DailyKos in a Bubble

Most liberal bloggers and readers live within their own bubble, horrendously brainwashed and unable to see any other point of view. This is naturally due to the types of personalities who go to these websites, rabidly partisan people.

When I first saw this story I thought: “here is a perfect example of an enemy psychological operator in action.”  Then I went to her blog.  Her variety of moonbattery didn’t strike me as anything special for a KOSkid.  They’re pretty much all like that. 

How much of a threat do they pose?

Assuming they do pose a threat, how should they be dealt with?

I don’t know how to gauge the threat level on this.  It’s easy to dismiss the entire left side of the blogosphere as unworthy of serious consideration and too nutty to worry about, but I don’t think that’s prudent.  Too many first tier Democrats blogging on these moonbat sites to ignore.  I’m thinking these netroots people collectively do for the Democrats what Mikhail Suslov did for the Soviets or Alfred Rosenberg did for the Nazis. Party ideologues can get people killed. Even if they are moonbats. Especially if they’re moonbats.

As for how they should be dealt with, I’m open to suggestions.  I don’t think the government should do it.  Whatever W.’s .gov can do to them Hillary’s can do to me.

Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain


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