What Can YOU Do?

People who want to “support the troops” ask that question a lot.
What do you WANT to do? Why are you waiting to be told what to do? Why don’t you find something useful to do, and just do it?

What IS useful? Pretty much anything that helps the Good Guys is useful. Recognizing that claiming to support the “troops” while opposing their mission and hating on their C-in-C is NOT useful IS useful.

If you are reading this, you could be reading better stuff written by “troops”, and increasing their hits and thus their maximum effective range. You could be encouraging them to write more, praising them for their efforts so far and letting them know that you appreciate their efforts, not only as warriors, but as writers. Blogging from theater ain’t easy. What is easy is to say to hell with it and spend the down time (what they get of it) sleeping, watching a DVD, or playing a game, or emailing the Significant Other back in the rear.

Greyhawk says nobody actually reads blogs from deployed troops. He is a “deployed troop,” again, and he has a point. YOU could do something about that.

Rich Casebolt sees a need to change the paradigm of the milblogosphere at this moment in history. I know this because he said so in a comment on Mudville Gazette. YOU could comment on a warrior’s blog. YOU could add to their content, which might put more eyes on their blog, and make their site meter spin, and get them a book deal and face time on CNN get their views expressed beyond the blogosphere.

YOU could be a part of the team. The Good Guys need more Blue Dots.



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5 responses to “What Can YOU Do?

  1. roaddog727

    Situational awareness – in the real world as well as the blogosphere is key and critical to winning the war of information and countering the pusillanimous propaganda put out by the likes of the MSM and other “threat” outlets.

    Read our blogs – read their blogs and as SUN TSU said, “Know your Enemy”.

    With that knowledge at hand, we can collectively counter the threat much more effectively by setting things right and raising the BS flag.

  2. Cannoneer – thanks for reminding us about another way to support our soldiers. I’m going to make it a habit to read at least one new milblog a day.

  3. Bruce

    These are some great ideas. I’m off to check out a few. Thanks.

  4. StarCMC

    I read — but I never thought I had anything of value to add to what they say. You’ve made me re-think that perspective! Thanks!!

  5. You make a good point regarding the mil-blogs. I think I’m going to look into advertising on some of them. It’s the least I can do and if it helps a little bit, so much the better.