Council, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO thinks Dumbass Amateurs are not the solution to any problems they want solved.

John Fasano, writing in the September, 2010 Soldier of Fortune article “Amnesty on the Horizon,” describes BPAUX using much the same language as Jake Boot did at BigJournalism last April.

Fasano’s last two paragraphs:

Over 1,000 illegal immigrants a year cross into the United States in and around the area patrolled by BPAUX. They cross, but most don’t get far because the auxiliary stops them. This is real political action. These men and women (from 18 years old up to WWII vets in their late eighties) are trying to uphold the rule of law.

But they are just a volunteer force. Their members come from all walks of life, all economic strata, men and women coming down on days off from work, vacation days. One grandmother was a member of AARP — “Armed and really pissed” that her country is being annexed and her government is allowing it to happen.


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  1. Brian

    Bwuahahahhahaha!!!! Yeah, these idiots are actually just the reorganized minutemen asking for donations. They make claims of effectiveness that follow circular paths shifting from one thing that they don’t do to another, without ever really stating what they’ve done that’s worth my hard earned money for support. The real Border Patrol roll their eyes when these guys come driving through. Not that the border isn’t still screwed up, but BPAUX is not the answer.