Lesson No. 3 in the School of the Counterprogandist

Misinformation is inaccurate information.  When the inaccuracy is pointed out to the source, the source usually runs a correction, which will never be seen by 90% of the people who saw the original incorrect piece.  It is usually assumed that the inaccuracy is caused by ignorance and not willful disregard of known facts.  Misinformation about military affairs is extremely common nowadays.  Very few “journalists” and even fewer editors know jack about the military.  Way too many of them carry around in their heads a negative narrative of the U.S. Armed Forces, the same template Beauchamp was appealing to with his hoax.  Embedded journalists usually wise up pretty quick, but there just aren’t that many from the MSM.  “Citizens of the world” who consider “objectivity” more important than getting the story right prefer to stay in the Palestine Hotel and re-write the emails they get from their “stringers,” who feed the ignorant want they want to hear.  Now when the stringers are working for the bad guys, that’s disinformation.  When the stringers aren’t working for the bad guys and the “journalist” re-writes the story and gets it wrong either out of ignorance or ideological prejudice, that’s misinformation.

Anybody remember when CNN claimed Special Forces used poison gas in Laos during the Vietnam War?   Was that an intentional effort to muddy the waters over Saddam’s weapons of mass distruction?  What that story did was create a big stink, monopolize a lot of good people’s time who should have been working on other things, and cost the tax payers for investigations.  Was that all unintentional?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  On purpose or by accident, the ability of elements of our government and our military to deal with more pressing issues was degraded. 

Misinformation may be the propaganda most vulnerable to  Irregular counterpropagandists.  If enough of us are on the look out for it, chances improve of  one of us picking up on it and throwing the BS flag, recognizing the inaccuracy, bringing attention to the inaccuracy, and aiding the Good Guys to acquire the target and debunk it with opposing facts.  Dan Rather doesn’t do the SeeBS Nightly News any more.  That kind of operation is what I’m talking about.  Lots of smart people online.  Every “journalist” should know by now that somebody in his readership knows more about what he writes about than he does.  The Regulars often choose to ignore misinformation, because the work of debunking it may not be worth the effort.   It is time-intensive, resource-intensive, and in the end the Regulars are betting their credibility against whoever is putting out inaccurate info.  It can turn into a Death By A Thousand Cuts.  But the blogosphere doesn’t suffer from the same limitations.    There are a lot of us, so our time-restraints are different.  We are volunteers, so the resources come out of our hides.  Most of us won’t be able to pick up on the inaccuracy until it is pointed out to us, but once we become aware of it we can get smart on it and spread it around.  Blog about it, link to it, ping it, email it, talk about it, comment on the vector’s website, and generally raise enough Hell to make them run a correction this time and fact check better next time.  


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  1. Grimmy

    Another issue that needs to be addressed, simultaneously with the black propaganda of our enemy is the inertia of so many good citizens.

    The “oh well, what can you do?” syndrome.

    I’ve communicated with more than a few folk in the last few days. They are good communicators, knowledgeable and steady. Most cant or wont be bothered. They’ve already decided it’s an unwinable or too difficult a problem so they’re unwilling to even try.

  2. Much of the inertia is a result of the success of the enemy psychological operation. Those who can’t or won’t be bothered distract us from bolstering the morale of those who still have some.

    If America leaves Iraq defeated, those who couldn’t be bothered will say “I told you so.”

    If Iraq comes out of all this a quasi-decent facsimile of a civilized nation-state, comparable to Turkey or Mexico, those who couldn’t be bothered will claim to have been with us all along.

  3. Grimmy

    Mudville has a good read up on how black prop is created by journos.


    Selective quotes taken out of context to support a preconceived propaganda spin with the unknowing help of the soldiers interviewed.

  4. Grimmy


    Understanding Current Operations in Iraq

    Posted by Dave Kilcullen on June 26, 2007 7:11 AM at Small Wars Journal

    Mr. Kilcullen is one of those who had a direct impact on the current new COIN SOP.

  5. Grimmy


    Palestinian Media Watch. The enemy in his own words and images.

  6. Grimmy

    Another blog poster finally comes to grips with the concept of msm dominated by traitors.


  7. Grimmy

    As the Sept. Report draws nearer, there will be ever more effort by the left to discredit the reality of the Vietnam pullout and also to discredit our military by attempting to draw parrallels between now and then in terms of crimes by our soldiers.

    Is a one stop shop for any information necessary to counter the black propaganda that currently dominates the public image of the Haditha Incident.

    Haditha is the left’s new Mi Lai Massacre.

    There is even a movie currently being produced that is based fully on the insurgent propaganda surrounding the incident.

  8. suek

    Well…I’d like to do _something_…but what? I have a fairly long list of blogs that I visit regularly, but for my own need of finding out what’s going on. I think I’ve learned what I need to learn about who the enemy is, but what to do then?
    I have four sons. Two have served in the war, one has awakened to the danger but is in the SF sphere of influence, so feels pretty helpless. He tells me that he attended a 910 bloggers meeting about two weeks ago, and felt rather unwelcomed. Now this is a group that is organizing resistance to Islam world wide, so I can understand that they are concerned about infiltration, but still…if you want to recruit, it doesn’t seem wise to make a new attendee feel like he’s being pumped for info while no reciprocal trust is conveyed.
    His description of that meeting made me wonder about the founding fathers…I’d heard it said that they belonged to the Freemasons. I’d heard that the Freemasons were a secret society, and for Catholics, a forbidden one. Reasons for that were unclear. Still, it makes sense that they may have belonged to such an organization. If you’re going to participate in a group that plans to overthrow the King, you need to have some security and reason to trust your life to someone with that kind of information. Given the seriousness of the Freemason’s oath and the secrecy of the organization, maybe that was indeed the foundation of the security that the Founders needed to join with others in their rebellion. Certainly, it wasn’t their physical proximity and frequency of socialization that supported their trust in one another.

    Anyway. I am a military daughter, wife and mother. Other than that, I have no credentials. I have no idea what I can do to help – physically, I’m beyond the age of contributing much beyond clicking away on these keys. Nevertheless, if I can, I will. Just give me a clue of what I can do.
    Grimmy – we’ve “met” at Dr.Sanity’s.
    With time, I’ll do the reading.

  9. suek

    (David Horowitz article on “progressives and their goals)

    (American Thinker article on “wordsmiths” … “Those that can,do etc” taken to the next step)

    or ( http://tinyurl.com/2q5urs )
    The _non_ spontaneous nature of demonstrations that are expected to occur to protest the war, and links to the sources that finance them. The enemy within)

    I’ve already linked to the first two at Dr.Sanity’s, but not together.

  10. Grimmy


    I hope I wasn’t too terribly rude in our meeting.

    But to what you can do, keep reading, get as informed and educated as you can in the particulars as well as the context and background.

    This way, when you do run up against a betrayer in your travels, you are armed against their rot, and if opportunity presents itself, you can counter with fact.

    That’s my understanding of the process, anyway. Others may have better or different.

  11. suek

    No problem. We’re on the same page.

    Here’s an article noted on “Haft of the Spear” that’s worth reading. The page it takes you to has a graphic that is interesting in itself, but there are also two articles on the side of the page (with photos) that are in the mandatory category…


  12. Grimmy

    Yep. We’ve already suffered a few probing type or “recon by fire” DDS attacks in the last few years.

  13. suek, you are off to a good start, sharing links with us.

    There are a number of ways you could help.

    What can YOU do?

    You could donate money to support Public Multimedia Inc. Iraq coverage.

    Depending on your available time and level of commitment, YOU could prepare yourself to become a subject matter expert, our go to person, on a specific aspect of counterpropaganda or psychological operations. Much of the info is available on the internet.

    The virtual info militia doesn’t really have a formal command structure that can tell you what to do. If you want to participate, think of unfulfilled needs that you can meet, and start working towards meeting them.

    You could be a blue node.

  14. Grimmy

    Requesting a bit of guidance, in a general sort of way.

    I spend lots of time trawling around the Internet and come across lots of information.

    What sort is relevant to linking here? Background stuff? Area stuff? Arguments that the enemy sympathizers are currently working?
    Counters to the enemy sympathizers claims?

    I don’t want to just start spamming comment sections with everything that seems interesting or possibly appropriate.

  15. On this particular blog entry, links to examples of misinformation are appropriate. Whichever lesson of the School of the Counterpropagandist discusses the type of propaganda being linked to is the best place to comment. And if you think your link is a good one but that type of propaganda hasn’t been discussed yet, suggest that for future discussion.

    I appreciate your participation, Grimmy. I don’t consider your contributions spam.

    I’m not sure what the best distribution method of good finds is. Wolf Pangloss suggested a new, multi-author blog. I’m not doing this blog justice now, so I’m relunctant to sign on to yet another one. My situation is subject to change, and so is my mind.

  16. suek

    Blue’s my favorite color!!!

    I’ve considered starting a yahoo group…something other than a blog, although maybe a blog with registration required. There may be another option that I’m simply not aware of, but the goal would be to provide a place where actual names and contact numbers are available for trusted members, but not for those who have not been vetted. Maybe even a number of such groups – with interlinkability in some way. A way to determine who can be trusted.
    We use pseudonyms in postings such as these, but only the owner of the blog can determine the ip and if that ip is constant. Grimmy could say whatever and sign it as suek. I could say whatever and sign it as Grimmy. Only the blog owner knows if the ip used is consistent with the person signing. I participate regularly at one particular blog which has been troubled by trolls and lefties. I’m convinced there are very few individuals, but they post with different names. They have recently started posting using the name of at least one of the regular conservatives who has apparently given up – style of posting is obviously not the same individual, but it’s apparent that a consistent pseudonym isn’t a reliable method of identification, although generally useful.

  17. suek

    I didn’t finish that thought – though you probably did so yourself…

    “A way to determine who can be trusted and a way for trusted people to connect”

  18. Grimmy

    I like the idea.

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