Blogospheric Resistance — IO In Denied Battle Spaces

To: Cannoneer No. 4

I write this from Iraq, near Baghdad, and as a psyop tactical team leader.
We are forbiden from using psyop on Americans.
We are forbiden from mentioning the enemy by name.
There is no means in the government to counter the propaganda of the mainstream media except sites like Free Republic.
Tactically, our ability to accomplish our mission and goals for the supported command is compromised by political correctness, ignorance and a lumbering process for vetting and approving new psyop products. We do what we can.
There isn’t the will within the government to counter the mainstream media…..they are afraid of them. And those that are afraid are the cowards who fail to confront evil and those who passively support it.

16 posted on 04/22/2007 5:24:13 AM EDT by Radigan

If this ain’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is. Half of our countrymen have been convinced that the war is lost. The kinetic war in Iraq is making progress, but the battle for men’s minds back on the home front is not going well at all. The tools and trained personnel who could mitigate some of the damage unlimited and unopposed enemy psychological operations do to our national will, national unity, and national resolve are against the law. The American domestic target audience is denied battle space for friendly Information Operators.  If they work for the government and are subject to the Smith-Mundt Act.

In COIN: The Gravity Well, the Amazing Grim describes Emergent Communities and show us this graphic:

You will want to read what Grim has to say to make sense of what I’m about to propose, but

I think the military arc of the blogosphere has the potential to become an insurgency, by resisting the enemy propaganda disseminated by our own Main Stream Media and conducting counter propaganda for the domestic target audience. The leaders (yellow) are the bloggers with the largest readership. The TTLB Ecosystem tells us who the leaders are. Some could be IO Warlords, with a readership of contributors (red G’s), commenters (red or blue Auxiliaries), linkers and lurkers (blue or green Sympathizers) with varying degrees of committment and investment in the concept of Distributed IO by PSYOP Auxiliaries and Volunteer Counter Propagandists.

Much of the blogosphere is in revolt against the Main Stream Media. It could be considered an insurgency in opposition to the traditional dead tree info monopoly. And like a real insurgency, it would benefit from the discrete advice and instruction of trained operators.

We need more blue nodes. We need counter propagandists. We need people’s time. We need people’s mental energy and communication skills.



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4 responses to “Blogospheric Resistance — IO In Denied Battle Spaces

  1. The media shares many interesting traits with an occupation power. This makes little sense until you realize that this is because the President was charged by the Constitution to defend the American people from foreign and domestic hostile influences. Without the firepower that the Constitution invested into the President, the media automatically becomes the occupation power filling in the power vacuum left. Thus the blogosphere and individual citizens become the insurgencies for individuals do not have the resources of the President to call upon nor do they have the resources of the media to counter the media with. This comparison gap suggested to me that if the blogosphere cannot equal the media’s level of access, power, credentials, and financial support, then the logical choice is insurgency. Which it has naturally become.

    What is ironic and funny is that the media sees themselves as an insurgency, speaking truth to “power” against the US government. Very funny.

  2. First, there was EW. Then there was ECM. Then we got ECCM.

    Reporters used to be working class stiffs back in the days when public education provided an 18-year old cub reporter for the Daily Planet with sufficent literacy to write the who, what, when, where and how FACTS. They used to be tradesmen who learned their craft through apprenticeship and maintained a connection to their roots in the general population. Most of them were pro-union New Dealers, but not “citizens of the world.” They had a soft spot in their hearts for the little guy and liked to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, but they didn’t hate the President and work towards their country’s defeat.

    New Media, of which your blog and mine are a modest part, ARE an insurgency against Old Media and a rejection of the pretensions of multi-culti pomo tranzie “J-School professionals.”

  3. I have been working on this same thing for the past eight years, using a variety of methods. Stop by my blog and have a look. And while you’re at it, be sure to visit, put your ears on, and listen to his podcasts.

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